Floor Plan

Click on the links below for maps; you can view the availability of stalls for the show in the listings table.

Click on hyperlinks below to view maps of various areas of the venue:

Please note

  1. No live cooking is allowed in the Dolman Hall, except in the Concessions Catering Stands.
  2. Power CAN be booked at stalls coloured in yellow, and power CANNOT be booked at stalls coloured in blue.
  3. The Dolman Hall, South Concourse Corner, South Concourse and West Concourse are open from 11am – 6pm on both days, and will be shut at 6pm on both days.
  4. The outdoor pitches can trade to the public until 11pm on Saturday and until 9pm on Sunday.

Scroll down for the stall availability to see which stalls are booked & which are available.

Stalls Availability

Dolman Hall

Stall Saturday Sunday
DA1 Fit 4 a Kiing Fit 4 a Kiing
DA2 Naturally Smart Skincare Naturally Smart Skincare
DA3 Ethicoco Ethicoco
DA4 Vegan for Clothing Vegan for Clothing
DA5 The Incredible Brewing Company The Incredible Brewing Company
DA6 Melia Publishing Melia Publishing
DA7 Vervet Monkey Foundation Vervet Monkey Foundation
DA8 Little Roar Little Roar
DA9 Tea Huggers Tea Huggers
DA10 Balanced Nature Balanced Nature
DA11 Centre For Conscious Awareness Centre For Conscious Awareness
DA12 Centre For Conscious Awareness Centre For Conscious Awareness
DA13 Beau Monde Bakery Beau Monde Bakery
DA14 From Nature UK From Nature UK
DA15 Katie’s Heart Katie’s Heart
DA16 Generation-V Generation-V
DA17 Pacari Chocolates Bristol CND
DA18 Absorb Shea – Me
DA19 Mr Nice Pie Mr Nice Pie
DA20 Nutcessity Nutcessity
DA21 Jane’s Better Butter Jane’s Better Butter
DA22 Outsidethebox Makeup & Skincare Outsidethebox Makeup & Skincare
DA23 Hempish Hempish
DA24 Hempish Hempish
DA25 Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate Co Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate Co
DA26 Raw Delights Raw Delights
DB1 Animal Aid education stand Animal Aid education stand
DB2 BASE Info Shop BASE Info Shop
DB4 Hunt Sabs Hunt Sabs
DC1 A Kind Living A Kind Living
DC2 The Really Good Box The Really Good Box
DC2A WillowKND WillowKND
DC3 Vegan Kind Vegan Kind
DC4 Happy Daisy Happy Daisy
DC4A Not Just Juice Not Just Juice
DC5 Silver Bamboo Silver Bamboo
DC6 Pure Raw Chocolate Pure Raw Chocolate
DC6A Teeny Greeny Farm Teeny Greeny Farm
DC7 Glastonbury Ferments Glastonbury Ferments
DC8 New Spirit New Spirit
DD1 Paguro Upcycle Paguro Upcycle
DD2 Tiny Sarah’s Cakes Tiny Sarah’s Cakes
DD3 Bristol Green Party Bristol Green Party
DD4 New Internationalist New Internationalist
DD5 Watts Kork  Thrive Foods
DD6 Harth Truffles Harth Truffles
DD7 New Haven Project New Haven Project
DD8 Population Matters  
DE1 Sea Shepherd UK Sea Shepherd UK
DE2 Well-Travelled Herbivore Kings
DE2A Vogococo Crueltee Free
DE3 Lakeside Ethical Treats Lakeside Ethical Treats
DE4 Equinox Equinox
DE5 Animal Equality Animal Equality
DE6 Carmen del Rio.  Carmen del Rio. 
DE7 Animal Aid Animal Aid
DE8 Animal Aid Animal Aid
DF1 Animal Justice Project Animal Justice Project
DF2 BEING Clothing BEING Clothing
DF3 Zero Waste Club Zero Waste Club
DF4 Turmerlicious Turmerlicious
DF5 Lifestyle International Lifestyle International
DF6 Breast Cancer UK Breast Cancer UK
DF7 Babbaloos Bakery Babbaloos Bakery
DF8 Goodfayre Goodfayre
DG1 Tropic Tropic
DG2 Lottie’s Vegan Bakery Lottie’s Vegan Bakery
DG3 Nifty Nut Butters Nifty Nut Butters
DG4 Optibac Optibac
DG5 VeGain Meals VeGain Meals
DG6 The Healing Pear The Healing Pear
DG7 Beauty & the Fox Forage & Find
DH1 Fleecehaven Fleecehaven
DH2 Avon Wildlife Trust Avon Wildlife Trust
DH3 Freet Footwear Ltd Freet Footwear Ltd
DH3A Chaaboo Chaaboo
DH4 Bristol Animal Rights Collective (BARC) Bristol Animal Rights Collective (BARC)
DH5 Avanti Candles Avanti Candles
DH6 Glo Foods Secret Scones
DH7 Solkiki Chocolatemaker Solkiki Chocolatemaker
DH8 Beans and Herbs Beans and Herbs
D-CAT1 Gillie Food Gillie Food
D-CAT2 Babita’s Spice Deli Whole – Pizzas, Tacos & Shakes

