Guests Manual

Manual consists of logistical info for speakers and performers - please email [email protected] for any questions regarding speaking / performing at the event.
Event opening hours

Saturday: 11am - 11pm
Sunday: 11am - 9pm

The following areas will be shut from 6pm on both days:

  • West Concourse
  • South Concourse
  • Dolman Hall
  • Vegan Activists Hub
  • Kids Area

Other areas of the show will remain open until the event shuts.

Getting to the venue

Ashton Gate is ideally located in Bristol less than two miles from the city centre. The venue's full address is:

Ashton Gate Stadium,

A map of the venue is in the Google map here. (public entrance via Wedlock Way)

Walking To Ashton Gate

The easiest (and cheapest!) way to get to Ashton Gate is on foot. The venue is just a short walk away from central Bristol including (click each for Google walking directions):

Cycling To Ashton Gate

Ashton Gate is easily accessed by bicycle with a number of dedicated cycle paths in Bristol. There are also plenty of bike racks at the stadium (48 in total) as well as a handy bike pump in the Winterstoke Road car park outside of the South Stand.

The venue is a short bike ride from many parts of Bristol including:

Bicycles can now also be picked up roadside and ridden to Ashton Gate thanks to the new YoBike service - click here to find out more and download the app.

Bus Services To Ashton Gate

There are several bus services that stop at Ashton Gate. An outline of these services can be found below.

Shuttle Bus Service

FirstBus are kindly running a dedicated shuttle bus service from Bristol Temple Meads to Ashton Gate, stopping via St Augustine's Parade at the city centre. Click here for full information on the shuttle bus service.

Service 24
Stops at Ashton Drive (The Robbins PH)
Operates up to every 12 minutes (every 30 minutes during the evening)
Serves Bedminster, City Centre, Old Market, Easton, Eastville, Lockleaze and Southmead Hospital
Adult singles range from £1.70 to £2.70 and return / all day travel is £4

Services X1, X3, X4, X6, X8 and X9
Stops at Blackmoors Lane (Ashton Bridge)
Operates at frequent intervals
Serves Hotwells and City Centre
Adult single is £1.70, £3.40 return and £4 all day travel

Service 71
Stops at Blackmoors Lane (Ashton Bridge)
Operates up to every 15 minutes (every 30 minutes during the evening)
Serves Hotwells, City Centre, Gloucester Road, Filton Avenue and UWE Frenchay
Adult singles range from £1.70 to £2.70 and return / all day travel is £4

Services X1, X3, X4, X6, X8 and X9
Stops at Winterstoke Road (Ashton Bridge)
Operates at various frequencies
Serves various locations, including, Weston-super-Mare, Portishead, Clevedon and Nailsea
Adult singles range from £1.70 to £6 and return / day ticket from £3.40 to £7.50

Please visit the FirstBus website and search by service number for more specific timing information –

Train Services To Ashton Gate

The closest station to Ashton Gate is Parson Street, a 10-15 minute walk from the stadium. Parson Street is accessible from mainline stations including Bristol Temple Meads, Bristol Parkway and Weston Super Mare. For more information visit the Great Western Rail website, or call 0345 7000 125.

Driving To Ashton Gate / Parking

Street parking surrounding the stadium is severely limited and we encourage visitors to utilise public transport as an alternative. Please observe all local parking restrictions and respect local resident’s driveways and homes.


FROM M5: Leave the M5 motorway at junction 18, travel along the Portway (A4) following the signs for Bristol Airport/Taunton (A38). Over the swing bridge (Brunel Way), branching left into Winterstoke Road, and left again at the next roundabout for Ashton Gate.

FROM M4: At junction 19, exit onto M32 towards Bristol. Continue on A4032. Turn left at A4044/Bond Street. Continue to follow A4044. At Temple Circus Gyratory, take the 2nd exit onto A4/Templegate. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto A370/York Road. Continue to follow A370. Go through one roundabout. Slight left to merge onto Brunel Way. Take the next left at traffic lights for Ashton Gate.*This route directs through Bristol City Centre and journey time can be significantly increased due to traffic. Travelling along the Portway via the M5 is often considerably quicker. For the Portway, leave the M4 at junction 20 and join the M5 South-bound, then follow the above directions for M5*.

