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main stage daytime

A collection of high-quality musicians will entertain our crowd during daytime on both days.

Sponsored by Yaoh

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12.00 - Mr Dowland's Midnight      

1.00 - Joss Morgan-Giles     

2.00 - Love Revolution

3.00 - Venus Rising

4.00 - Craig Sutton - Flamenco Thief              

5.00 - Tim Wellard



12.00 - Damian Etherington

1.00 - Jack Pout 

2.00 - Mariann Linda Vass 

3.00 - Mitchell and Vincent  

4.00 - The Captain's Beard

5.00 - The Phoenix Rose    


12.00 - Mr Dowland's Midnight

Mr Dowland's Midnight is a unique, imaginative and highly original band. We offer our audience a rich journey from West to East, from ancient to modern and back with plenty of improvisation on the way.


" ...created a wonderful atmosphere and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the trio's unique's sound."(Hanah Cox London Southbank Centre events manager)

"Love it" Nick Luscombe (BBC Radio 3 presenter)

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1.00 - Joss Morgan - Giles 

Joss is a young man who sings from the heart. His joy lies on a stage. His songs are drawn from everyday interactions with the world.



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2.00 - Love Revolution

Love Revolution's live performances are a moving experience which take the audience on a journey which is uplifting, empowering, poignant and memorable. Their warmth, onstage humour and personal chemistry combine with passionate delivery and enthusiasm which draw onlookers into their world. Love Revolution's lyrics - at various times rousing, idealistic, personal and universal - paint vivid pictures of their many travels, passions, experiences and ideals. Their anthemic new material strikes a chord and invariably has people singing along on first hearing.





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3.00 - Venus Rising

Named in support of The Venus Project, Venus Rising aim to get you smiling, your foot tapping, and believing that a better world is possible! They fuse funky folk-rock with garnishes of blues and country, sharing messages of fun, love, peace and sustainability! Their free download RBE (about The Venus Project’s Resource-Based Economy) has had 10k+ plays online, their indie label debut album will be out this Spring and there’s a busy gig schedule ahead! Members Steve Lewis, Dave Lavin, Pete Mason and Sheena Bratt will play an acoustic set. Come and have a listen! 







4.00 - Craig Sutton - Flamenco Thief 

Having performed over 200 concerts in just ten months, The Flamenco Thief, aka Craig Sutton, is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s most recognizable artists within the underground DIY music scene.

Craig uses traditional flamenco guitar techniques, but is best known for working with a loop station to blend blend gypsy swing with rumba-ska and hip-hop during energetic live performances.

In 2014 the Bath based guitarist travelled to 30 countries, playing numerous festivals including Germany’s Fusion Festival, Netherlands' Burning Egg Festival and Morocco’sTanJazz Festival, plus countless venues; from the Baltic down to the Balkans.

Last year he was championed by the BBC and NME and gave live performances on radio and TV stations across the continent in countries including England, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Lithuania.

His eponymous debut six-track EP was released in 2011 followed by the album, Liberating Parts of the Cosmos in 2013, which was supported by a three month European tour, spanning 17 countries.


A truly unique musician, Craig’s success is even more admirable considering he is an unsigned artist. In 2015 Craig will be returning to Europe and appearing at some choice UK festivals, including Bristol's VegFest. 



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5.00 - Tim Wellard

Tim has been performing since the 60’s having started out at the legendary Folk Cottage in Cornwall. Recently playing with Clive Palmer, founder of the Incredible String band, Tim mixes a combination of blues folk and original material on guitar, banjo and vocals to produce an absorbing and authentic sound that is well suited to the Vegfest experience. Watch out for some classics including the likes of the odd Grateful Dead tune, plus a sprinkling of Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, plus the threat of an unconfirmed appearance of a pink fluffy pig on lead guitar at the end.

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12.00 - Damian Etherington

Damian Etherington eats, drinks and breathes music! He is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and lead of Bristol based alt/rock band Arketta, who will be releasing their latest album in Spring 2015. Damian has played on stages across the UK and in the US with Arketta and as a solo artist. He will be performing a mix of bluegrass, folk and contemporary instrumentals at Bristol Vegfest- eloquently demonstrating his distinct acoustic flare.



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1.00 - Jack Pout 

Jack Pout is a BBC Folk award nominated singer/songwriter from Norwich, now based in Brighton. Influenced by the likes of John Martyn, Captain Beefheart, The Faces and Chris Smither, Jack writes honest songs of experience often with  humorous take on things to help keep a little sanity. His album "Getting Off The Ground" was self-released in 2013 and he is now recording a solo E.P.



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2.00 - Mariann Linda Vass

Mariann Linda Vass is a singer. She believes that the music can be bridge between the soul and the spiritual world.

In her music the goal is the meditation, the relaxation of the mind and focus on our deeper self and letting it awaken.

Mariann has been trained western classical stile and she has been learning Indian vocal music from 2011. Her teachers are the famous Gundecha Brothers. From them she's learning the most ancient Indian music style called Dhrupad.

Mariann spent a year in India with scholarship to learn from them this very deep, meditative music. 

She used to take from this workshops. And she particpated at concerts and many festival in the world where she sang mantras, bhajans (Indian devotional songs), ragas and improvisations. 

Listen to some of Mariann's songs at links below:


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3.00 - Mitchell and Vincent - Fiddle Guitar    

Playing lively traditional music from the British Isles on Fiddle and Nylon strung Guitar; Mitchell and Vincent mix full on instrumentals alongside their own arrangements of traditional songs.

Based in Dorset and Somerset, they perform all over the South West and beyond and have been described as playing: ‘Distinctive yet fresh traditional folk’, musicians who ‘tell stories with their melodies’ and simply ‘Flippin’ brilliant!’. They were picked out as the Lyme Folk Weekend 2014 highlight of the festival after bringing the ‘crowd to tears one moment and to their feet the next’.

Their anticipated debut album is due out in early 2015.

Website: www.mitchellandvincent.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mitchellandvincent
Twitter: @mitchellandvin plus @mitchellandvinc
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/MitchellandVincent

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4.00 - The Captain's Beard

Yarrr! The Captain's Beard be a company o' travelin' troubadors on a quest te bring the finest o' sea shantys and forebitters to the ears of all who'll listen. We play songs of the grog, grot and grime that comes o' travelling the high seas. Find an "like" us at: www.facebook.com/thecaptainsbeard  

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5.00 - The Phoenix Rose - Music    

Jarvis Smith is a musician, evangelist, publisher and TV personality. All of these talents culminate in a career that has focused on green living, a tenet best illustrated by The Phoenix Rose, which is Jarvis and collaborators Jim Evans-Jones (drums), Rob Tree (bass), Fingers (guitar), and Reet (vocals). 

The band has signed the with the UK's first and only green record company, Archangel Green, and the recording contract denotes guidelines about travel reduction and worst case, carbon-offsetting travel, green energy tariffs, and efficient CD production, and the use of enviro-friendly products for promo shoots and appearances. Jarvis' talent as a songwriter and his musicianship are used as powerful vehicles for his ‘green' message; The Phoenix Rose has performed at Glastonbury, Sunrise and the Bristol Vegan Fayre, and played the main stage at the UK's Greenest Festival, Waveform.


Find out more about Jarvis at www.jarvissmith.com

More on the Phoenix Rose at www.thephoenixrose.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/thePhoenixRoseUK
Twitter @thephoenixrose

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