Fantastic range of exhibitors showcasing a wide range of cutting-edge vegan products and special offers

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A Kind Living

Stall Number: DC1
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a taste of thailand

Stall Number: CAT-8
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A Taste of Thailand\' serves a wide variety of Thai dishes including traditional Thai curries fried rice,stir chilli basil ,sweet and sour dishes The most popular is our Pad Thai freshly prepared Thai style fried noodles cooked on a meter wide pan. The customer can watch their food being prepared, all the food is fresh and made from scratch so I can cook in front of those who order.

Abakus Foods

Stall Number: SK3
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SHOW SPECIAL - Stock up on jujube fruit and hickory nuts snacks with the Special Show Offer of \"3 for £5\" and \"8 for £10\"!


Stall Number: DA18 (SAT ONLY)
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Stall Number: F16, F17
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SHOW SPECIAL - Eat Real Quinoa Puffs, all four varieties, 4 packets for only £6, usually £7.96 whilst stocks last. Tyne Chease, three packs for only £21, usually £23.85, choose from any available flavours.

Ananda's Marshmallows

Stall Number: WM4
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Animal Aid

Stall Number: DE7, DE8 + DB1 (EDUCATION STAND)
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Animal Equality

Stall Number: DE5
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Animal Justice Project

Stall Number: DF1
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Stall Number: SG2
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Avanti Candles

Stall Number: DH5
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SHOW SPECIAL - AVANTI CANDLES - Buy any 3 wax melts, and get the 4th for just £2. Buy any 2 candles and get the 3rd for half price. Visit our stall to sample our collection

Avon Wildlife Trust

Stall Number: DH2
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Babbaloos Bakery

Stall Number: DF7
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SHOW SPECIAL - Babbaloos Bakery - 4 for £10 across all of our delicious Brownies and Cookie Bars (mix and match).

Babita's Spice Deli

Stall Number: D-CAT2 (SAT ONLY)
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Balanced Nature Ltd

Stall Number: DA10
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Bamboo Brazil

Stall Number: CAT 9
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BASE Info Shop

Stall Number: DB2
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Beans and Herbs

Stall Number: DH8
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Beau Monde Bakery

Stall Number: DA13
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SHOW SPECIAL - Any 6 for £12 on all of our Baked Doughnuts and Cupcakes.

Beauty & the Fox

Stall Number: DG7
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SHOW SPECIAL - \'Get 10% OFF regular prices TODAY ONLY!\'

BEING Clothing

Stall Number: DF2
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SHOW SPECIAL - Buy any two of our organic cotton eco friendly climate neutral T shirts And get a free tote worth 7 pounds.

Besos Food & Drinks

Stall Number: WM8
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Booja-Booja Ice cream tuk tuk

Stall Number: F15
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Stall Number: F8
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Stall Number: SH9 (SAT ONLY)
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SHOW SPECIAL - BQLondon is offering half price on all products when you buy two full priced products! This offer is valid for one day only!

Breast Cancer UK

Stall Number: DF6
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Bristol Animal Save

Stall Number: P13
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SHOW SPECIAL - Drink Up - Buy one , get one free, vegan mugs made from recycled plastic

Bristol Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Stall Number: DA17 (SUN ONLY)
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Bristol Green Party

Stall Number: DD3
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Bristol Refugee Festival.

Stall Number: WM7
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Bristol Vegans

Stall Number: SA1
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BristolAnimal Rights Collective (BARC)

Stall Number: DH4
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Stall Number: W-CAT4
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SHOW SPECIAL - Buy 2 set meals and get two patties free!

Buddha Beauty Skincare

Stall Number: WJ1
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SHOW SPECIAL - Buddha Beauty Skincare - Free Pulse Point Roller with all purchases over £35


Stall Number: CAT7
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Carmen del Rio. Art, culture and gastronomy of Mexico.

Stall Number: DE6
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Cats Protection

Stall Number: WM1
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Centre For Conscious Awareness

Stall Number: DA11 & DA12
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Stall Number: SI5
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SHOW SPECIAL - Buy 4 Grater plates and get the 5tth one free! 5 for £40 SHow. Special


Stall Number: DH3A
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Stall Number: S-CAT3
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SHOW SPECIAL - 3 Spice Blends for £10


Stall Number: CAT-5


Cindy's Tea

Stall Number: SK4
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CLF Distribution

Stall Number: CAT-11
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Coast Coffee

Stall Number: CAT-6


SHOW SPECIAL - VegFest Loyalty card - Buy 5 Hot or Cold Drinks over the weekend get one free!

