Exhibitors Manual

Manual consists of essential logistical information for exhibitors at the event; exhibitors advised to read this page very carefully before the exhibition. (click on tabs to expand, click again to collapse)

Preparing for the event beforehand

Setup times, opening hours and breakdown times
DaySetupStall Inspection*Opening HoursBreakdown
Friday2pm - 9pmN/AN/AN/A
Saturday7am - 10am10:30am(Indoor exhibitors)
11am - 6pm(Outdoor exhibitors)
11am - 11pm
(Indoor exhibitors)
6:15pm** - 7:15pm (Outdoor exhibitors)
11:30pm** - 12:30am
Sunday8am - 10am10:30am(Indoor exhibitors)
11am - 6pm(Outdoor exhibitors)
11am - 9pm
(West Concourse exhibitors)
6:15pm** - 7:15pm

(South Concourse, South Concourse Corner and Dolman Hall exhibitors)
6:15pm** - 8:00pm

(Outdoor exhibitors)
9:30pm** - 12:00am

* Stall inspection for event health and safety before event opens

** these are estimates of times from which breakdown can begin - subject to all members of the public vacating

NOTE: Caterers are required to set up on Friday for inspection of their electrical appliances.

Please make sure to arrive early to allow plenty of time for setup - and please do not be late. (Exhibitors who arrive during opening hours will have to move stock into the venue by hand without the use of trolleys or pallet trucks for health and safety reasons)

PLEASE NOTE that children under the age of 16 are NOT allowed into the venue during setup or breakdown, but they are welcome at the venue during opening hours.

Identification for stallholders

For access into the event site, each stallholder will be emailed 4 entry passes in advance. The entry passes can either be printed out or displayed on mobile for identification.

Upon verification of their entry passes by the organising team at the Registration Desk, each stallholder will be issued 4 wristbands for each of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which can be used for entry and re-entry on the specified days.

The stallholders registration desk is located at the Wedlock Way entrance to the venue (right by the Winterstoke Car Park).


All exhibitors must complete and return all necessary paperwork by the end of March 2018 using the form here.

Please pay particular attention to public liability and employers liability insurance and make sure your insurances are up to date and cover the event dates (May 26th 27th 2018). Please note that we CANNOT accept out-of-date insurances.

If you haven't yet got your insurance sorted, and need insurance just for the event weekend, here's a suggestion:


Also all food caterers must return their food safety questionnaire as well as any required food hygiene certificates. Please also pay attention to the expiry dates of all food hygiene certificates and certificates of registration with your local councils, and renew these certificates if necessary.

It is also good practice to have your insurance and food safety documents laminated and bring them to the event as part of your stall.

Entrance and Exit for stallholders


Entry for stallholders is via the Wedlock Way entrance (right by the Winterstoke Car Park) - postcode for the Wedlock Way entrance is BS3 2LQ.

See the overview map on the floor plan page here for reference.

Setup starts from the afternoon on Friday May 25th 2018, and continues on Saturday and Sunday mornings before the show opens at 11am on both Saturday and Sunday.


For indoor stallholders

Egress for stallholders located within indoor Concourses starts at around 6:15pm on each day (after all members of public have vacated the Concourses) - stallholders looking to leave the event shortly after 6pm should vacate the Concourses using the west side of the Dolman Hall (trolleys / pallet trucks allowed here). 

Please note: The only way for indoor stallholders to go from the Concourses into the Loading Bay (Ashton Road) is via the west side of the Dolman Hall.

In particular, stallholders located in the West Concourses should be ready to promptly move stock out of the venue by following the route all the way round the stadium to the west side of the Dolman Hall, then into the Ashton Road exit, during the designated window for breakdown (6:15pm - 7:15pm each day). Stewards will be on hand to assist with moving stock if necessary.

Meanwhile, indoor stallholders who wish to stay at the event after 6pm until the event closes can vacate the Concourses using the exits from the Concourses into the outdoor areas.

Please note: No trolleys / pallet trucks etc are allowed in the outdoor areas between 6:00pm - 11:30pm Saturday and between 6:00pm - 9:30pm Sunday, when members of the public are still at the event site.

For outdoor stallholders

Egress for stallholders located outdoors starts at around 11:30pm on Saturday and around 9:30pm on (after all members of public have vacated the event site) - stallholders can leave the venue via either the Wedlock Way entrance or the Ashton Rd exit.

