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Cookery Demos

Cookery Demos

Delicious vegan recipes brought alive by some wondrously inventive chefs!

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12.00 - 12.45 - Richard Buckley (Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen) - Plants Taste Better

1.00 - 1.45 - Gayani Ariyaratne - Jackfruit curry

2.00 - 2.45 - Mel Rogers - Mels Kindness Kitchen Vegan Cheese Demonstration

3.00 - 3.45 - Gayani Ariyaratne - Coconut salad

4.00 - 4.45 - Monica Williams - Rawlicious Falafels


12.00 - 12.45 - Aradhana Kaur - Journey Deep Into Raw Chocolate

1.00 - 1.45 - 

2.00 - 2.45 - Judy Barber - S.O.S - Sprouting, Organics and Sauces - Life-Savers for Vegan Living

cookery demo followed by a short book signing session

3.00 - 3.45 - Lizzy Hughes (Our Lizzy) - Full of Beans

4.00 - 4.45 - Jackie Ahluwalia - Juicing - healthy fast food for busy people


NB: Timetable subject to change


Richard Buckley (Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen) - Plants Taste Better

Richard Buckley will be demonstrating how to cook plants at a top restaurant level revealing the techniques and philosophies that make the difference between good home cooking and award winning restaurant food. He will show how treating plants with respect and understanding can create stunning show stopping food from even the most basic of ingredients.

Richard Buckley is founding chef and owner of Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen in Bath.  Acorn has been Good Food Guide listed since it opened, won VIVA! best restaurant and is consistently listed as one of the countries top plant-based eateries being featured in the Independent, Telegraph, Olive Magazine, London Standard amongst many others.  Acorn’s philosophy is to begin with plants and see what can be cooked with them, not to take away the meat and see what is left. Richard is currently writing a fine dining vegan cookbook for Jacqui Small to be published next spring as well as teaching at various venues and running Acorn and Harth Truffles.

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Mel Rogers - Mels Kindness Kitchen Vegan Cheese Demonstration

For many people, the hardest part of becoming a vegan is doing without cheese! In her popular classes Mel Rogers shows us that we don't have to do without and can create delicious vegan cheese for ourselves.The simple recipes that Mel has developed are easy to make and adaptable for family cooking, using affordable ingredients that are easy to find, the methods she demonstrates will give you the skills and knowledge to experiment with your favourite flavours and to create vegan cheese in your own kitchen. 

This year Mel has created a special "no air miles" cheese which will have its first demo at Bristol Vegfest.

Mel Rogers is a musician and a vegan chef. A lifelong vegetarian, she started honing her culinary skills touring the festival circuit, cooking in tour busses and on camp fires. She became a vegan after joining a vegan a festival co-op, The Umbrella Fair, where it became her job to develop the cafe. A move to Bristol and a desire to promote vegan activism through food led to her founding Mel's Kindness Kitchen in 2015. She now teaches classes all over the country and has many invites from vegan fairs for her popular demos.

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Monica Williams - Rawlicious Falafels

I plan to demonstrate a quick and simple recipe which even beginners would find easy. Raw falafel are versatile and can be eaten as a snack, with a salad or as an accompaniment with a main meal, very few ingredients are used and the only equipment required is a food processor. Raw falafels are both delicious as well as nutritious which makes them a winner every time.

I have been a raw vegan for the past 10 years which has had an amazing effect on my health and well being. My passion for raw food quickly grew, and soon became a mission - to advise and support others to achieve optimal health, wellness and longevity.

In October 2016 I became a certified holistic raw food educator, chef and coach at the diet for living school in New Mexica.

Following my training I have started up a new business as a holistic raw food educator chef and coach.I would very much welcome an opportunity to both promote myself and demonstrate a raw dish, so that people have yet another option to choose from.

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Aradhana Kaur - Journey Deep Into Raw Chocolate

Explore conscious eating on a journey with raw chocolate, taking comfort eating to a new, healthy level. I will demo deeply delicious chocolate dishes and invite you to tune into your body to listen to its wisdom around food.

Aradhana Kaur is a lifelong foodie, longstanding vegetarian, and intuitive chef. She embarked on the raw food journey in 2009 and has been exploring the balance of raw and cooked food and how diet affects the body and mind ever since.

Aradhana’s gift for raw chocolate alchemy has led her to create a range of ‘high vibration raw chocolate’ bars with superfoods, designed for different moods.

Aradhana has taught raw food classes at Demuth’s Cookery School in Bath for many years, and now teaches raw chocolate and cake workshops and 1-to-1’s from her home in London.

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Judy Barber - S.O.S - Sprouting, Organics and Sauces - Life-Savers for Vegan Living

cookery demo followed by a short book signing session

Learn how to grow and use highly nutritious sprouted foods (the real 'superfoods'), find out why the extra effort and cost required for obtaining fresh organic food might be worth your while and see how to make delicious blended sauces that raise vegan meals to gourmet heights. With tasters ;-)

Judy Barber is a Hippocrates Health Educator with nine years of high-raw living. From a life long passion for creating amazing healthy food and travel in many cultures, Judy has much to contribute to vegan food culture. Author of Good Raw Food Recipes, she is excited that vegan food is important for the environment, for animals and for personal wellbeing - It all fits! Raw food, including sprouted food, is her focus because it not only brings delicious variety to vegan meals but can bring about profound wellness changes. Judy offers presentations, bespoke workshops at home in Gloucestershire, and retreats.

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Lizzy Hughes (Our Lizzy) - Full of Beans

Lizzy Hughes runs Our Lizzy Cooking. She teaches vegan cookery days from her purpose-built kitchen in Malvern, Worcestershire.  Lizzy enjoys using a wide range of locally grown seasonal produce. She loves exploring new ingredients and developing new recipes. She runs specialist courses in tofu, dairy free and gluten free cookery. She added, “I have been vegan for nearly 30 years, it’s a great way of life.” At the festival, she will be “Full of Beans” sharing some ideas using healthy beans and pulses.

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Jackie Ahluwalia - Juicing - healthy fast food for busy people

Fresh, live, natural juice is like drinking a glass of liquid sunshine. A blast of nutrients straight to your cells, that are whooping with joy. Fast, easy, tastes good - why wouldn't you?

Adding even one juice a day can improve your health and energy levels. Get your "zing" back.

Jackie Ahluwalia is an Independent Natural Juice Therapist and Hippocrates Health Educator.

"I was a lecturer who lived on coffee and stress which eventually led to burnout. Ironically, while I was teaching students about energy, my own was being steadily depleted. This was my wake-up call about the disconnect that can happen through stress.


I'm now a strong advocate for juicing, and how adding raw vegan and living foods to your diet can improve energy levels and health in ways that are easy and manageable for busy people with busy lives."

So Free Chocolate