Doug Maw

Doug Maw

Vegan Activist

Doug turned vegan 22 years ago after working in abattoirs, butchers, farms & ‘meat’ processing plants. This gives him an inside knowledge of how these industries work.

Since becoming vegan Doug has been involved in hunt sabbing, animal rescue, outreach and is known for his campaign to remove animal parts from bank notes. Doug is a nutritionist & works as a personal trainer, developing diet & exercise plans for his clients. Much of this he does for free to encourage people to adopt s vegan lifestyle.

Doug is working to bolster the legal standing of vegans to challenge actions that affect their ability to live in alignment with their beliefs. He has done media interviews about veganism, the dairy industry, bank notes and hunting. Doug is also a passionate helper of people who want to transition to veganism. He has a number of people who he is helping at any time.


Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

A discussion as to why we need to raise issues of animal use and abuse wherever we see it. How the bank notes issue relates to the wider animal rights movement and vegans.

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