Please note: movement of vehicles in the Winterstoke Car Park is strictly prohibited half an hour either side of public opening hours (i.e. 10:30am - 11:30pm SAT and 10:30am - 9:30pm SUN).

Unloading and Loading

All stallholders who are unloading from vehicles before the event, and loading onto vehicles after the event, on are required to book load in slots and breakdown slots using the online submission form here, to inform us of the time slots during which they will unload their vehicles at the loading bay for setup and load up at the loading bay during breakdown. This is to ensure that the loading bay is not overly congested at any one point during setup or breakdown.

Please note: All CATERERS must set up on the Friday May 25th 2018 before the event, with their electrical equipment to be tested on site on the Saturday morning May 26th 2018 before the event opens.

Delivery and removal of exhibits

If a transport company is delivering for you, please

  1. instruct your courier to book load in slots using the link here, and
  2. ask them to label all packages clearly with your COMPANY NAME, STAND NUMBER and the show at which you are exhibiting (VegfestUK Bristol 2018) to be delivered to the address below NO LATER THAN 10am on Saturday:

<Your Company> and <Stand Number>
VegfestUK Bristol 2018
Ashton Gate stadium
Ashton Road

Exhibition materials for exhibitors will only be accepted at the venue between 10am - 6pm on Friday, and between 7am - 10am on Saturday.

The organisers can offer limited assistance with accepting deliveries before setup begins, but please note that the organisers cannot be held responsible for any damage or theft incurred on your pallets while accepting them on exhibitors’ behalf.

Also please remember to instruct your transport company to arrive at the venue equipped with suitable unloading and loading equipment (e.g. forklifts, trolley-jacks, etc.). The organisers cannot provide unloading/loading equipment and cannot be responsible for any failed deliveries and pickups due to a lack of suitable unloading/loading equipment.

Please note that all exhibits must be removed from the venue by Sunday 11pm at the latest. You are reminded that you are responsible for the removal of any pallets used to deliver goods to your stand. A charge will be made to you for the disposal of any pallets which are not removed.


A number of hotel options are available - click on link here for options on the event weekend recommended by HotelMap. Should you have any questions on hotel bookings via HotelMap, please email [email protected]

NOTE: Hotel costs are not subsidised by the organisers.


A limited amount of parking spaces are available on site for stallholders at an extra charge:

Parking optionPrice
1 day - Saturday£15.00
1 day - Sunday£15.00
Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)£30.00

Please note: The Ashton Road car park (car park by the back entrance) is now full - all remaining parking spaces for stallholders are located in the Winterstoke Car Park (car park by the front entrance), in which there is no movement of vehicles between 10:30 am – 11:30 pm on Saturday and between 10:30 am - 9:30 pm on Sunday. The Car Park is accessible by foot in order to restock during this time though.

Parking tickets should be collected at the Stallholders Registration Desk (at the Wedlock Way entrance) on arrival.

NB: Private parking is available in the area near the venue, please click here or here for more information. Street parking is also available on the streets nearby.


Exhibitors who need fridges at their stall are advised to book fridges via Display Refrigeration who provide a selection of refrigeration options.

Please complete the order form here and return it to Display Refrigeration using the contact below, by the deadline of May 21st 2018:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 01452 721 555 x 7201
Website: www.displayrefrigeration.co.uk

Gazebo (for outdoor pitches)

Gazebos are NOT provided for outdoor pitches - pitch fees for outdoor pitches only include the space.

Should you need to hire gazebos for your outdoor pitches, one of our preferred suppliers for gazebos is BES Marquees [email protected] / 0117 963 8612.

Lights (for outdoor traders)

Outdoor traders are advised to bring some lights to attract visitors to their stalls as well as creating a vibrant atmosphere, especially during the evenings when it gets dark.

Furniture provided

Trestle tables are available at stalls located INDOORS. However, tablecloths are NOT provided - please bring your own.

Tables are NOT provided for outdoor pitches - please bring your own.

Chairs are NOT provided. Please bring your own chairs if you need them.

The indoor concourses for stalls are NOT carpeted.

Getting to the venue

Ashton Gate is ideally located in Bristol less than two miles from the city centre. The venue's full address for the unloading entrance for stallholders is:

Ashton Gate Stadium,
Wedlock Way

A map of the venue is in the Google map here.

Driving To Ashton Gate.


