BSL Interpretation

BSL interpretation is available for a selection of talks at the event (Saturday only)

Timetable of Talks with BSL interpretation available:

Time slot Featured Area Speaker Talk Title
12:00 Plant-Based Diets: Optimum Health Kate Strong Conscious Nutrition: How What You Eat Can Save The World
1:00 Plant-Based Diets: Optimum Performance Fiona Oakes Running For Good
2:00 Cookery Demos Daniele Maupertuis Chocolate Cheesecake, Le Fraisier & Summer Pudding
3:00 Plant-Based Diets: Optimum Performance Hench Herbivore Plant Based Gains
4:00 Plant-Based Diets: Optimum Health Stephen Coote Why Plant-Based Nutrition is Optimal For Everyone
5:00 Plant-Based Diets: Optimum Health Leo Venus Facts vs Opinions. A Societal Problem