Daniel Edozie

Daniel Edozie

Professional Basketball Player

A dominating presence with an inspiring life story. Prior to playing NCAA Division I basketball for Iowa State Cyclones in America, Daniel had to overcome adversity that included homelessness and intercontinental relocation. With the help of his foster mother, London born Edozie discovered basketball and eventually earned an athletic scholarship with Iowa State. Daniel is a towering defensive presence and a great rebounder, and at just 23 years old he still has time to develop.

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Life Of Being Vegan

The moment I decided to become vegan, I had no clue what I was getting ready to put myself through. I found myself having to get rid of this, get rid of that, can’t eat this, can’t eat that but however it never stopped me from finding solutions… Now I’m here to share my experiences with being a plant-based eater.

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