FROM M5: Leave the M5 motorway at junction 18, travel along the Portway (A4) following the signs for Bristol Airport/Taunton (A38). Over the swing bridge (Brunel Way), branching left into Winterstoke Road, and left again at the next roundabout for Ashton Gate, which is right by a KFC.

FROM M4: At junction 19, exit onto M32 towards Bristol. Continue on A4032. Turn left at A4044/Bond Street. Continue to follow A4044. At Temple Circus Gyratory, take the 2nd exit onto A4/Templegate. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto A370/York Road. Continue to follow A370. Go through one roundabout. Slight left to merge onto Brunel Way. Take the next left at traffic lights for Ashton Gate.*This route directs through Bristol City Centre and journey time can be significantly increased due to traffic. Travelling along the Portway via the M5 is often considerably quicker. For the Portway, leave the M4 at junction 20 and join the M5 South-bound, then follow the above directions for M5*.

Bristol International Airport

Ashton Gate stadium is only a fifteen minutes drive away from Bristol International Airport. Call 0871 334 4344 for flight times.

Complimentary Tickets

Each stallholder at the event can request up to 2 complimentary weekend tickets to the event, using the online submission form here.

The complimentary tickets can be used either as the prize of an online competition, or privately amongst your colleagues / contacts.

Please note: complimentary tickets must be requested via the online form, as we don't automatically send out tickets this end.

Please note also that all online competitions must end by the end of April at the latest, and VegfestUK reserves the right to request any online competitions running beyond the end of April to cease immediately.
All complimentary tickets will be emailed out to you 2 weeks prior to the show, for you to forward onto winners / contacts.
All tickets are e-tickets that can either be printed out and brought to the gate for scanning, or be scanned on mobiles / tablets.
Card payments

As there are no cash machines within the event site, we encourage stallholders to be equipped to accept card payments from visitors during the event.

Please see "Internet" section for details of the venue's built-in Wifi. Outdoor exhibitors are advised to bring their own dongles for connecting to the internet, as the venue's Wifi might not reach the outdoor areas.


For food caterers

As organisers of a food event, we take food hygiene very seriously. To help our food caterers prepare thoroughly beforehand, our food inspection team have put together a caterers guide here for all food traders. This document will include items such as having suitable handwash facilities, sneeze guards, electrical safety and more.

What’s included in the caterers guide is broken down into the following sections:

Electrical Safety

Electricity must be booked with the organisers beforehand should you wish to operate any electrical equipment at the event. Our electricity prices can be viewed here.

If you need help with electrical conversions, please use the electrical calculator on this page here.

The deadline for booking electricity is 1 month prior to the event (i.e. Friday April 20th 2018).

Power will be available from Friday morning right through to Sunday.

Exhibitors who have booked electricity for the event are advised to follow the instructions below regarding electrical safety:

  1. The correct size of power socket must be ordered for the appliances being used. Failure to do this will lead to power disruption to your stand and surrounding stands.
  2. In particular, exhibitors must check the starting and cruising wattages of their electrical requirements and book sufficient power before the show to ensure that they don’t overload the power sockets during the show. For example, a piece of equipment’s cruising wattage could be 2.8kW, which is suitable for a 3kW power supply, but it could have a starting wattage of 3.8kW, in which case it will still cause the power to short due to overuse despite having the cruising wattage of below 3kW.
  3. Exhibitors who exceed the amount of power ordered before the show will be required to either
    1. hand over equipment whose power requirement exceeds the power ordered beforehand, or
    2. pay the uprate charge.

Electrical safety

  1. Each exhibitor must submit a picture of the layout of all their equipment before the event.
  2. Each exhibitor must now either submit proof that all their electrical equipment has been PAT tested within 12 months of the show. Please note: this is a legal requirement and this will be strictly enforced before trading commences.
  3. Daisy chaining is NOT allowed.
  4. DO NOT coil up your cables.  Unroll them to ensure they don’t heat up or have them cut to a suitable length.
  5. DO NOT plug everything into one outlet and DO NOT plug one lead into another. This causes overheating and may blow the fuse. Order enough sockets for your needs. Remember: 1 x 500watt socket = 1 x 4 way extension lead.
  6. Under no circumstances are electrical or other cables allowed to run across the floor of an exhibition stand without suitable covering.
  7. If faulty equipment from an exhibitor is deemed to be the cause of power disruption during the event, the on-site electricians reserve the right, for fire safety reasons and to minimise disruption to other exhibitors, to terminate power to the stand.
Cooking (for food traders)

Live cooking is NOT permitted in the Dolman Hall - there is to be strictly no cooking in this hall except in the Concessions Catering Stands.

