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Berty Justice


Vegan Speaker & Beatboxer

Appearing Saturday 3pm in the Campaigns/Lifesytle talks tent

In 2008 a stranger sold me a book ‘A Higher Taste: a guide to gourmet vegetarian cuisine and a karma-free diet’ for around £2. This book highlighted the unnecessary cruelty inflicted on animals, the carcinogens in meat, the diseases in animals, the man made chemicals pumped into animals before people eat them, and also the fact that the majority of animals are fattened up with large amounts of feed which could go to other humans who instead starve to death. Eating animals no longer made sense to me, so the logical step was to go vegetarian, and this gradually led to veganism. 

I started looking into a vegan lifestyle by reading, watching documentaries about food and animal cruelty, and listening to speakers. Then one day a friend suggested doing a talk myself. I saw this as an opportunity to become like the stranger who first woke me up. Realizing that humans do not need to eat animals at all is, for me, a ‘waking up process’. I have now created a Youtube channel which has a collection of documentaries, talks and videos about this process. This channel is called Berty Justice - The Waking Up Process. Following on from this channel I have started to make my own videos that come under the title ‘VTV – Vegan Tele Vision’, one stand out project being about inspirational Vegan athletes, which include several world record holders: watch it here –  Inspirational Vegan Athletes. I have also started to add a few other things into the ‘mixing bowl’ that is my talks. I now have poetry, writings, humour/banter, beatboxing as ‘Vegbox’, motivational ideas, logic, the power of the YOUniverse, a good helping of facts, inspiring stories and a dash of dubstep. It depends on each talk to see what I will ‘make’.

Some of my spare time is spent volunteering with animal charities like Viva!, Teen VGN and at a monthly vegan buffet (Earthcafe); connecting with vegan athletes; and promoting veganism via my talks, leafleting and displaying banners.

Along the way I have met many amazing people, some of whom have cured or alleviated symptoms of health problems through vegan diets, such as eczema, asthma, depression, cancer and symptoms of primary progressive MS (multiple sclerosis). All these examples, combined with my own positive health benefits, inspire me to share what I know with everyone.


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