Kate Strong

Kate Strong

Business Coach & Vegan Athlete

AG World Champion triathlete, World’s First female to cycle 24 hours non-stop, Environmental Engineer and Business Coach: Kate Strong is an absolute display that you can achieve amazing results with a plant-based lifestyle.
Kate’s on a mission to ensure every being thrives! Today, she’s created online courses to help you create a Purpose-driven business and live sustainably, while travelling globally promoting sustainable business and living.


Conscious Nutrition: How What You Eat Can Save The World (BSL interpretation available)

Imagine that everything you did impacted your life, your results, your friends & family’s health, the planet’s health. This isn’t imagination, it’s reality: Your actions (or inactions) are creating the world you live in, and this also includes the food you choose to put on your plate.
Kate Strong, AG World Champion in triathlon & Environmental Engineer understands how the food we eat can change the future of our health and the planet and is on a mission to leave the world a better place, one mouthful at a time!

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Panel: Striving for excellence - Top Tips from our Plant-Based athletes

‘Striving for excellence – Top Tips from our Plant-Based athletes’

Panel hosted by Dave Sheahan.

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