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Talks - Deep Veganism

Talks - Deep Veganism

An interesting section of talks shedding light on the more philosophical aspects of veganism

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12.00 - Carley Betts

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3.00 - Barry Orr

4.00 - Dean Bracher - Educating Veganism

5.00 - Trent Grassian - Why being vegan made me an environmentalist



12.00 - Ruth Hawe - Beyond rescue to rewilding

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Rute Hawe - Beyond rescue to rewilding

Control and confinement, however kind, is not liberation. "Comfort" is not freedom. Animals desire more than being our cuddly friends, they deserve a self-willed life. The land freed up as humans go vegan should be dedicated living space for the surviving victims of fHarming, and thereafter gifted back to nature.

Vegan for 45 years, Vegantopian visionary and passionate activist for animal and human liberation. Voluntary speaker for VIVA and the Vegan Society, devoted to advocating for consciousness expansion into compassionate awareness of our role as Guardians and Gardeners, as we evolve into co-creatorship of a peaceful harmonious world.

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Trent Grassian - The Vegan Journey: How to help yourself and others go (and stay) vegan

What does research tell us are the key areas are for successful transition to veganism? This talk uses my own research and existing research to give you the tools to not only stay vegan, but to help others do the same.

Trent is a former SEN teacher turned researcher, who is now completing his PhD in Social Policy. He is working with UK and international campaigns to explore strategies and barriers to promoting sustainable and vegan diets. He is also a passionate vegan activist and advocate.​

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Dean Bracher - Educating Veganism

We ourselves are vegan and understand the ethics and practical aspects of it. But our children and younger generations need that education and ethical understanding and we can learn how to share it with them. This talk will prepare you with confidence that you can be that educator of veganism, you have the power to inspire and change the world through education. I'll share my experience of giving 600 school talks and cooking demonstrations on veganism and together we'll share it with a wider audience and help inspire and educate in equal measure.

I have given 600 talks on veganism/ animal rights over the last 10 years and been vegan longer. To me education is a vital link in creating a more ethical world and an understanding of the impacts of our choices. I have travelled the country and spoken to a wide range of groups and establishments. In this time and seen the development of veganism and its growth across the country and world. Together with link minded people I have organised events to carry this aim forward and am always looking to share this with anyone who is interested and wants to be more active in campaigning and veganism.

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