Live cooking is permitted in the following areas:

  • South Concourse
  • West Concourse
  • Outdoor "Fan Village"
  • Winterstoke Car Park

Gas and naked flames are NOT allowed in any INDOOR area of the venue. However, gas and naked flames are allowed for OUTDOOR caterers.

The pitch fee for each of the indoor Concessions Catering Stands (indoor catering) includes 32amp electricity, prep area and handwashing facilities.

Electricity is NOT included in the pitch fee for the Outdoor Catering Stands.

Food Hygiene and Safety Guidelines (for food traders)

We advise our food traders to take note of the following bullet points regarding food hygiene and health & safety:

  1. All staff catering at VegfestUK events must use sneeze screens or plastic guards to prevent any food or heating equipment from being open to the public.
  2. All food operators will be inspected thoroughly by hygiene inspectors, so please ensure that your staff and yourselves are fully trained on safe food handling measures, and adhere to top quality hygiene standards at all times. You must ensure you have your documented food safety system, insurance and all training records for staff with you and available for inspection.
  3. All deep-frying equipment must be placed at the back, rather than the front, of catering stands. Any other cooking (eg griddles) must be done at least 1 metre away from the public or behind suitable safety guards (consider child and adult safety heights).
  4. Fat fryers must be equipped with thermostatic cut-out controls and flame failure devices to prevent gas escape and build up.
  5. Any chopping activity (like chopping up coconuts) must take place to the rear of your stall, not to the front / aisle.
  6. Every caterer must have a handwashing machine with running water at their stands. That includes liquid soap and disposable towels. Please note: boilers and bowls of water are not sufficient . Running (and draining) water of suitable temperature must be available in your handwash facility. See here and here for example.
  7. Every caterer that is cooking must have a working, in-date and appropriate fire extinguisher and fire blankets to hand.
  8. All staff at catering stands must wear separate gloves to handle food and money.
  9. All caterers must avoid the use of over-length leads or trailing electrical cables. Electric cables should not be “daisy–chained” (multiple extension leads connected to each other).
  10. Gas and naked flames are allowed for outdoor caterers only. For more information on this point please contact a member of the VegfestUK team.
  11. All food samples must have the 14 major allergens clearly displayed. Please note that failure to comply could result in any catering operations involved being shut down on the day.
  12. We have a number of requests each event for gluten-free food, please advertise your gluten-free food clearly on your stall if you have gluten-free options.
  13. Please bring rubbish sacks, hand wash, gloves, washing up liquid, etc.
  14. Please make sure NOT to block the sinks at the Water Point of the venue with any food waste - food waste must be cleared from the venue separately yourself.
  15. Please make sure to have suitable facilities for temperature control for your food.
  16. Staff eating on your stand is not permitted.
  17. Off-duty staff should not be eating at their food stands.
  18. Food should not be stored on or near the exhibition floor.
  19. Caterers are advised to have less food on display and more food covered to avoid food attracting dust during the show.
  20. Hot drinks must be served in sturdy containers fitted with lids to avoid risk of spillage.
  21. Catering stall featuring barbeque grills must isolate grills from public access and specifically risk assess and have methods of extinguishing the BBQ.
  22. Staff working at catering stands must have their hair tied back to avoid cross contamination.
  23. Staff working at catering stands must submit beforehand their food safety training records at least 2 months before the date of the event.
  24. All caterers must keep their work surfaces clean and tidy throughout the event opening hours.
  25. All caterers must keep their items (including pop-up banners) within the footprint of their stands.
  26. If your stall is located in an area that is carpeted and you plan to sell food / alcohol at your stall, please ensure that you cover the venue’s carpet within the boundaries of your stall.
  27. All caterers should bring steps with them if they want to fix items over head-height and should not stand on tables, chairs etc.
  28. All caterers must restrain from storing items behind their stands or in unused spaces.
  29. Ladders must not be used during show opening hours when members of the public are in the exhibition halls.
  30. There are no facilities for cooking oil disposal on site, so please make sure to take away any leftover cooking oils from the venue after the event. No cooking oils should be poured into the sinks in the kitchen.
  31. Caterers must ensure their staff are aware of and trained in allergen requirements and appropriate signage is displayed on your stand for the public.

