Mikee Freedom Groove Street DJ Set with DJ Rudy

Mikee Freedom Groove Street DJ Set with DJ Rudy

Acid house DJ

Mikee Freedom was a DJ who was around from the start of the acid house scene. His single Nomad Feat MC Mikee Freedom (I Wanna Give You) Devotion reached #2 in the UK Charts and #1 in the US Charts, as well as being a hit in 8 other countries.

Devotion holds the record for the most amount of compilation albums that the track features on. Devotion won best dance track of all time at number 1 spot with MTV & is still one of the most requested dance tracks to be played on virtually every radio station worldwide.

Mikee’s website is http://www.groovestreet.co.uk/

Interview with Mikee Freedom

So – Mikee – Ashton Gate – 2nd home, no?

Home From Home Yes I am City through & through

You must have been hoping for ‘I Wanna Give you Promotion’ this season…

I have a T-shirt & a Flyer made by fellow City fans with that on lol

What was it like beating Man U? Incredible atmosphere….

Best day of the season & prob one of the best days to witness City at their best

Moving on – Vegfest! Looking forward to it?

Very much so I’ve been in this music game a long time & to get recognition now means everything thanks to Chris Cross & Tim.

Veggie burgers in your fridge?

I just started my diet so who knows I know I have to start eating healthy & plenty of exercise.

It’s got a real Bristol feel about it this year, what with Smith and Mighty, Dr. Meaker, and all the local Ujima acts…

Exactly the way it should be – I wish more big promoters would put Bristol acts DJ’s first.

Fave Bristol act ever? (yourself excluded mind…)

Smith & Mighty

And fave City player ever…?

Scott Murray Legend

Message to City fans for Vegfest

Enjoy the weekend come support me and my sound on Sunday & Always Believe

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Mikee Freedom Groove Street DJ Set with DJ Rudy

Ujima Live Acts Stage full timetable