Coffee Bike

Stall Number: F3
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SHOW SPECIAL - 3 Freshly Pressed Orange Juices for the price of 2 - visit your Coffee Bike stall today!

College of Naturopathic Medicine

Stall Number: WN2
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Crepe Roulette

Stall Number: CAT-9
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Crueltee Free

Stall Number: DE2A (SUN ONLY)
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Dark Matters

Stall Number: SH9 (SUN ONLY)
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De Fruit Bar

Stall Number: S16
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Divine Gaia

Stall Number: SATURDAY WE1
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Dominion Brewery Company

Stall Number: CAT-1 AND CAT-12
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SHOW SPECIAL - 3 bottle gift pack for £11


Stall Number: SH4
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Dreamland Fantasy Painting

Stall Number: P9
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Stall Number: WF6 & WF7
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Eden Kitchen

Stall Number: S-CAT1



Stall Number: WF5
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Elsa's Organic Skinfoods

Stall Number: WGF
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SHOW SPECIAL - 20 % off all deodorants

Elspeth's Kitchen

Stall Number: SA2 & SA3
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SHOW SPECIAL - Coffee and Cake £5.00


Stall Number: DE4
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SHOW SPECIAL - 10% of Clothing when spending £30

Essential Trading Co-operative

Stall Number: SL3 & SL4
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Stall Number: WF4
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Stall Number: DA3
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SHOW SPECIAL - £10 for 3 Bars, normally £4 each.

Explore Cuisine

Stall Number: WF 8
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FabFudge Limited

Stall Number: SH10 (SAT ONLY)
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SHOW SPECIAL - Buy 4 Pots for £10

Fit 4 a Kiing ( F4AK)

Stall Number: DA1
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SHOW SPECIAL - Visit our stall and quote our new brand name “ F4AK “ and receive our Activated Charcoal Toothpaste for just £5 or our Face Mask & Toothpaste for £15


Stall Number: DH1
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SHOW SPECIAL - VegFest Special - Adopt a sheep and receive a free Fleecehaven mug or coaster with our compliments.

Follow Your Heart UK

Stall Number: WG4
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SHOW SPECIAL - Follow Your Heart - Up to 50% off delicious Follow Your Heart Products!

Forage & Find

Stall Number: DG7 (SUN ONLY)
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SHOW SPECIAL - Goody bags for the first 10 customers! (Ps- they\'re holographic!)

Forever Hounds Trust

Stall Number: WC1
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Free From Italy

Stall Number: WG5
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SHOW SPECIAL - Up to 50% off selected delicious Italian food items!

Freet Footwear Ltd

Stall Number: DH3
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SHOW SPECIAL - Freet offer best prices at shows - At least 25% off RRP and no postage. Come and give our shoes a try!

From Nature UK

Stall Number: DA14
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FRUU cosmetics

Stall Number: WN1
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SHOW SPECIAL - FRUU - Three for two on all FRUU products


Stall Number: DA16
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Generation-V is a new design project promoting veganism and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Selling t-shirts, prints and other merch, raising money for animal rights groups and charities. #WeAreGenV

Gillie Food

Stall Number: DCAT1
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Glastonbury Ferments

Stall Number: DC7
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SHOW SPECIAL - Kombucha £3.75 per 500ml or special show offer 6 for £18 a saving of £4.50

Gló Foods

Stall Number: DH6 (SAT ONLY)
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Global Fusion Vegan Creole

Stall Number: F7



Stall Number: DF8
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SHOW SPECIAL - Sign up to our Vegan Starter kit subscription box for 12 months and get one month free.

Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries

Stall Number: WN4 (SAT ONLY)
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Greek vegan deli specialities

Stall Number: CAT-3
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Green Tea Artisan

Stall Number: WK2
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SHOW SPECIAL - Green Tea Artisan - 10% off all our loose leaf Green Tea, Matcha and Tea Accessories

Greener Beauty Ltd

Stall Number: WD1
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Happy Daisy

Stall Number: DC4
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Stall Number: F11 & F12
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Happy scents

Stall Number: WC2


Harrison's Vegan Dog Treats

Stall Number: SH3 (SAT ONLY)


Harth Truffles

Stall Number: DD6
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HeartCure Clothing

Stall Number: WK1
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SHOW SPECIAL - Free animal polaroid when you spend over £50.

