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Talks - Deep Veganism

Talks - Deep Veganism

An interesting section of talks shedding light on the more advanced aspects of veganism for those who have been vegan for a while

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12.00 - 12.45 - Carley Betts - Free range, organic, “higher welfare” meat – can it ever be good for animals?

1.00 - 1.45 - 

2.00 - 2.45 - Claire Michalski - The Vegan Mission – Children are the Future

3.00 - 3.45 - Christopher-Sebastian McJetters - topic TBA

4.00 - 4.45 - Dean Bracher - Educating Veganism

5.00 - 5.45 - Trent Grassian - Why being vegan made me an environmentalist

6.00 - 7.30 - Dunstan Bertschinger - Acro Yoga



12.00 - 12.45 - Ruth Hawe - Beyond rescue to rewilding

1.00 - 1.45 - 

2.00 - 2.45 - Martin Fodor - Planning and supporting your ethical and sustainable vegan business

3.00 - 3.45 - Patrick Cromb - Changing the world – how to be a vegan activist

4.00 - 4.45 - Christopher-Sebastian McJetters - topic TBA

5.00 - 5.45 - 

6.00 - 7.30 - yoga (TBC)


NB: Schedule subject to change


Carley Betts - Free range, organic, “higher welfare” meat – can it ever be good for animals?

Farming systems have evolved considerably in recent times, with new labels frequently appearing on supermarket shelves. Words such as “natural”, “happy” and “outdoors” are used to convince consumers that products come from happy animals with good lives. Is this true? Can animals ever be farmed and killed humanely?

Carley Betts has a Biology degree from the University of Bristol and is a current postgraduate student of Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Carley’s career to date has focused on science communication and animal welfare, and she enjoys combining the two to educate others on the emotional lives of animals and their treatment within agricultural systems. A passionate vegan and an engaging speaker, Carley is tenaciously devoted to achieving a fairer world for non-human animals.

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Barry Orr - The Starchivore Vegan – Boosting physical and mental wellbeing when vegan

Some vegans are unhealthier than many omnivores, and will die earlier. But why? Dr Orr opens a window to an often crucial and missing piece of vegan health - “starchivore” eating. This talk explores optimising nutrition, and giving you and your family the best foundation for physical and mental wellbeing.

Dr Barry Orr is a senior clinical psychologist with Kent and Medway NHS and Social Partnership Trust, and a student on the Certificate in Nutritional Psychology at John F. Kennedy University, New York City. He has worked with adults and older adults with mental health, physical health and diet and nutritional challenges since 2004, and is working to bring nutritional awareness and good practise to mental health practitioners and therapists.

His website is

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Claire Michalski - The Vegan Mission – Children are the Future

Grow Up Vegan takes a look at how were instinctively Vegan from birth, how to talk to Children about veganism in an appropriate child friendly way, the importance of the younger generations and how Children truly are the future. 

Biography of Claire – GrowUpVegan

I am 9 years vegan and on a mission to inspire everyone to Grow Up Vegan or Grow Up - and be Vegan!  Either way, I don’t do doom and gloom and make child friendly positive posts on Instagram, twitter, Youtube and my online blog! Having gone through the vegan journey with little support and turning to the internet, I realised it’s difficult to find a place of positivity– so I made one! Outside of all this, I raise money for different charities throughout the year, have fun with friends and family, and work as an events instructor!

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Rute Hawe - Beyond rescue to rewilding

Control and confinement, however kind, is not liberation. "Comfort" is not freedom. Animals desire more than being our cuddly friends, they deserve a self-willed life. The land freed up as humans go vegan should be dedicated living space for the surviving victims of fHarming, and thereafter gifted back to nature.

Vegan for 45 years, Vegantopian visionary and passionate activist for animal and human liberation. Voluntary speaker for VIVA and the Vegan Society, devoted to advocating for consciousness expansion into compassionate awareness of our role as Guardians and Gardeners, as we evolve into co-creatorship of a peaceful harmonious world.