You are welcome to contact the organisers in advance if you are unsure about any of the above.

Environmental Policy (caterers)

Caterers should aim to separate and dispose of rubbish and recycling properly before, during and after the show. We would suggest separating your rubbish, food waste, cardboard and plastics at your stall to make disposing of these materials in the right place easier.

Caterers should aim to remove the use of plastic wherever possible, and utilise biodegradable options:

  • Cornware is a company that manufactures biodegradable ‘throw away’ cutlery and boxes for serving food in, which we would encourage any caterers or food-sellers who are not already investing in something similar to consider doing so. We at VegfestUK are keen to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible, and advocating the use of biodegradable materials (especially those of which are discarded of in abundance at events such as ours) is just another way in which we can help to limit any negative environmental impact that our shows might be having. Cornware’s brochure can be found here.

We are also encouraging visitors to bring their own utensils to use, to reduce waste, and request that caterers cooperate where possible with any requests from the public to use their own utensils.

Fire extinguishers and blankets (for outdoor caterers only)

Outdoor caterers must bring their own fire extinguishers and blankets.

Gas and naked flames

Gas and naked flames are NOT allowed in any INDOOR area of the venue.

Gas and naked flames are allowed for OUTDOOR caterers - however any caterers looking to use gas and naked flames must submit appropriate health and safety paperwork to the organisers for inspection before the event.


Utilities at the venue


Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the INDOOR parts of the venue and is open-access and easily accessible. The network name is Ashton Gate EdgeZ.

Please note: if you are located outdoors, and you need internet, we suggest that you bring a dongle.

Display materials

Pop-up banners are recommended for display as they are visible and above head height, but please make sure that any pop-up banners are safely and securely erected.

Other display options include:

  • small plastic display stands (for displaying prices / special offers etc)
  • literature stands (good for brochures / magazines etc)
  • tablet stands (if you are planning to use iPads / tablets)

Please note that all stalls at this event are space-only with no shell scheme structures.

Please note that adhesive materials (e.g. blu-tac, white-tac, etc) are NOT allowed on the walls of the venue. Any damages to the walls will incur a dilapidation charge which will be passed onto the exhibitors concerned.


In order to help us ensure that we comply with the venue regulations, all gangways at the show must be kept clear at all times, including during setup, the open period and breakdown.

Exhibits, furniture and other items belonging to your stand must not encroach beyond the boundary of your stand space.  This is to ensure that escape routes are unobstructed in case of emergency evacuation.

Waste Disposal

There are a number of bins for both recyclable and non-recyclable waste provided by the venue for disposal of solid waste, and also a Waste Disposal Point (located at the back entrance to the Dolman Hall).

All cooking oils and liquid waste need to be stored in bottles which should be moved to the Waste Disposal Point.

Please do not leave rubbish at the venue at the end of the show - your assistance in removing rubbish is appreciated.

Washup Area (for outdoor caterers)

Outdoor caterers can use Concessions Stand W-CAT1 in the West Concourse for washing up - see West Concourse map on the floor plan page here.

Please note that, as the West Concourse is shut at 6pm on both days, the periods during which W-CAT1 is available for use are:

  • Friday 8am - 9pm
  • Saturday 7am - 6pm
  • Sunday 8am - 6pm

Please make sure that nothing is left in the Washup Area beyond 6pm on Sunday - the organisers cannot accept responsibility for any property remaining in the Washup Area beyond its closing time.


Washup Area (for indoor caterers)

Indoor caterers are all located within Concessions Catering Stands, each of which includes sinks for washing up.

First Aid

The venue's medical room is located in the South Concourse Corner - see floor plan here.

Moving stock at the venue

Exhibitors are advised to bring their own trolleys/pallet trucks to ensure swift movement of stock and stand equipment during setup and breakdown.

Please ensure that no pallet trucks/trolleys of any kind are used during public opening hours.


Toilets are available along the Concourses on the G/F of the venue, as well as along the corridor on Level 2 (just behind the Lansdown Suites and the Heineken Lounge), and on the Hospitality Level 3 of the venue.

Cash Machines

Please refer to the link here for cash machines available near the venue.

Please note that there are no cash machines on site.