South Concourse Corner

Stall Saturday Sunday
SCC1 Vivo Life Vivo Life
SCC2 Vegan Bodybuilding Vegan Bodybuilding
SCC3 Vegan Runners UK Vegan Runners UK
SCC4 Vegan Runners UK Vegan Runners UK
SCC5 Omowale Adewale Divine Spirals NYC Omowale Adewale Divine Spirals NYC
SCC6 Patrik Baboumian Patrik Baboumian
SCC7 ITL Health ITL Health
SCC8 Brian B magician  
SCC9 Brian B magician  

South Concourse

Stall Saturday Sunday
SA1 Bristol Vegans Bristol Vegans
SA2 Elspeth’s Kitchen Elspeth’s Kitchen
SA3 Elspeth’s Kitchen Elspeth’s Kitchen
SG2 Arbonne Arbonne
SG3 Tesfa Retail ltd Tesfa Retail ltd
SG6 Thesis Beauty Thesis Beauty
SG7 League Against Cruel Sports League Against Cruel Sports
SH1 Lush Bristol Lush Bristol
SH2 Iuvo  Iuvo 
SH3 Harrison’s Vegan Dog Treats Moksha Senses
SH5 Pie Baby  
SH6 Lush Bristol Lush Bristol
SH7 Vegan Food & Living Magazine Vegan Food & Living Magazine
SH8 The Vegan Food Pod The Vegan Food Pod
SH9 BQLondon Dark Matters
SH10 FabFudge  
SI1 Nomad Health Nomad Health
SI2 Norwex Norwex
SI3 Pure Recharge Pure Recharge
SI4 The Electric Lemon The Electric Lemon
SI5 Ceramica Ceramica
SI6 De Fruit Bar De Fruit Bar
SK1 Organic Spirits Co Organic Spirits Co
SK2 Pudology Pudology 
SK3 Abakus Foods Abakus Foods
SK4 Cindy’s Tea Cindy’s Tea
SK5 Innate Innate
SL3 Essential Trading Co-operative Essential Trading Co-operative
SL4 Essential Trading Co-operative Essential Trading Co-operative
SL5 The Toasted Seed Company The Toasted Seed Company
SL6 VIP Henna VIP Henna
SL7 Wear Your Voice Wear Your Voice
SL8 Mobile Massage Events Mobile Massage Events
S-CAT1 Eden Kitchen Eden Kitchen
S-CAT2 Island Delight Island Delight
S-CAT3 Chaatit Chaatit

