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Vegan Chef Day


Vegan chef

Appearing Saturday 4pm in the Cookery Demos and Saturday 2pm in the Activists Workshops

Join Chef Day for an energised whirlwind tour of vegan protein. Chef will demo super quick tempeh recipes that will inspire you to make this underused ingredient a regular feature in your cooking. Along the way she will share chef secrets, tips and tricks to help you supercharge your food creations.

Her high energy demo at Brighton Vegfest ended with The 2 Minute Hummus Challenge. Chef demonstrated that hummus can be created in under two minutes....she has promised to slash that time by thirty seconds....can she do it??

Chef Day will be holding free 15 minute personal consultation sessions before and after the demonstration. Simply sign up for your slot at a time that suits you (email or use the signup sheet at the demo).

All the chopping board action will be easily viewable by all......whether you are across site or in the audience. Via live streaming on periscope you can see the demo close up.

Chef Day Radley works as a private chef specialising in innovative healthy vegan cuisine. She has worked in Asia, Africa and across Europe taking this new way of cooking and eating to new audiences. Featured in Vegan Health & Fitness, The Vegan Society and Fresh View magazines and with her YouTube channel Chef Day is teaching people how to create vibrant food in a flash.

Over 21 years ago Day became vegan for purely ethical reasons however it also cured her of a lengthy bout of severe anaemia and fatigue. This opened her eyes to the curative and health giving properties of the veganism. Since that time she has continued to experiment with her diet to cure lifelong IBS and to increase her muscle strength and overall vitality.

You can see many of her recipes and healthy eating tips at and YouTube -­ Vegan Chef Day.

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