Bristol International Airport

Ashton Gate stadium is only a fifteen minutes drive away from Bristol International Airport. Call 0871 334 4344 for flight times.

Car Parking

Private parking is available in the area near the venue, please click here or here for more information. Street parking is also available on the streets nearby.

Please note: the car parks on site are designated for use by stallholders only.

Virtual tour of the venue

A virtual tour of the venue is in the embedding below:

AV equipment provided

Please see table below for AV equipment provided in each area:

(before 6pm)
(after 6pm)
Laptop*Screen**Sound SpeakersMicrophone
Plant-Based Diets: Optimum HealthBlues Lounge11yes - quantity TBA1
Plant-Based Diets: Optimum PerformanceComedy11yes - quantity TBA1
The Vegan AcademyElectro Swing11yes - quantity TBA1
Vegan Activists HubN/A11yes - quantity TBA1
Cookery DemosN/Ayes - quantity TBA1
Live Acts StageLive Acts Stageyes - quantity TBAyes - quantity TBA
Dance StageDance Stageyes - quantity TBAyes - quantity TBA

* Laptop comes with Powerpoint and PDF Viewer.
**Each screen comes with an adaptor for connecting to the laptop.

Powerpoint presentations

If you are planning to do Powerpoint presentations / slideshows in areas with laptops provided, we suggest that you store your presentation files in .ppt or .pdf format on a USB / external drive beforehand, and plug your USB / external drive into the laptop provided.

If your presentation file is created in other formats such as Keynote (the Mac equivalent of Powerpoint on Windows), please either:

  1. convert it to .ppt or .pdf format before the event (see instructions here on exporting Keynote files as files in other formats), or
  2. bring your own laptop with your presentation file stored on it (although bear in mind that replacing the laptop provided with your own laptop might require extra changeover time in between presentations).
Cookery equipment provided (for cookery demos)

Please refer to the table below for the cookery equipment provided by the organisers:

Electric hot plate (with 2 rings)1
Flip Top Bin with bin bags1
Washing up liquidyes
Power sockets13amp sockets
Trestle tables (6′ wide each with tablecloths)4


  1. Please bring any other equipment that you need and that is not listed above if necessary. Note: please ensure that any electrical equipment that you bring is PAT tested before use.
  2. Please ensure that you ascertain the power output (in wattage) of all cookery equipment that you plan to use beforehand, and do not overload the power sockets provided – overloading the power sockets will result in power being cut off. Please refer to the electrical converter here should you need assistance on electrical conversion.
  3. Please also ensure that the hot plate provided is switched off after use – failure to do so will result in the hot plate overheating.
Equipment provided for various areas (musicians)
Featured AreaEquipment provided
Ujima Live Acts Stage1 Alspaw 8m x 6m Mobile Stage
1 Iveco 70C17 7t GVW HGV
1 1m Pit for Stage
1 Yamaha LS9 32ch Digital Audio Mixer
1 Nexo PA System
1 Shure Handheld Radio Microphone
1 8 way Active DI box
5 Shure SM 58 5.00
1 7-Piece Drum Mic Set
10 K&M Tall Mic Stand
4 K&M Short Mic Stand
1 4 way Nexo PS10 wedge monitors c/w amp
2 Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus
1 Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus
1 Band Lighting Package
1 Drum Riser (1ft legs)
1 Guitar Amp
1 Bass Head
Dance Stage3 Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus
1 Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus
2 Nexo PA System (Ground Stack)
2 1' PA Riser
2 Shure SM58 Microphone
1 Shure SM57 Microphone
1 DJ Riser
1 Drum Kit Microphone Package
1 DJ Lighting Package
1 Guitar Amp
1 Bass Head
Blues Lounge2 Shure SM58
1 Shure SM57
1 8-way Active DI box
5 K&M Tall Mic Stand
2 K&M Short Mic Stand
Electro Swing (SAT) / Deep Chill2 Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus
1 Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus
50m HDMI Fibre
1 Yamaha Digital Audio Mixer
1 QSC K12 Powered Speaker w/K-Sub (Pair)
1 K&M Speaker Pole (Pair)
2 Shure Handheld Radio Microphone
2 Shure Headset Radio Microphone
Gas and naked flames

Please note that gas and naked flames are strictly prohibited inside this venue. All cooking indoors must be done by electricity only.

