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Cookery Classes

kids Cookery classes 

A range of pirate games, music and dancing, cookery workshops, kitchen science, crafts and the infamous Vegfest Smoothie Bike all designed to sew the seeds in children’s brains about the importance of eating at least 5 portions of vegetables per day using all the colours of the rainbow every day.

Taking place in the Amphitheatre - floor plan here

Sponsored by Koko Dairy Free

James Tea Cook says "The Pirates of The Carob Bean intended theme, be getting yer rapscallions and kiddywinks to be eating more vegetables At least 5 portions of veg a day choosing one from each colour of the rainbow and learning the difference about good fats and wholefoods, but in a fun way. So apart from the dancing, the singing, the jokes, the VegfestUK fruit smoothie bike, the kid's cookery workshops where we makes Rainbow sushi, pancakes, kebabs, snack balls, wraps and stacks and the kitchen science where we finds electricity in bananas, learns about emulsification and alkalinity we also has a few rainbow games.

All-day games include Rainbow Ring Toss, 5 Veg in Bucket, Rainbow Veggie Tin Can Alley, Snakes and ladders, Rainbow Twister there also be some crafts. These include High 5 Rainbow Hands, Potato friends, and Pirate Hat making - if you are lucky some seed planting too. Collect 10 metal cans, crush them, bin them and get a free go on the smoothie bike.

All day fun but it's not a crèche so you will have to stay responsible adult for your kids.
There is usually lots of shouting, (because Capt James Tea Cook is a little bit deaf) If your child prefers something quieter please seek out the pirate games tent, magic shows , hula hooping and bubble juggling.



11.00 - Pirates of The Carob Bean Treasure Hunt - Grab a programme at the entrance and mark on the map in the middle with an X where to find your favourite Dairy Free Cheese and ice cream, where to find your favourite vegan sausage or meat alternative and where to find your favourite chocolate.

11.30 - The VegfestUK Smoothie Bikes Cranks up Cycle yourself a fruit smoothie on the Vegfest Smoothie bike

12.00 - 12.45 - FREE Cookery Workshop make some 5 a Day Rainbow Sushi (all ages - what we learn: 5 a day, rainbow every day, wholefood not half food)

1.00 - 1.45 - FREE Pancake Tossing Competition How to Toss an egg-free dairy free vegan Pancake All ages (what we learn: whole foods not half foods, 5 a day) Then , if we managed not to throw it on the floor we get to stuff it with our favourite foods.

2.00 - 2.45 - FREE Cookery Workshop Pieces of 8 a day - Rainbow Fruit and Veg Kebabs with Chocolate Sauce ( what we learn: 5 a day, rainbow every day)

3.00 - 3.30 - FREE Mr Potato Head Teenage Lobotomy - We remove the starchy brains of a potato, refill with omega 3 seeds the watch the head of hair grow until your Tatty Friend needs a haircut and boosts your brain too (what we learn: Fats for your brain not fats for your bum, water and hydration, how things grow)

3.30 - 4.00 - Free Cookery Workshop Whole Food Chocolate Carrot Cake Pirate High Protein Cannon Ball snacks (what we learn: Fats for your brain not fats for your bum, 5 a day, wholefoods not half foods, emulsification)

4.00 - 4.30 - Free Science workshop - Battery Farmed Electric Bananas, make your your own Lemonade and other sugar free fun and how green is your spit? (what we learn: Minerals are needed for vital functions in your body, sugary drinks are bad)

5.00 - Last chance of the day to cycle yourself a fresh fruity smoothie 2 for 1 on Smoothies 5pm Sunday subject to availability. Games Tent Closes.

5.00 - 5.30 (Saturday Only) - Pirate Cookery Demo What the Aquafaba? How to make vegan Meringues and other fluffy vegan delights.


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