Sarah Bennetto

Sarah Bennetto

Expect killer stand-up, storytelling and characters from this Melbourne-born, London-based comedian. As well as playing comedy clubs and festivals all over the UK, Ireland and Australia, Sarah is also a stalwart of BBC Radio, plus hosted her own radio show on Dalston’s NTS Radio “Sarah Bennetto’s Mix-Tape”, as well as at her cult favourite annual show from backstage at Glastonbury Festival. Sarah is the brains behind Storytellers’ Club, which tours internationally, and guests regularly on huge UK podcasts like Global Pillage, all the great comedy panel shows.

Sarah Bennetto’s past solo comedy shows for Edinburgh Fringe, Adelaide, Perth Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival include: a sitcom about office temping, the true story of having lunch with Prince Charles at the Palace, a hour-long ode to boardgames and Victorian parlour games, a study of her insanely good luck (she’s won a car, holidays, the lottery), staging her own funeral live, and this year: every mistake she’s ever made, presented in list form.

Steve Bennett, Chortle UK
“A generous serving of sterling gags and astutely witty observations.”

★★★★ The Skinny, Edinburgh
“In sharing her litany of mistakes, Bennetto covers huge, emotive topics with the lightest of touch and a lightning-fast wit, rattling through stories and quips so quickly that they don’t have the opportunity to land too heavily. She’s also in perfect command of the pacing, so when she does want to touch hearts as well as minds… it keeps the audience spellbound.”

★★★★ One4Revew, Edinburgh
“With much glee, delight, and wonderfully evocative imagery, Sarah is an excellent performer, frank and genuine, telling relatable stories which are fun and funny. The last mistake is totally unexpected and unheralded – and all the more powerful for being so.”

★★★★½ The Advertiser Newspaper, Adelaide
“Self-depreciating, dark, honest and genuinely funny. One of the most enjoyable and original shows I’ve seen this year. It had me laughing out loud more times than I could count. A solid hour of laughs, it culminates in a truly epic finale.”

★★★★ The Age Newspaper, Melbourne
“Bennetto delivers effervescent, confident and well-structured stand-up. Her tales of outrageous fortune are suffused with urbanity and wisdom, and buoyed by a lightly rendered sense of nostalgia”

★★★★ Fest Magazine, Edinburgh
“A sophisticated mix of stand-up and character comedy, Bennetto succeeds in harnessing the full power of an instinctive comedic mind.”

★★★★ Rip It Up Magazine, Adelaide
“A fantastically original concept. She is bright, funny and fast on her feet, with a wonderful collection of silly characters. A vivid package of silly, clever and sometimes self-deprecating humour that stands out amongst the mass.”

★★★★ ThreeWeeks, Edinburgh
“Superb. Devastating. Edges towards perfection.”


Sarah Bennetto

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