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Koko Dairy Free


Koko Dairy Free dairy-free alternatives demonstrate Coconut is the New Dairy! 

The use of cow's milk and dairy products are almost ubiquitous in the Western diet. Our average bowl of cereals, yoghurt, ice cream, butter for cooking, even our biscuits, cakes, scones and cheese, are all laden with dairy which has been associated with cancer and other degenerative diseases. With the increased incidences in lactose intolerance, demand for dairy-free products has risen to previously unseen levels with coconut-based alternatives taking the place of their dairy-free counterparts in increasing numbers on the shelves of supermarkets and independent health stores. 

Koko Dairy Free has made life so much easier for everyone who is looking for dairy-free alternatives, with their range of sumptuous and versatile products which are becoming essential kit for the average kitchen!


Coconut-based alternatives to Cow's Milk

The Light product is a great option for anyone watching their calorie intake. It contains 30% less fat than Koko Dairy Free Original and 70% less sugars than cow's milk. The result is a lowly 24 calories per 100ml, 30% fewer than using conventional skimmed cow's milk. And there's no loss of taste or versatility in the kitchen.




Koko Dairy Free's alternatives to Cow's milk are also available in small cartons in 3 different flavours - strawberry, original and chocolate.




Koko Cuisine Virgin Coconut Oil

Koko Cuisine Virgin Coconut Oil is made by centrifuge extraction from coconut flesh with no chemicals or additives.

Coconut Oil is extremely heat tolerant in cooking and has unique nutritional properties which are making it increasingly popular.

It can be used in cooking & baking or as a food supplement.



Koko Dairy Free Vegetable Spread

Koko Dairy Free Vegetable Spread is made with coconut oil, and is dairy & soya free. Coconuts are sustainable & delicious.

Coconuts contain more Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) than any other food source. The 26% coconut oil in our 45% vegetable oil spread provides 7g of MCFAs per 100g.



NEW Koko Dairy Free yogurt alternatives

Koko Dairy Free is launching an exciting range of dairy free yogurt alternatives from 1st February. The first retailer to stock is Morrisons, but other retailers are stocking by the end of February.

The range is dairy free, soya free and allergen free and you'll be surprised just how much like regular yogurts they taste. The range consists of:

Original Plain 500g
Strawberry 2 x 125g
Raspberry 2 x 125g
Peach & Passionfruit 2 x 125g
Coconut & Lemon 2 x 125g

Coconuts are a fruit, with an interesting profile of nutrients. But above all coconuts allow Koko Dairy Free to create great tasting yoghurt alternatives you're sure to love. The secret lies in Koko's expertise with coconut, one of nature's finest foods.

Why not give them a try today! Prices from £1.25 for 2 x 125g pots


Koko Dairy Free Original milk alternative is available in both Long Life and Chilled Fresh 1L packs and from the end of January the Chilled product will also be in large Sainsbury stores, so every major retailer will be stocking both packs. And new Koko Dairy Free Light milk alternative is also available in all retailers except Tesco.



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Huge thanks to Koko Dairy Free from Vegfest

Big big thanks from the Vegfest crew for Koko Dairy Free's kind sponsorship of all Vegfest events in 2016! Their team have been backing us for a number of years now and it's excellent to see them grow year on year with new amazing coconut products as well as the continued growth in the UK coconut product market of which Koko Dairy Free has played a large part. 

Visit them at VegfestUK Bristol on stall M58 and M59 in the Main Marquee at the Amphitheatre on both May 21st 22nd 2016.

Koko Dairy Free will be offering tastings and product samples at both of these shows




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