West Concourse

Stall Saturday Sunday
WB7 Neek Skin Organics Neek Skin Organics
WB8 Nature’s Warehouse Nature’s Warehouse
WC1 Forever Hounds Trust Forever Hounds Trust
WC2 Happy Scents  
WC4 Organyc, lavera & ORGANii Organyc, lavera & ORGANii
WC5 Viva La Vegan Viva La Vegan
WC6 Sweet Revolution Sweet Revolution
WC8 Perkier  Perkier
WD1 Greener Beauty Greener Beauty
WD2 Koko Dairy Free Koko Dairy Free
WE1 Divine Gaia  
WE2 Vegbred Vegbred
WF1 Natures Plus Natures Plus
WF2 IndieVillage IndieVillage
WF3 I Can’t Believe it’s Veggie  I Can’t Believe it’s Veggie
WF5 Eden Perfumes Eden Perfumes
WF6 Ecotricity Ecotricity
WF7 Ecotricity Ecotricity
WF8 Explore Cuisine Explore Cuisine
WG1 The Vegan Society The Vegan Society
WG2 The Vegan Society The Vegan Society
WG4 Follow Your Heart Follow Your Heart
WG5 Free From Italy Free From Italy
WG7 Original Beard Co Elsa’s Organic Skinfoods
WG8 Hunt Investigation Team Hunt Investigation Team
WJ1 Buddha Beauty Skincare Buddha Beauty Skincare
WJ2 Thamon Trading  Thamon Trading 
WJ4 Yaoh Yaoh
WJ5 Ringana – Pure Natural Fresh Ringana – Pure Natural Fresh
WJ8 Hodmedod’s Hodmedod’s
WK1 HeartCure Clothing HeartCure Clothing
WK2 Green Tea Artisan Green Tea Artisan
WL1 Nakd Wholefoods Nakd Wholefoods
WL2 Revolution Foods Revolution Foods
WM1 Cats Protection Cats Protection
WM3 VeggiePets.com VeggiePets.com
WM4 Ananda’s Marshmallows Ananda’s Marshmallows
WM5 Suma Wholefoods Suma Wholefoods
WM7 Bristol Refugee Festival Bristol Refugee Festival
WM8 Besos Food and Drinks Besos Food and Drinks
WN1 Fruu Cosmetics Fruu Cosmetics
WN2 College of Naturopathic Medicine College of Naturopathic Medicine
WN4 Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries  
WN5 Liberty Loves Liberty Loves
W-CAT1 Outdoor Caterers – Washup Area Outdoor Caterers – Washup Area
W-CAT3 Hempen Hempen
W-CAT4 Brownins Brownins

Outdoor “Fan Village”

Stall Saturday Sunday
CAT-1 Dominion Brewery Company Dominion Brewery Company
CAT-2 World Food World Food
CAT-3 Greek Vegan Deli Specialities Greek Vegan Deli Specialities
CAT-4 Kaya Vegan Foods Kaya Vegan Foods
CAT-5 Churrromania Churrromania
CAT-6 Coast Coffee Coast Coffee
CAT-7 Bun Bun
CAT-8 A Taste of Thailand A Taste of Thailand
CAT-9 Crepe Roulette Crepe Roulette
CAT-10 Herbivorous Herbivorous
F2 Vegan Sweet Tooth London Vegan Sweet Tooth London
F3 Coffee Bike Coffee Bike
F4 The Big Issue The Big Issue
F5 Herbal Haven Herbal Haven
F6 Herbal Haven Herbal Haven
F7 Global Fusion Vegan Creole Global Fusion Vegan Creole
F8 Boxfood Boxfood
F9 Bamboo Brazil Bamboo Brazil
F10 Legs4Africa Legs4Africa
F11 Happy Maki Happy Maki
F12 Happy Maki Happy Maki
F13 Veggies Veggies
F14 Veggies Veggies
F15 Booja Booja Ice Cream Tuk Tuk Booja Booja Ice Cream Tuk Tuk
F16 AlternativeStores.com AlternativeStores.com
F17 AlternativeStores.com AlternativeStores.com
F18 Mr Scrumpy Mr Scrumpy

Winterstoke Car Park

Stall Saturday Sunday
CAT-11 CLF Distribution CLF Distribution
CAT-12 Dominion Brewery Company Dominion Brewery Company
P1 Spice Up Your Life Spice Up Your Life
P2 Spice Up Your Life Spice Up Your Life
P3 Mabboo Mabboo
P4 Mabboo Mabboo
P6 Origami Events  Origami Events 
P7 Origami Events  Origami Events 
P8 Origami Events  Origami Events 
P9 Dreamland Fantasy Painting Dreamland Fantasy Painting
P13 Bristol Animal Save Bristol Animal Save