Drinking Water

Tap water will be available free of charge from all bars within the indoor areas of the venue. Please bring your own water bottles for filling up with water / refilling.

Vegan Policy

This event is a 100% vegan event and we ask that all our speakers are vegan themselves and we are only accepting talks / cookery demos on vegan education, rather than ‘other issues’. We particularly wish to avoid any sessions about campaigns that could be seen to help fuel xenophobia, or campaigns that rely on sexism, ableism, homophobia, body shaming or racism to promote their cause.

Please ensure that all sessions adhere to these guidelines, which cover the following areas:

  1. speeches given
  2. cookery ingredients used
  3. leaflets given out to visitors
  4. displays used (e.g. banners, posters etc)
  5. videos / slideshows shown
  6. songs performed

Please also ensure that you do not wear non-vegan apparel to the event, in order to set a good example for visitors who are passionate about the vegan cause.

If you are unsure about whether a particular product / ingredient / campaign is suitable or not, please contact the office beforehand.


Cancellations are to be avoided as much as possible, especially if your sessions have already been advertised online, as:

  1. Sessions that have been advertised in advance but do not take place make the show look unprofessional
  2. Some of our visitors will be buying advance tickets specifically to see certain speakers / performers / talks advertised online in advance

However, we understand that sometimes cancellations are unavoidable and in the scenario that you really need to cancel your appearances at the event, please:

  1. Notify the organisers as early as possible, and
  2. Try to find replacements for the sessions affected by your cancellations.

Smoking / vaping is not permitted by law anywhere within the venue.


Assistance dogs are permitted access to the show. No other pets will be permitted access to the venue during the open period.

Photography and Filming

Visitors to VegfestUK events are welcome to arrive with cameras or filming equipment for photography / video production on site.

Please note that exhibitors, speakers, performers and visitors at VegfestUK events may appear in photos or films produced from the events without prior consultation.

Invoices (for guests with whom payment has been agreed)

Guests who have agreed payment with the organisers in advance are required to submit an invoice for BACS payment to [email protected] after the event with the following details on it:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Your full name, postal address, email and phone number
  • Your Unique Taxpayer Reference number
  • Invoice to: VegfestUK Ltd, Hebron House, Sion Rd, Bristol BS3 3BD
  • Services incurred
  • Amount due
  • Bank details for BACS - bank name, account name, sort code, account number

Please note:

  1. Only fees that have been pre-agreed in writing with the organisers will be paid after the event. Fees that have not been pre-agreed in writing in advance will not be paid.
  2. Payment will only be made by BACS once an invoice has been submitted.
Any further questions?

Please get in touch with the office by Wednesday May 23rd 2018 if possible, as we’ll be out of our office from Thursday May 24th 2018 onwards.


Utilities at the venue

Drinking Water

Tap water will be available free of charge from all bars within the indoor areas of the venue. Please bring your own water bottles for filling up with water / refilling.

Cash machines

Please refer to the link here for cash machines available near the venue.

Please note that there are no cash machines on site. Some of the stallholders exhibiting at the event take card payments, but we recommend that visitors arrive with sufficient cash for shopping at the event to avoid having to exit and re-enter the event for cash.


Toilets are available along the Concourses on the G/F of the venue, as well as along the corridor on Level 2 (just behind the Lansdown Suites and the Heineken Lounge), and on the Hospitality Level 3 of the venue.


A cloakroom is available in the South Concourse Corner indoors - please note that the cloakroom is shut at 6pm on both days, so make sure to collect all items stored in the cloakroom before its closing time. The organisers cannot be responsible for any items left in the cloakroom after its closing hour.