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Talks - Light Veganism

talks - Light Veganism

A collection of high-quality speakers making veganism accessible to everyone with useful and practical information on the vegan lifestyle

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12.00 - 12.45 - John Jezewski - Veganism - the end of Heart Disease

1.00 - 1.45 - Fiona Oakes - Running for Good

2.00 - 2.45 - Gabriela Lerner - Raw Vegan Living - using high vibrational raw foods to transform our lives

3.00 - 3.45 - Pat Reeves - topic TBA

4.00 - 4.45 - Barry Orr - The Starchivore Vegan – Boosting physical and mental wellbeing when vegan

5.00 - 5.45 - Jessica Stella Fox - The "Babe" Effect



12.00 - 12.45 - Bryony Miles - How to be a fit and healthy vegan

1.00 - 1.45 - Mick Walker -  Health Benefits of a Whole Food Plant Based Diet

2.00 - 2.45 - Mick Walker - Q&A

3.00 - 3.45 - Dominica Roszko - Vegan energy boosters: staying energised the natural way

4.00 - 4.45 - Judy Barber - What do Vegans, including Activists, need to know about Plant-Based Nutrition?

talk followed by a short book signing session

5.00 - 5.45 - 


NB: Schedule subject to change


John Jezewski - Veganism - the end of Heart Disease?

Veganism is the bedrock of heart health. Following a few dietary guidelines based on a modified vegan diet is the best chance to reduce the risk factors associated with heart disease. Find out the mind-blowing facts about vegan super-health.

John Jezewski is the Principal of the College of Alkaline Nutrition and has been a natural health practitioner for 25 years.

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Gabriela Lerner - Raw Vegan Living - using high vibrational raw foods to transform our lives

Gabriela will illustrate how raw vegan foods can be the cornerstone for a sustainable, healthy life. She will give simple tips that will show a way forward to a life that goes beyond avoiding to harm animals to a vegan lifestyle filled with joy and love for all beings.

Gabriela is a raw vegan lifestyle coach, author or Food Heroes. She has blog and youtube channel and contributes to

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Barry Orr - The Starchivore Vegan – Boosting physical and mental wellbeing when vegan

Some vegans are unhealthier than many omnivores, and will die earlier. But why? Dr Orr opens a window to an often crucial and missing piece of vegan health - “starchivore” eating. This talk explores optimising nutrition, and giving you and your family the best foundation for physical and mental wellbeing.

Dr Barry Orr is a senior clinical psychologist with Kent and Medway NHS and Social Partnership Trust, and a student on the Certificate in Nutritional Psychology at John F. Kennedy University, New York City. He has worked with adults and older adults with mental health, physical health and diet and nutritional challenges since 2004, and is working to bring nutritional awareness and good practice to mental health practitioners and therapists.

His website is

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Jessica Stella Fox - The "Babe" Effect

The children's film 'Babe' had an extraordinary impact back in 1995, not just on audiences, but on the actor James Cromwell too, who played The Farmer; I will be exploring its influence on me & a whole generation of people who became Vegan because of that film.

I will discuss & explore the issues it covered & questions it inspires, (& the contradictions too; see note below*), namely recognizing the worth & value of an animal's life, the intelligence of animals, making the connection, the shift, from seeing an animal as a product, for fattening up, to a fellow sentient creature to be cared for, loved & protected.

~ about Jessica Stella Fox ~

Rambling Vegan Fox >> Vegan Events & PR

I'm an Artist, Writer, Genealogist & Vegan Events Organizer. I became Vegetarian after seeing the film 'Babe' in 1995; later, as I began to learn about Veganism, I was partly influenced by musician Moby's Vegan essay in the sleeve notes of 'Play'. After over 14 years of being Vegan, I've learnt a lot & have many great friends & contacts in the Vegan Community. In 2016, I organised, or co-organized a variety of fayres, festivals, & Pop Up's, including co-running a Vegan Cafe on a Canal Boat! I love meeting, supporting & helping people at any stage of their Vegan journey.

