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Fantastic range of exhibitors showcasing a wide range of cutting-edge vegan products

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Ananda's Marshmallows

Stall Number: WM4
URL: www.anandafoods.co.uk


Animal Aid

Stall Number: DE7 & DE8
URL: www.animalaid.org.uk


Animal Equality

Stall Number: DE5
URL: www.animalequality.net


Avon Wildlife Trust

Stall Number: DH2
URL: www.avonwildlifetrust.org.uk/


Babbaloos Bakery

Stall Number: DF6 OR DF7
URL: www.babbaloos.com


Babita's Spice Deli

Stall Number: DOLMAN HALL - D CAT 2


Balanced Nature Ltd

Stall Number: DA10
URL: balanced-nature.com/


Beans and Herbs

Stall Number: DH8
URL: www.beansandherbs.co.uk


Breast Cancer UK

Stall Number: DF6/DD6/DD7/DF7
URL: www.breastcanceruk.org.uk


Buddha Beauty Skincare

Stall Number: WJ1
URL: https://www.buddha-beauty.com



Stall Number: CAT7


Bute Island Foods

Stall Number: WF6, 7 & 8.
URL: buteisland.com

Bute Island Foods produce a variety of vegan-friendly, kosher and gluten-free cheese for all to enjoy! Their award-winning “Sheese” has developed over the years to amass over 20 different flavours available in hard and creamy styles, and also melty slices.


Cats Protection

Stall Number: WM1


Centre For Conscious Awareness

Stall Number: DA11 & DA12
URL: www.centreforconsciousawareness.org/



Stall Number: CAT-5


Coast Coffee

Stall Number: CAT2 - CAT7


College of Naturopathic Medicine

Stall Number: WN2
URL: www.naturopathy-uk.com


Crepe Roulette

Stall Number: CAT 9 FAN VILLAGE
URL: www.Crepe-Roulette.co.uk


Dominion Brewery Company

Stall Number: CAT1 AND \'BAR\'
URL: www.dominionbrewerycompany.com



Stall Number: SH4



Stall Number: WF5
URL: www.edenperfumes.co.uk



Stall Number: WF4
URL: www.ethcs.com


FabFudge Limited

Stall Number: SH10
URL: https://fab-fudge.co.uk


Feral Food Store

Stall Number: CAT-4
URL: www.feralfoodstore.co.uk



Stall Number: DH1
URL: www.fleecehaven.org.uk


Follow Your Heart UK

Stall Number: WG4
URL: www.followyourheart.com


Forever Hounds Trust

Stall Number: WC1
URL: https://foreverhoundstrust.org/


Free From Italy

Stall Number: WG5
URL: www.freefromitaly.co.uk


FRUU cosmetics

Stall Number: WN1
URL: www.fruuurskin.com



Stall Number: DA16
URL: wearegenv.com

Generation-V is a new design project promoting veganism and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Selling t-shirts, prints and other merch, raising money for animal rights groups and charities. #WeAreGenV



Stall Number: DF8
URL: www.goodfayre.co.uk


Greek vegan deli specialities

Stall Number: CAT-3
URL: Www.greekvegandelispecialities.co.uk


Harth Truffles

Stall Number: DD6
URL: www.harthtruffles.co.uk



Stall Number: DA23 & DA24
URL: htttp://hempish.com

Hempish sells all sustainable and natural products made from Hemp



Stall Number: CAT-10
URL: www.herbivorous.co.uk


Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary

Stall Number: WL2
URL: www.huglettswoodfarm.org


Hunt Investigation Team

Stall Number: WG8
URL: www.huntinvestigationteam.org


Island Delight

Stall Number: S-CAT2
URL: www.island-delight.co.uk


Jane's Better Butter

Stall Number: DA22


Katie's Heart

Stall Number: DA15
URL: www.katiesheart.com



Stall Number: F4
URL: www.legs4africa.org


Liberty Loves

Stall Number: WN5
URL: www.liberty-loves.co.uk


Lottie's Vegan Bakery

Stall Number: DG2
URL: www.lottiesveganbakery.co.uk/


Natures Plus

Stall Number: WF1
URL: naturesplus.co.uk/


New Haven Project

Stall Number: DD7
URL: new-haven-project.fwscart.com/


Nifty Nut Butters

Stall Number: DG3
URL: niftynutbutters.com



Stall Number: SI2
URL: lizcooke.norwex.co.uk


One Planet Pizza

Stall Number: CAT8
URL: www.oneplanetpizza.com


Original Beard Co

Stall Number: WG7 (SAT)
URL: www.originalbeard.co


Outsidethebox Makeup & Skincare

Stall Number: DA21
URL: https://outsidetheboxmakeup.co.uk


Paguro Upcycle

Stall Number: DD1
URL: www.paguroupcycle.com


Pie Baby

Stall Number: SF2
URL: piebaby.co.uk/



Stall Number: SK2


Pure Recharge

Stall Number: SI3
URL: www.PureRecharge.co.uk



Stall Number: WJ5
URL: www.purenaturalfresh.co.uk


Secret Scones

Stall Number: DH7
URL: www.secretscones.com


Solkiki Chocolatemaker

Stall Number: DH7
URL: solkiki.co.uk


Sweet Revolution

Stall Number: WC6
URL: www.sweetrevolution.co.uk


Thamon Trading Ltd.

Stall Number: WJ2
URL: Thamon.co.uk


The Healing Pear

Stall Number: DG6
URL: www.thehealingpear.com


The Vegan Food Pod

Stall Number: SH8
URL: theveganfoodpod.co.uk/


The Vegan Society

Stall Number: WG1 + WG2
URL: www.vegansociety.com


Tiny Sarah's Cakes

Stall Number: DD2 OR DD6
URL: www.tinysarahscakes.co.uk



Stall Number: WF 8



Stall Number: DG1
URL: www.tropicskincare.com


VeGain Meals

Stall Number: DG5
URL: www.facebook.com/vegainmeals


Viva La Vegan

Stall Number: WC5
URL: https://www.viva-la-vegan.com/


World food

Stall Number: CAT2



Stall Number: WJ4
URL: www.yaoh.co.uk

The UK’s first hemp company Yaoh recently underwent a rebrand with a new sunrise logo, 10 new lipbalm flavours and their established hemp bodycare and food products, which will all be available at the show on a special BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer on all products.