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Essential Trading Co-Operative

Big thanks to show sponsors Essential Trading Co-operative!


For over four decades Essential Trading Co-operative have been at the forefront of sourcing, producing and supplying quality products that are:

* Organic and/or Biodynamic

* Vegan

* GMO Free

* Fairtrade

* Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable


Essential's mission is to operate a sustainable business providing ethically sourced products within a workers co-operative environment.


The Essential brand comprises a wide range of organic and sustainable store-cupboard essentials developed in accordance with Fairtrade, biodynamic, ethical and co-operative principles. Most Essential products are vegan, GM-free and have no unnecessary additives. The Essential brand is not supplied to supermarkets; offering independent retailers a genuine point of difference and added value to customers.


Essential Organic, Sustainable Coconut Range

The Essential coconut range is sustainably sourced from co-operative farms. Organically grown in Sri Lanka, these products give local farmers a sustainable income. The fresh coconut is pressed and packed at source which ensures that the local economy benefits from all aspects of the production process.



Essential Organic Fairtrade Chocolate Spread

The Essential Organic Fairtrade Chocolate Spread range is made from cocoa beans that are produced sustainably in Ghana. The beans are harvested and processed without the use of slave or child labour and no GMOs or artificial additives are used. Approved by the Fairtrade Foundation, there are three delicious varieties available.



Essential Fairtrade Organic Infusions

Biodynamic, Fairtrade and Organic Infusions produced on Egyptian farms that adhere to strict biodynamic principles. These teas are grown on reclaimed desert land and sustain the livelihoods of thousands. Unbleached teabags.



Essential Organic Peanut Butter

An iconic range made only from the best organic peanuts. A choice of crunchy and smooth, with or without added salt.



Essential Tinned Organic Fruit

Essential organic fruit chunks are simply in organic fruit juice with no added sugar, preservatives or additives. All are produced, prepared and canned by a sustainable co-operative in Sri Lanka that supports the post-Tsunami economy, ensuring that all profit remains at source.



Essential "Vitam-R" Yeast Extract

Essential Yeast Extract has a superb, relatively subtle flavour. It is lower in salt than other yeast extracts as it is produced naturally by autolysis. It is also gluten free as it is processed from roots instead of grain and has no added MSG.



Essential Organic Flapjacks

A delicious range of organic, wholesome flapjacks, including four vegan flavours. Available in single flavour or mixed flavour cases. Sourced from a company local to the Essential HQ in Bristol.



Essential Organic, Fairtrade, Gluten Free and Wholefood Ingredients

The Essential ingredients range includes hundreds of varieties of natural wholefoods including rice, pulses, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. Sizes range from 125g up to 25kg.



Essential Tahini

A highly popular and versatile product, the Essential tahini comes in a choice of Toasted Hulled and nutrient rich Toasted Unhulled.



Essential Organic Vegan Pesto

The three Essential Organic Vegan Pesto sauces are all concentrated so twice as economical to use: simply add extra-virgin olive oil to taste. Three variations on the classic recipe of basil, pine nuts, extra-virgin olive oil and sea salt.


Essential Organic Vegan Mustards

Two mustards to tickle the taste buds. Everything you want from a mustard, but organic.


Essential Organic Fruit & Vegetables in Glass Jars

Freshly picked and quickly packed into sustainable glass jars in a factory which receives all its energy from sustainable sources.


Essential Organic Italian Tomato range

These tomatoes are grown and packed in the South of Italy. Certified organic to EU standards and the Organic Farmers & Growers Association UK. No BPAs in the product or packaging.


Essential Organic Tinned Pulses

The Essential pulses are simply canned in water with no added sugar or salt. All are in recyclable, handy ring-pull tins. Choose from 400g and 2.6kg* 

*Red Kidney, Mixed Beans and Chick Peas only


Essential Organic Baked Beans

Britain's favourite beans, but organic. 60% beans and organic tomato sauce. Sourced from an Italian Co-operative


Essential Organic Soup in Glass Jars

These gluten free soups are simply made from natural ingredients with no added sugar. All are vegetarian and the Lentil, Lentil & Pumpkin and Pea are also vegan.


Essential Organic Pasta

We have a choice of wholemeal and white pasta in a variety of shapes to suit all tastes and dishes. Sourced from an Italian Co-operative.


Essential Luxury Organic Cereals

One for every day of the week! Essential's luxury cereals comprise a choice of three mueslis, two granolas and two crunchy cereals. Each is packed with a nutritious combination selected from natural flakes, barley, puffed rice, fruit, nuts, seeds and, in one cereal, raw cacao nibs.


Essential Organic Herbs and Spices

Essential has a range of 40 herbs and spices in convenient home kitchen sizes. Seven Fairtrade varieties.

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