All exhibitors at the event are required to return the following paperwork to the organisers at [email protected] by the end of March 2018.

Please use the form here to submit your paperwork


For previous VegfestUK exhibitors

If you have exhibited at VegfestUK events from 2016 onwards, you only need to check that the following are up to date and cover the event dates, and re-submit them if renewal is needed:

  • insurances (for all exhibitors)
  • food hygiene certificates (for food traders only)
  • registration certificates with your local council (for food traders only)

Paperwork required from all exhibitors

  • Insurance (including public liability, and employers liability if applicable; must be up to date and cover the date of the event)
  • Risk Assessment (download a template by clicking here)
  • Method Statement (download a template by clicking here)

Note on insurance

One of the many sources available online for getting insurance for your stall is here.

For exhibitors doing hot food catering / food operation

Please complete and return the following paperwork:

  • Food Safety Questionnaire (download a blank copy by clicking here)
  • Food Hygiene Certificate
  • Certificate of registration with their local council (if registered with local council)
  • Method Statement on food hygiene (if not registered with local council)

For exhibitors doing food sampling (but not catering)

Please return your Safe Food Handling Certificate.

Current legislation on food allergens

All exhibitors doing food/drinks sampling must adhere to the current legislation on food allergens outlined in the document here.

For exhibitors doing alcohol sampling

Any exhibitors doing alcohol sampling must have prior agreement with the organisers before being allowed to do so at the event.

They must also submit their Alcohol License (must be up to date and cover the date of the event) and a completed copy of the Alcohol Sales License Consent Form (click here for blank copy) in addition to the paperwork above.