Hempen Co-Operative

Stall Number: W-CAT3
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Stall Number: DA23 & DA24
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Hempish sells all sustainable and natural products made from Hemp

Herbal haven

Stall Number: F5 +F6
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Stall Number: CAT-10
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Hodmedod's British Pulses & Grains

Stall Number: WJ8
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SHOW SPECIAL - Pick up a bumper bag of Hodmedod\'s British pulses & grains - over £30 in value but pay just £20.

Hunt Investigation Team

Stall Number: WG8
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Hunt Saboteurs Association

Stall Number: DB4
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I Can't Believe it's Veggie Ltd

Stall Number: WF3
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Stall Number: WF2
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Kangaroo: A Love Hate Story is a shocking and controversial award winning, Australian film. Come meet the filmmakers, watch the trailer and discuss hosting a free screening.

“You really need to know about the way this iconic animal is being treated” - Peter Singer

\"This Probing doco recalls films such as THE COVE and BLACKFISH\" - Variety


Stall Number: SK5
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SHOW SPECIAL - Do yourself a favour and thrive with our exquisite vege based squares - 3 for £5 show special!

Island Delight

Stall Number: S-CAT2
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ITL Health Limited

Stall Number: SCC7
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Stall Number: SH2
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Jane's Better Butter

Stall Number: DA21


SHOW SPECIAL - Retail price £6 Show price 2 for £10

Katie's Heart

Stall Number: DA15
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SHOW SPECIAL - Quote #banplasticglitter at our stall and you will receive £2 off our kits! Retail online for £15 but with the magic hashtag you can purchase for £13!

Kaya Vegan Foods Ltd

Stall Number: CAT4
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Stall Number: DE2
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Kings is an ethical aftershave and grooming brand with a mission - \"to empower men to live healthier and happier lives\".20% of our profits are reinvested into men\'s mental health projects.Our products are vegan, cruelty free, made in the UK, palm oil free, paraben fee and made with natural essential oils.

SHOW SPECIAL - 50% off our 50ml bottles of aftershave (RRP £49.99) that we are selling on our crowd fund page.Claim through secret link at www.indiegogo.com/projects/2362690/x/9319696?secret_perk_token=f0a75b99

Koko Dairy Free

Stall Number: WD2
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Koko Dairy Free - Come and try our range of milks and yogurts! Special Show Offer only £1 each.

Lakeside Ethical Treats

Stall Number: DE3


League Against Cruel Sports

Stall Number: SG7
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Stall Number: F10
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Liberty Loves

Stall Number: WN5
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Stall Number: DF5
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Exclusive Show Only Prices on Everything and 10% Online Discount Code- Visit us at Stall- DF5

Little Roar

Stall Number: DA8
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Lottie's Vegan Bakery

Stall Number: DG2
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Lush Bristol

Stall Number: SH1 + SH6
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Stall Number: P3 & P4
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SHOW SPECIAL - Mabboo - any x2 £20 bamboo items for £30

Melia Publishing

Stall Number: DA6
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SHOW SPECIAL - Special price of £12 (RRP £18.99) on No Meat Athlete Cookbook by Matt Frazier.

Mobile massage events

Stall Number: SL8
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Moksha Senses

Stall Number: SH3 (SUN ONLY)


SHOW SPECIAL - Moksha Senses - Special 10% off when you purchase a body oil, body butter and Soap. 2 for £10 on all soaps (usually £5.95 each). Get a Special Discount on our Moksha Senses Cotton bag - only £5.99 when you spend over £35 (usual price £8.99)

mr nice pie

Stall Number: DA19
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Mr Scrumpy

Stall Number: F18
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Mr Scrumpy is bringing The Original Cider Slush back to VegFest. We’ve got two flavours of frozen slush as well as four draught ciders and a cheeky mulled. All drinks are made using real, craft Somerset cider from Rooksbridge. Come say hi and Drink Up Thy Zider!

Nakd Wholefoods

Stall Number: WL1
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Naturally Smart Skincare

Stall Number: DA2
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SHOW SPECIAL - Special show prices - any one item £12, buy two for £20, three for £30 ...... the more you buy the more you save compared with web prices.

Natures Plus

Stall Number: WF1
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Wide range of vegan, natural and organic supplements - with 25% discount on all products - plus free samples available from our range.

Nature's Warehouse Ltd

Stall Number: WB8
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Buy a 1kg Forest Hog Dirt Buster Gel and get 500ml Fruit and Veg Rinse absolutely free!

Neek Skin Organics Australia

Stall Number: WB7
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - £15 each (normal price £15.99). £30 for two plus free gift bag.

