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Talks - campaigns and lifestyle

An interesting section of talks shedding light on vegan lifestyles and campaigns

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12.00 - Glauce Lucas - Raising Vegan Children: We're Doing It Right

1.00 - Christopher Sebastian - Allies in Arms: The danger of wearing veganism as an identity

2.00 - Dan Graham - Vegan Evolution!

3.00 - Berty Justice - The power of Food. And the power of the YOUniverse

4.00 - Jessica Fox - Consume, don't think; waking up to a Vegan World

5.00 - Melanie Cookyourlife - Hatha Yoga



12.00 - Swami Kamal Tyagi - Vegan, and Beyond 

1.00 - Kerry Mccarthy - What has the EU done for animals?

2.00 - Martin Fodor - How sustainable are Vegans?

3.00 - Maddie Lynfield - Veganism - How to Reach People's Hearts

4.00 - Hari Kalymnios - Die Hard Carnivore to Plant Based Power House

5.00 - Aisha Eveleigh - How to create Animal Rights related Art




12:00 - Glauce Lucas - Raising Vegan Children: We're Doing It Right

Glauce Lucas believes that raising her son vegan is the best decision and to help and support other families doing the same she has created the Vegan Families page in her website, All About Vegan Food. She will share her experience and tips about it at VegfestUK Bristol 2016

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1.00 - Christopher Sebastian - Allies in Arms: The danger of wearing veganism as an identity

Navigating the difference between true allyship and ally theater. Centering the victims in our activism instead of ourselves. How to avoid the dreaded saviour complex in animal rights activism. Why veganism is not synonymous with anti-speciesism. And unpacking that pesky phrase "I am the voice for the voiceless."

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2.00 - Dan Graham - Vegan Evolution!

Terminal illness to health. How we live our lives makes a difference. Connect to your healing potential though the way you live; what we choose to eat and how our food is grown impacts our own health and the health of the planet.
Empower yourself; act, challenge and create.

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3:00 - Berty Justice - The power of Food. And the power of the YOUniverse

What we eat and what products we buy can improve our world. This talk looks at Veganism in relation to sustainability, ethics, health and world record-breaking athletes to show how it's possible. It will also reveal the power of the YOUniverse, and show ways we can all help.

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4:00 - Jessica Stella Fox - Consume, don't think; waking up to a Vegan World 

From a non vegan childhood, to 1995, when "Babe" was for me, the equivilant of today's "Earthlings", to how Moby's humble, peaceful, articulate advocation of Veganism influenced me, I'll be using my Vegan journey as a "springboard" for discussion, exploring Veganism as part of an ongoing shift in global consciousness

Issues & subjects raised will include; 

*Exploring old ways of thinking ~ i.e. our cultural traditions, associations, emotions & nostalgia around food, etc...

*Challenging old views & the inspirations & influences that are changing perceptions, waking people up to what they are doing & the impact its having ~ i.e. when faced with some non vegans aggressive/derogatory perceptions, based on cliches, (e.g. 'sandal wearing tree hugging hippies' through to 'militant anarchist activists') posing questions like, what is actually wrong with a tree hugging hippy vegan, talking about peace & love? And, how there are many different types of people from all walks of life who have 'woken up', either care of e.g. 'Babe,' today's 'Earthlings,' 'Cowspiracy', or an article, family, friends, etc! 

*How Meat, fish, milk, etc, consumption has become normalised, but it isn't normal ~ i.e. the vast disassociation between a slab of meat & a creature that had a face, a personality, etc....

*The spiritual significance of what we're doing, what we're waking up to; veganism as part of the bigger picture, of restlessness, questioning the status quo, ultimately from a non violent place of love, peace & compassion... 

Vegan for the animals, for the planet, for the future :)

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5.00 - Melanie Cookyourlife - Hatha Yoga

Yoga practitioner, nutrition student and Health Coach & Cook for many years.
Yoga has been part of my life for over 10 years and my practise has helped me grow stronger. I completed my 200 hour Hatha Yoga training with a Sadhana teacher, Carmen Agraz in Spain and my 100 advance Pre-natal training in Risiket, India. I will always be so grateful for the loving wisdom my teacher have shared with me.

In my classes, all around Bristol, I love to combine creative sequences with breathing techniques and of course, smiling and relaxation practise. Love to encourage people to be fit & happy.

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12:00 - Swami Kamal Tyagi - Vegan, and Beyond 

Personal health, social sustainability, compassion for animals, moral obligation, spiritual duty-there are numerous reasons why millions of people all over the world have now become vegan. But what is the real reason they should be? And what can unite them to live for the highest good and in harmony with all?

Join us for a discussion of history, ethics, and values concerning modern day veganism and the wisdom of the ancients.

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1:00 - Kerry Mccarthy - What has the EU done for animals?

On June 23 voters will decide whether or not Britain gets to stay in the EU. Kerry will be talking about the benefits EU membership has brought us over the years, on animal welfare, food and the natural environment - and what might happen if we were to leave.

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2:00 - Martin Fodor - How sustainable are Vegans?

Martin Fodor, Bristol Vegan and Green Party councillor

Whatever your motivation for following a vegan path, what are the implications for sustainability? Many arguments get used to justify vegan living - what are the implications of this for the planet? How can you combine both as effectively as possible to link ethics and lifestyle? This will be a wide-ranging discussion session with plenty of time for contributions from participants, drawing on Martin's extensive career in the sustainable development field and covering everything from food, clothing, travel, household management, and health.

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3:00 - Maddie Lynfield - Veganism - How to Reach People's Hearts

Veganism isn't just about food and animal rights. Its the path of Deep Compassion on all levels and how to unleash the heart to create more practical vegan change in the world. This talk explores realistic ways to do this and how to move through what gets in the way.

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4:00 - Hari Kalymnios - Die Hard Carnivore to Plant Based Power House

Hari Kalymnios was a die-hard carnivore for over 30 years until a sudden shift occurred within him driving him to question everything he thought he knew about fitness, recovery, strength and wellness. In this talk, Hari will share with you his journey of discovery, as well as some practical suggestions for navigating the transition, including the amazing benefits he found to altering his view on life. If you're curious about what a vegan lifestyle can do for you, then this talk is for you.

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5:00 - Aisha Eveleigh - How to create Animal Rights related Art

Would you like to know how to put your creative passion into use as a way of helping animals??

This workshop explains how to create Animal Rights artwork as a way of spreading a compassionate message and causing people to reconsider their food choices. It will also cover how art can be used as a powerful form of Activism.

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