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Sheena Bratt


Musician, Activist and UK contact for the Venus Project

Appearing on both days, including a performance with Venus Rising on Saturday at 3pm on the Main Stage, and on Sunday at 12pm in the LifeWell Hub



Sheena loves music, and having fun! She seeks to use music as a way to spread a message of peace and global change. Amongst other things she has travelled, taught, and volunteers with The Venus Project. She has tinkered with many instruments and been in various bands since childhood, when she first started writing.

The Venus Project advocates a fair future for the entire world. It promotes a complete redesign of our culture, in order to move away from politics, poverty and war; from war to peace and from scarcity to abundance for all.

The Venus Project advocates moving globally towards a Resource Based Economy where all resources are equally shared, as they are declared the common heritage of all the world's people. In cities that would be powered by clean energy only, we would live sustainably in a way that respects our beautiful planet, and fairly in a way that enslaves no-one and gives everyone equality. Money would not exist in a Resource Based Economy, and we would use technology to free us from the menial tasks that we do not need to do manually.



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