New Haven Project

Stall Number: DD7
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SHOW SPECIAL - All soap bars £2.80 or 2 for £5.00

New Internationalist

Stall Number: DD4
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SHOW SPECIAL - New Internationalist - Half Price on our Vegan Cookbook \'Vegan Love Stories\'

New Spirit

Stall Number: DC8
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Nifty Nut Butters

Stall Number: DG3
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SHOW SPECIAL - Come try our Nifty Nut Butters and get three different flavours for £10 only.

Nomad Health

Stall Number: SI1
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SHOW SPECIAL - £10 for 3 pasta 20% off from new oil products


Stall Number: SI2
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - WOW! 10% discount on ALL purchases/orders AND FREE microfibre cloth (worth at least £12.99) when you spend £50!! Do come and see us at our stand SI2

Not Just Juice

Stall Number: DC4A
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Stall Number: DA20
Visit Website


Nutcessity makes organic & peanut-free nut butters with no added oil or refined sugars. Five varieties, including Espresso, Gingerbread and Salted Date & Walnut. Slightly creamy, slightly sweet & non-cloying... I look forward to meeting you, and to see what you think 🙂 Mike

OptiBac Probiotics

Stall Number: DG4
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - 33% off all products

Organic Spirits Co

Stall Number: SK1
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Organyc / lavera / ORGANii

Stall Number: WC4
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SHOW SPECIAL - Everything 3 for 2 - any mixture - lowest price product free.

Origami Events Ltd

Stall Number: P6, P7, P8
Visit Website


Original Beard Co

Stall Number: WG7 (SAT)
Visit Website



Outsidethebox Makeup & Skincare

Stall Number: DA22
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Visit our stall to get your 10% off Discount Code to use for all online purchases after the Festival

Pacari Chocolates

Stall Number: DA17 (SAT ONLY)
Visit Website


Paguro Upcycle

Stall Number: DD1
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Stall Number: WC8
Visit Website


PERK!ER is a young British company, passionately creating super healthy Quinoa bars to keep you perky all day long! Crafted with care & packed with the goodness of superfoods, our snacks are bursting with nutritious slow release energy, high in fibre, 5g protein per bar & rich in antioxidants too!

SHOW SPECIAL - Grab yourself a perky deal- 18 PERK!ER Quinoa bars for £10!!

Pie Baby

Stall Number: SH5 (SAT ONLY)
Visit Website


Pip's Real Hot Chocolate Co

Stall Number: DA25
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Population Matters

Stall Number: DD8
Visit Website



Stall Number: SK2
Visit Website


We really do travel the globe in search of the perfect blend of ingredients – Indonesian Coconut; Madagascan Vanilla; Belgian Chocolate; Brazilian Orange Oil & Sicilian Lemon Oil… But it’s what we don’t put into our Clever Little Treats that makes them so delicious – NO gluten, dairy, nuts or egg. The result? Pure Pudology!

Pure Raw Chocolate

Stall Number: DC6


SHOW SPECIAL - Indulgence is all yours..... £1 off if you buy any 4 of our fresh handcrafted chocolates, or save £2.50 when you buy 10 parcels of RAW goodness.

Pure Recharge

Stall Number: SI3
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Pouches are £3 each or 4 for £10.

Raw Delights

Stall Number: DA26
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Garlic butter £5.50 each buy two for £10, buy three for £12.50.

Revolution foods

Stall Number: WL2
Visit Website



Stall Number: WJ5
Visit Website


Fresh Vegan Skin Care, Whole-food Nutritional Supplements, Vegan Energy Drinks. Winner 0f 2017 European Business Awards for Ethics, Innovation & Business Success. - 100% Active Ingredients

- 100% Freshness

- 100% Sustainability

- 100% Ethics

= 100% Real Effects

Interested in a Green Business Opportunity

Please contact: [email protected]

SHOW SPECIAL - Buy One Sample Vegan Tooth Oil (15ml) - Get One Free Ideal for Oil Pulling every morning

Sea Shepherd UK

Stall Number: DE1
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Secret Scones

Stall Number: DH6 (SUN ONLY)
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Stall Number: DA18
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SHOW SPECIAL - Free lip balm with every purchase of a 200ml body butter

Silver Bamboo

Stall Number: DC5
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Solkiki Chocolatemaker

Stall Number: DH7
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SHOW SPECIAL - 20%% off everything. and even better still... Buy 4 get one free!

Spice Up Your Life

Stall Number: P1 & P2


Specialising in Punjabi vegan cuisine all made with sunflower oil with no artificial colouring or flavouring. Dishes and variety of vegan bhajis and samosas are made freshly daily. Soya based products used for mango lassi and soya mince for wraps. Vegan naan bread and condiments served on the day.