A cloakroom is available in the South Concourse Corner indoors - please note that the cloakroom is shut at 6pm on both days, so make sure to collect all items stored in the cloakroom before its closing time. The organisers cannot be responsible for any items left in the cloakroom after its closing hour.


Other important notes

Vegan Policy

VegfestUK is a 100% vegan event and we ask all exhibitors to adhere to the following:

  • All products displayed at every stall must be 100% vegan.
  • No promotional materials which promote the use of animal products are allowed.
  • Please do not wear any non-vegan apparels at the event.
  • The organisers reserve the rights to ask exhibitors to remove from their stall or their staff, products which contain non-vegan ingredients such as meat, dairy, fish, eggs, honey, beeswax, wool, silk, fur, leather, etc.
  • Please note that bee pollen is not considered a vegan product and therefore not suitable for VegfestUK events.

If you are not 100% sure which products are qualified vegan, please contact the office beforehand.

All campaign groups that exhibit at VegfestUK must include vegan education as part of their outreach work. Please note that we cannot accept bookings from campaign groups with campaigns that may fuel xenophobia.

We do not ask that all our stallholders (as individuals) or workers are vegan, only that they are vegan friendly, respectful to vegans and that they are vegan on the days of the show.

We are only accepting sponsorship for 100% vegan products. By ‘100%’ we mean in terms of products and marketing for the brand, not the individuals who own or work within the business. We give our sponsors extensive marketing and only wish to promote vegan options rather than anything less.


The consumption of alcohol is not permitted during setup and breakdown.

Unless agreed with the organisers in advance, the sale of alcohol is not permitted in any circumstances during the show.


Security is provided for the show from 8am on Friday until 11pm on Sunday.  Please do not arrange for goods to be delivered to the venue before this time.  Please assist us by wearing your wristbands within the venue at all times after you have picked these up on arrival.

Please take account of the following security advice from the venue:

  • Take home any valuable items each night.
  • Do not leave your stand unattended at any time during setup, the open period or breakdown. Do not leave the hall until all visitors have gone each evening.
  • Do not position valuable items at the front of your stand, where you may not be able to keep an eye on them.
  • Ensure you have enough staff, so that the stand is not vulnerable to thieves and do not ask a neighbouring exhibitor to watch over your stand while you go for a break. They may become busy and not be able to keep an eye on your stand.
  • Remove all portable or valuable items from the stand on the evening the show closes.  Do not leave them until the following day for collection.
  • Arrive in time for the show.  Ensure your stand is staffed at least 15 minutes before show open time of 11am on Saturday and 11am on Sunday, but remember that the venue is open for setup from 7am on Saturday and from 8am on Sunday.
  • If you are a victim of theft or damage, please report this to venue staff. The organisers, however, cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to exhibitors’ property.
  • Please be aware of possible terrorist activities and the fact that we are in a busy area of Bristol. If you notice anyone behaving suspiciously, tampering with equipment, or any unattended bags or parcels please report this to security or a member of the VegfestUK team immediately.
  • Any lost kids should be reported to the Information Desk.

Assistance dogs are permitted access to the show. No other pets will be permitted access to the venue during the open period.


Children under the age of 16 are welcome at the event during opening times, but please note that they will not be allowed access to the venue during setup or breakdown. This is a Health & Safety requirement of the venue and is NOT negotiable. The issue is covered by law under section 4 of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.


Smoking / vaping is not permitted by law anywhere within the indoor areas of the venue.

Bad Language & Aggressive Behaviour
  • VegfestUK Bristol is a friendly event, and we do not tolerate bad language or aggressive behaviour from the public (occasional) or exhibitors (very rare but has happened in the past).
  • If you encounter anyone displaying unruly/abusive behaviour, please ask your colleagues or neighbouring exhibitor to alert a member of the event organising team (security, stewards), and we will assist if required.
  • Please note that exhibitors are advised to stay calm at all times when dealing with the public, with moderate language in the very unlikely event of a hostile encounter.
  • There will be CCTV on site to monitor everyone’s behaviour, and those displaying aggressive behaviour will be swiftly expelled from the venue, and readmittance may be refused.
  • In the case of this being from an exhibitor, no refunds may be issued.


Any further questions?

Please get in touch with the office at [email protected] or on 01179071881, by Friday May 18th 2018 if possible, as the office will be very busy in the week leading up to the event.