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More Food

More food

Stacks of mouthwatering food from our stallholders - all 100% vegan :)

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Cakes and Bakeries


Other Sweet Treats

Raw Superfoods


Bute Island Foods

This honest hardworking outfit have recently produced their own 'Vegandeli' brand of mock meats, including 7 delicious varieties of meat-free continental sausages, from original/spicy/smoked/Italian gourmet Mortadela, Chorizo sausages, Mock Ham, Gourmet Morcilla - all highly versatile besides being very tasty, giving the meat-based counterparts a good run for their money.


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Gillie Food

Gillie Food is one of the Oriental Vegan and Vegetarian meat-substitute alternatives food manufacturers & importers in UK. Their products range are based in Textured Soya Protein and Wheat Protein, which is a nutritious member of the protein family, is entirely meat free. Their products are NON-MSG; NO GMO, No preservative.


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Bute Island Foods

Proud producers of their trademark 'Sheese' brand of vegan cheese, BIF have a massive array of dairy-free cheeses, from the Melty variety (with mild/red/smoked/strong cheddar), the hard type (with 9 varieties) to the Creamy Sheese (with cheddar/chives/sweet chilli/garlic & herb/original). So smile & say 'Sheese'!! :)


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Big Fat Vegan Bakery

Don't miss the fantastic bakeries from these wonderful crew on the first floor! Their buns, donuts and cakes are absolutely salivating and irresistible for every sweet tooth. A joy to behold.


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Ms. Cupcake

Ms. Cupcake is a company based in London, England providing decadent cupcakes and baked goods to those who love a little indulgence in life. Shhhhh... they’re vegan too! All of their baked goods are suitable for anyone and everyone – they are able to cater to most dietary needs – but mostly, you need to enjoy gooooooood cake!

So, welcome home... Ms. Cupcake’s been waiting for you.


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Beech's Fine Chocolates

Traditional British chocolates that have been made in Preston, Lancashire since 1920. All our centres contain only natural flavours and colours coated in high quality dark chocolate. The dark chocolate creams are also suitable for vegans.


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Cocoa Libre

Cocoa Libre hand-make gorgeous dairy, nut, wheat, egg and gluten free artisan, vegan chocolates. The milk chocolate alternative is made with rice milk for a creamy chocolate taste, whilst it is sustainable and better for the planet! Products include 50g bars in four flavours, chocolate animals and special patterned chocolate disks, all beautifully packaged and delicious. Products available throughout the UK and online


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Ananda Foods - vegan marshmallows

They make a scrumptious range of Vegan Marshmallows popular with vegetarians and vegans alike. They are also the only UK online retailer to offer India Tree's Natural Food Colourings and Cake Decorations suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians, Coeliacs and other food intolerance sufferers.


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CocoNuts - coconut ice cream (Sunday only)

They always say obsession is unhealthy, but it depends what you’re obsessed with. For us, it’s coconuts. We could talk for hours on the amazing benefits of coconuts. However, we’d rather show you, with delicious dairy free coconut ice cream, smooth, natural, and lovingly made.


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Community Foods - miscellaneous snacks

Vegan snacks galore from these South West-based distributors.

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Lakeside Ethical Treats - sweet snacks

Lakeside Ethical Treats sells a vast & expanding range of chocolate, sweets and snacks. Everything they sell is vegan and many of their products are also organic, fairtrade, contain only natural ingredients etc. Currently they have 120 products in stock. All their products are sold in aid of Midlands Vegan Campaigns, who organise free vegan food fairs and festivals across the West Midlands.


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Nectar Foods

Specialising in vegetarian and vegan cakes, raw and baked sweets and savouries.


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Natural Balance Foods

Well-renowned producers of some of the market's best snack bars which are 100% vegan. Their Nakd range consists of the soft smooze bars (available in 9 different flavours), the oatie variety (4 flavours), infused raisins and Protein Crunch bars (4 flavours). Their TREK range consists of protein bars and flapjacks.


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Pulsin' make award winning functional snacks using 100% natural wholefood ingredients, in their Gluten free factory in Gloucestershire. Healthy treats that are as good for you as they taste. Packed full of natural ingredients and organic goodness, Pulsin' products are free from nasties, high in protein and low GI, making them perfect for the whole family.


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Smooze (aka Think Products Europe)

Marvellous frozen coconut fruit ices - perfect for chilling out in the summer weather!


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Vx - miscellaneous snacks

Central London's vegan boutique! Vx sell cookies, pastries, cakes, cupcakes, alongside shoes, clothing, books, pet food, frozen food.


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BodyMe source nature's finest super foods from around the world - all certified organic and free from additives - the way nature intended. Our goal is to help people to live natural and live life by providing organic nutrient rich super food products for life on the go.


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GOOD HEMP Protein is one of the most balanced sources of Natural Protein Powder. Made of our Hemp seeds, it is naturally rich in Protein, Omega 3 and Fibre.

GOOD Hemp seeds are packed with protein and essential fatty acids - great for just chewing, blending into smoothies or sprinkling onto your favourite dishes.


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Lifefood Czech Republic is the biggest European manufacturer with the widest range of organic certified products under the raw food quality requirements. Czech producer of raw vegan snacks and treats was founded in 2006.

Main ingredients used are nuts, seeds, vegetables, dried fruits, fresh herbs, raw cacao and superfoods.


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Yaoh's hemp food products are certified organic. Yaoh hemp protein powder consists of all essential amino acids and is a great source of plant-based protein. Yaoh hemp seeds are packed with essential fatty acids, and are fantastic either for sprinkling onto your favourite dishes, blending into smoothies or just chewing.


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