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Trent Grassian - The Vegan Journey: How to help yourself and others go (and stay) vegan

What does research tell us are the key areas are for successful transition to veganism? This talk uses my own research and existing research to give you the tools to not only stay vegan, but to help others do the same.

Trent is a former SEN teacher turned researcher, who is now completing his PhD in Social Policy. He is working with UK and international campaigns to explore strategies and barriers to promoting sustainable and vegan diets. He is also a passionate vegan activist and advocate.

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Dean Bracher - Educating Veganism

We ourselves are vegan and understand the ethics and practical aspects of it. But our children and younger generations need that education and ethical understanding and we can learn how to share it with them. This talk will prepare you with confidence that you can be that educator of veganism, you have the power to inspire and change the world through education. I'll share my experience of giving 600 school talks and cooking demonstrations on veganism and together we'll share it with a wider audience and help inspire and educate in equal measure.

I have given 600 talks on veganism/ animal rights over the last 10 years and been vegan longer. To me education is a vital link in creating a more ethical world and an understanding of the impacts of our choices. I have travelled the country and spoken to a wide range of groups and establishments. In this time and seen the development of veganism and its growth across the country and world. Together with link minded people I have organised events to carry this aim forward and am always looking to share this with anyone who is interested and wants to be more active in campaigning and veganism.

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Dunstan Bertschinger - Acro Yoga

Dunstan Bertschinger is an inspiration coach offering online and residential experiences for people who want to have a juicy experience of life with authenticity, passion and fulfilment in equal measures.

He shares Acro Yoga as a passion in the spirit of fun, challenge and teamwork. Once you try it you will be hooked!

You can find Dunstan kitesurfing in Tarifa or online at and

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Martin Fodor - Planning and supporting your ethical and sustainable vegan business

The vegan economy is booming. Hardly a week goes by without a new vegan startup offering us food, drink, and other lifestyle products and services. But many people grapple with ethical dilemmas and struggle with the difficult choices in running or supporting vegan product and service providers. The session sets a challenge to all the new vegan projects being set up and the young businesses underway. How sustainable and ethical is your vegan business? And while you're getting underway how can you make sure your business is viable and meets your target customers' needs and expectations? 

This participatory workshop is aimed at vegan businesses, those with businesses planned or under development, and customers looking to support vegan businesses with an ethical/sustainable intention. 

The session will be flexible for those who participate but should work through a programme of decision making and business planning, and provide a checklist for those interested in making veganism as ethical as possible. It should cover sustainable / green business management, ethical issues to deal with, and getting the business right through both early years and the risky expansion phases. 

Martin Fodor is a specialist in local sustainability, with a track record in energy, climate change, the built environment, and the Bristol local food network. He's also been an active member of Bristol Vegans for many years and is a regular presenter at VegFest. 

In Bristol he worked for the city council for 12 years, helping set up the Sustainable City Team where he was policy coordinator for sustainable development which covered many ethical and sustainable topics including procurement and food issues. 

He also worked nationally on a range of policy issues for local government, the Environment Agency, and the government's Social Enterprise Unit.

Since 2014 Martin has been an elected Green councillor in Bristol, leading on Green scrutiny of Neighbourhood services. He also represents U.K. local government with other European regional and local authorities and works with the European Green Party on Greening cities. 

Locally Martin is active in supporting local food projects and reducing food waste. He's carried out consultancy work to develop solutions for local small traders and works to assist ethical and sustainable business management. He also runs practical courses for householders called MakeyourhomeEcp


Facebook: Makeyourhomeeco

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Patrick Cromb - Changing the world – how to be a vegan activist

Patrick will be discussing why activism is so important and will be going through various approaches to activism, discussing the pros and cons of each. He hopes to inspire vegans to start doing activism by equipping them with lots of different ideas so we can help the most animals possible!

Patrick Cromb is a young animal rights activist from south London studying at Bristol University. He organised the 100 and 200 leaflet challenges, 3 events that resulted in tens of thousands of educational leaflets being delivered around the UK by hundreds of vegans. He does a wide range of activism in Bristol, runs the page Bristol vegan actions and makes educational videos on his youtube channel ‘Vegan Pat’.

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