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Dave Sheahan


Vegan Triathlete & founder of "Go Vegan Grow"

Appearing on Saturday 3pm in the Nutrition/Health talks tent

DAVE SHEAHAN is a plant based vegan triathlete, High Performance Coach and Founder “Go Vegan Grow” working with individuals and corporations in achieving sustained high performance and realising their full potential.  Adopting and following a wholefood plant based lifestyle forms a major part of all of Dave´s coaching programs. 

Coming from a bodybuilding and personal trainer background the idea of going vegan was not just alien but plain crazy up to 10 years ago when his son was born and his vegan wife decided he would be raised vegan.  Watching his child´s incredible development on a plant based vegan diet made Dave take notice and over a number of years researching he made nutritional changes until making the decision to adopt a 100% wholefood plant based diet on 1st January 2012.  This also lead to Dave founding Go Vegan Grow which educates and supports both vegans and non vegans in successfully adopting a plant based lifestyle through books, trainings, membership site and events.

Competing as a Vegan Triathlete and working as a High Performance Coach means improved performance and recovery are of prime importance to Dave both personally and with his clients. In following and recommending a plant based lifestyle both areas have improved dramatically as well as Dave witnessing many health conditions, pains and injuries disappear as a result of nature´s diet.  

Dave is also the founder of Formula 4 Success,  has also been a Body for Life Champion, Coach of Body For Life Champions 5 years running, NSCA International Competitions Coach For Ireland, shortlisted for UK Gladiators and has completed many events including the New York and Paris Marathons before putting his sole athletic focus on competing as a plant based triathlete.

Dave Sheahan has authored and co-authored many books and his 20+ year career so far also includes 10 Years owning and managing his own branded chain of fitness centres with over 50 staff and contractors and speaking at and running educational events all over the world.

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