For details about my latest events & more, you can find me on Facebook, my blogTwitter, Instagram, & LinkedIn ~ //

Twitter; @JSFox42 // Instagram; @VeganFox42


>> Funny Clip of me & my friend EthiVegan <<

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Bryony Miles - How to be a fit and healthy vegan

A personal talk on how I transformed my life from an unhealthy past to being a vegan fitness professional with a passion for sharing my experience and knowledge to help others change their lives.

Showing you how a vegan diet is the best for a lifetime of being strong, fit and healthy both physically and mentally.

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Mick Walker -  Health Benefits of a Whole Food Plant Based Diet

It is entirely unacceptable for humans to exploit animals in any way whatsoever – whether for food, other products, such as leather, or for entertainment.

The idea of not eating meat is nothing new – Pythagoras was an early advocate of a plant-based diet – but so many of us were brought up to believe that the maintenance of health and fitness can only be achieved on a diet based around animal protein.

We now have incontrovertible evidence that this is entirely incorrect – indeed it is becoming clear that the healthiest of diets is a Whole Food Plant Based Diet.

This means a diet based 100% on plants – and they should be consumed in a form that is as close as possible to how they were grown and harvested. It should include little, if any processed or refined products - for example, no added sugar or oil.

In this talk, I will outline some of the evidence for this and look at some top athletes who live on a plant based diet.

I will also explain exactly what should be included in such a diet on a daily basis.


More about Mick Walker:

I am 63 years old and coming to the end of a career teaching Biology. I am a keen cyclist and fell walker. 

As I have got older, I have found that I have been able to sustain my strength and fitness (indeed, improve them!) by adopting a 100% plant-based diet, which I did after reading ‘Eat and Run’ by the US ultramarathon runner, Scott Jurek. My only regret is that I didn’t do so much earlier!

This year, I completed many cycling sportives in very respectable times, including The Fred Whitton Challenge, The Etape du Dales and The Monster.

In recent years, I have been following and studying the evidence being put forward (mostly in the US) in favour of a ‘Whole Food Plant Based Diet’ as exemplified by athletes including Scott Jurek, Rich Roll, Brendan Brazier and others.

I am now promoting this via my website ( – as well as advising people who might be finding it difficult changing to a vegan diet. 

Alongside the maintenance of health, I also believe it is crucial that more people understand the importance of a vegan lifestyle to eliminate the exploitation of animals and reduce environmental degradation. 

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Dominica Roszko - Vegan energy boosters: staying energised the natural way

Sadly, many people in our culture still turn to excessive caffeine to boost their energy throughout the day which can often leave them feeling sluggish. Join Dominica Alicia Roszko an expert in living a different way as she talks about ways that people can stay energised, happy and healthy throughout the day with natural foods.

Dominica Alicia Roszko believes in the power (and magic) of tapping into your mind, body & soul and consciously creating a life you dream of. Her goal is to empower people to live a happier, healthier & lighter life by naturally transitioning into a more plant-based whole foods diet.

Through her personal journey of overcoming severe eczema and losing 20kg during this transformation, she knows firsthand the importance of making a lifestyle shift instead of counting calories, dreading scales and feeling deprived of foods you love. She redesigned her life and experienced not only an outer transformation but a deep inner shift as well.

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Judy Barber - What do Vegans, including Activists, need to know about Plant-Based Nutrition?

talk followed by a short book signing session

People passionate about making a difference in the world don't always look after themselves well enough and end up being less effective than they could be. What's most important for vegan wellness so you not only walk your talk but show up as a shining example of healthy vegan living?

Judy Barber is a Hippocrates Health Educator with nine years of high-raw living. From a life long passion for creating amazing healthy food and travel in many cultures, Judy has much to contribute to vegan food culture. Author of Good Raw Food Recipes, she is excited that vegan food is important for the environment, for animals and for personal wellbeing - It all fits! Raw food, including sprouted food, is her focus because it not only brings delicious variety to vegan meals but can bring about profound wellness changes. Judy offers presentations, bespoke workshops at home in Gloucestershire, and retreats.

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