Mick Walker

Mick Walker

Vegan Biologist & Cyclist

I am an Oxford educated Biologist, coming to the end of a successful career in education. I am based in the North of England. I am also a cyclist and a vegan. These go together because, some time ago, I made the decision to move to a 100% plant based diet as a way to try and maintain my strength and fitness in later life and to enable me to continue to cycle. The benefits I have derived have been miraculous! My experience (as well as my background in Biology) has meant that I have been able to develop a good knowledge and understanding of diet, health and fitness – although I have seen the benefits in my 60s, the same benefits can be achieved by anyone prepared to move to a plant based diet.

I was much influenced by reading 2 books – ‘Eat and Run’ by the ultramarathon runner Scott Durek and ‘The China Study’ by T.Colin Campbell and T. Campbell.

Campbell has also written ‘The Campbell Plan’ – in which he explains the benefits of a Whole Food Plant Based Diet (WFPB) and how to change over to such a diet.

Some vegans say that I should describe myself as ‘plant based’ rather than vegan. All I can say to that is that I embrace every aspect of veganism and emphasise the need to eliminate animal exploitation in all its forms.

My website is www.vegancyclist.co.uk


Veganism is WIN, WIN, WIN – Win for the Animals, Win for the Planet, Win for our Health

The cruel exploitation of animals is entirely unacceptable. Animal agriculture is the No 1 cause of environmental degradation and the human population is wracked with chronic disease.

In this talk, Mick will outline and explain why there can be no argument whatsoever against the urgent need for widespread veganism.

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