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Policy for Visitors with Disabilities

Policy for Visitors with Disabilities

  1. Ramps are in place from the Exit to the slope down to the Amphitheatre, at least 1m wide, for wheelchair access. 

  2. In each talks room / cinema with rows of seating, there will be a couple of seats for visitors with disabilities in the front row of every talks room, and 2 spaces for wheelchairs/mobility scooters made available Anyone who is hard of hearing, or has a disability, and want to sit in the front row, should make themselves known to stewards manning the talks room in question, and priority seating will be arranged.

  3. Disabled toilets are clearly marked with one set at each end.
  4. In the case of rain, there is a priority area in place for visitors with disability - namely the Amphitheatre Seating Area (just next to the Stage Marquee), and the Waterfront Seating Area (just next to the Cookery Demos tent)
  5. For parents / babies etc - there is a buggy park / nappy change near the end of the Amphitheatre (near the way to the Traders Car Park)

  6. For people with disabilities - the show is opening at 10:45am on the Sunday only, with priority entry for visitors with disabilities, mobility scooters, etc - official opening hour for the remaining visitors on Sunday is 11:30am on Sunday (as opposed to the usual 11:00am at previous events).

  7. Visitors with disabilities will be allowed to come to the front of the queue at other times.
  8. There will be a 6m x 3m gazebo just behind the Information Point (just next to the Main Entrance, outside the event site) in place for visitors with disabilities to wait inside before entry.


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