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Beata Ciupińska

Beata Ciupińska

Animal Rights Activist

Appearing on Sunday at 2:30pm in the Activists Workshops room



Beata is an animal rights activist. She has been a vegetarian since 1991 and a vegan since 2008. After attending WDAIL in Oxford in 2013 she noticed that there is a need for a positive way of advocating for animal rights. In May the same year she got involved in organising Close Down All Slaughterhouses demo in London. Thanks to this demo she has printed the first positively minded placards, influenced by Polish group Empatia, which then resulted in starting the group We Are The Numbers which effectively leaded to organising Awakening Compassion demos. The first demo was organised in London in November 2013 and was conducted monthly until April 2015 when it was stopped for few months and restarted again in a better form in December 2015. The same month the demo was taken also to Manchester by the Manchester Animal Advocacy Group. In February this year there was also a single demo in Brighton.


Beata has also organised Vegan blocs at Climate March in London, first in March and then in November 2015. The vegan bloc in November attracted few hundred vegans, many of them new not only to veganism but especially to animal rights. Some of them inspired by the march have been active ever since.


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