Vegan Chef Day

Vegan Chef Day

Professional Chef

Professional chef, Day Radley, has written for and contributed to numerous magazines and publications including Vegan Food and Living, The Vegan Society magazine, Vegan Health and Fitness and The Jewish Vegetarian Society magazine. She has been featured on Sky News, BBC Radio and Spectrum Radio London amongst others and has a thriving online community.


Hack Your Way To Healthy Happy Meals

Too tired to cook after a long day of work, kids and commuting?! Vegan Chef Day will show you how to eat homemade food every day of the week. Join her to hear pro-chef tricks and tips plus see live recipes – Sweet Potato Dahl and Tuscan Rice with Chickpeas.

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How I Healed My Eating Disorder Using My Vegan Mindset

After years of struggling with emotional battles around food Chef Day went on a three year journey to discover how to make peace with food. Combining the compassion that sparked her veganism with shifts in mindset, knowledge of nutrition and having fun with food she let go of chaotic eating. 

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