Suma Wholefoods

Stall Number: WM5
Visit Website


Sweet Revolution

Stall Number: WC6
Visit Website


Tea Huggers

Stall Number: DA9
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Tea Huggers - buy three boxes for 12 - visit our stall.

Teeny Greeny Farm

Stall Number: DC6A
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Teeny Greeny Farm - Follow us on instagram and tag us in a post or story for 25% off your first punnet of shoots

Tesfa Retail ltd

Stall Number: SG3
Visit Website


Thamon Trading Ltd.

Stall Number: WJ2
Visit Website


The Big Issue

Stall Number: F4
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The Electric Lemon

Stall Number: S14
Visit Website


The Healing Pear

Stall Number: DG6
Visit Website


The Incredible Brewing Company

Stall Number: DA5
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Craft Beer Trio: 3 for £10

The Really Good Box

Stall Number: DC2
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The Toasted Seed Company

Stall Number: SL5
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Show Special: ANY 3 Pots for £5.00 and ANY 3 Pouches for £12.00

The Vegan Food Pod

Stall Number: SH8
Visit Website


The Vegan Society

Stall Number: WG1 + WG2
Visit Website


Thesis Beauty

Stall Number: SG6
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Thrive Foods

Stall Number: DD5-SUN
Visit Website


Tiny Sarah's Cakes

Stall Number: DD2
Visit Website



Stall Number: DB3
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Stall Number: DG1
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - A whopping 25% off all lip products!


Stall Number: DF4
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Turmerlicious is an instant, soothing turmeric latte made from a delicate blend of coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, a hint of black pepper, and coconut blossom nectar.Based on the age old Indian \"Golden Milk\" or \"haldi milk\" this modern take on the turmeric latte is so simple and easy to make - Just add hot water to make a delicious, soothing and \"oh so good\" dairy free hot drink.

SHOW SPECIAL - Buy three packs for the price of two on all our 200g packs of Turmerlicious turmeric latte.

VeGain Meals

Stall Number: DG5
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Buy 5 healthy meals and get a FREE protein shaker - visit our stall for a taste!

Vegan Bodybuilding

Stall Number: SCC2
Visit Website


Vegan Food & Living Magazine

Stall Number: SH7
Visit Website


Vegan For Clothing

Stall Number: DA4
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Vegan For Clothing - 10% off EVERYTHING - exclusive to Bristol Vegfest - come and check out our stall.

Vegan Kind

Stall Number: DC3
Visit Website


Vegan Runners UK

Stall Number: SCC3, SCC4
Visit Website


Vegan Sweet Tooth London

Stall Number: F2
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Full menu deal with savoury, salad and cake for £10


Stall Number: WE2
Visit Website


VegfestUK with Omowale Adewale & Divine Spirals NYC

Stall Number: SCC5



Stall Number: WM3
Visit Website


Veggies Catering Campaign

Stall Number: F13 & F14
Visit Website


Vervet Monkey Foundation

Stall Number: DA7
Visit Website


VIP Henna

Stall Number: SL6


SHOW SPECIAL - First five customers get half price deal.

Viva La Vegan

Stall Number: WC5
Visit Website


Vivo Life

Stall Number: SCC1
Visit Website



Stall Number: DE2A
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Vogococo is raising money for Team Kenya and will have a VERY exciting raffle with countless prizes up for grabs. Don\'t miss out on the special festival deal of 5 Vogococo\'s for £10.

Watts Kork Ltd

Stall Number: DD5
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - 10% discount on any 2 items

Wear Your Voice

Stall Number: SL7
Visit Website


Well-Travelled Herbivore

Stall Number: DE2 (SAT ONLY)
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - FREE tote bag with the first 20 purchases! Something to keep your festival freebies in...

Whole - Pizzas & Tacos

Stall Number: D-CAT-2 (SUN ONLY)



Stall Number: DC2A
Visit Website


World food

Stall Number: CAT2



Stall Number: WJ4
Visit Website


The UK’s first hemp company Yaoh recently underwent a rebrand with a new sunrise logo, 10 new lipbalm flavours and their established hemp bodycare and food products, which will all be available at the show on a special BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer on all products.

SHOW SPECIAL - Yaoh - Buy One Get One Free on all our hemp products

Zero Waste Club

Stall Number: DF3
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Zero Waste Club - Get a free spare replaceable head with every bamboo toothbrush you buy.