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Lifewell Hub

Presentations featuring a number of high-quality holistic health experts - helping health, happiness and wellbeing reach (R)evolution!

Sponsored by Nakd Wholefoods

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12:00 – Jo Oliver – Iridology: The Compass to Discover Your Body's Needs! 

1:00 - Richi ­- The Missing Link to Unleashing Our Wellbeing   

2:00 – Rollo MahonTRIBAL FIT ­ The Foundation for Thriving in a Modern World   

3:00 – David SavilleFear is Your Superpower   

4:00 – Victoria Green – Your Key to Crave Free Eating   




12:00 – Sheena Bratt ­- New Values for a New World 

1:00 – Colin Smith – Are you an 18 second Parent?   

2:00 – Gail EvansDetoxing Your Emotions   

3:00 – Brett Sanders -­ Explode Your Energy by Knowing Your Body's Calls   

4:00 – Richi & David Saville – Fear, Use it or Lose it!   





12pm -­ Joanne Oliver - Iridolgy: The Compass to Discover Your Body's Needs!

Have you ever tried the latest product but not felt as many results as you expected? Or maybe you and a friend are following the same health approach but you are not getting the same results as them? It’s frustrating. I used to be just like you and my frustration lead to me discovering how to understand the subtle messages from the body. For the last 20 years I have been helping individuals to get the results they want in their physical and emotional health. Come and discover how an intuitive herbalist uses the eyes (Iridology) as a way to understand the unique body we are born with.




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1pm – Richi The Missing Link to Unleashing our Wellbeing

Discover how Richi overcame a lifetime of debilitating ill health, and how he baffled doctors while traversing symptoms as severe as total physical debilitation! Learn how the core insights into wellbeing he unearthed effect all our efforts towards greater health, happiness, and wellbeing, as well as all our life goals, and how we may be unknowingly sabotaging them. Share in the clarity Richi gained through his extraordinary self­healing journey, and benefit from the simple scientific context he has come to appreciate which will enable all who attend this presentation to gain a deep and empowered understanding from his inspiring story.


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2pm – Rollo MahonTRIBAL FIT ­ The Foundation for Thriving in a Modern World

Every one of us has the ability to thrive, but that ability hinges on the very foundations we have been built upon. Our story in evolutionary­biology and our leap to standing on two legs holds the key to our wellbeing in body, mind and belief ­ what ever our background. Modern living upsets our balance and we struggle to compensate to varying degrees. Common Injury and illness are a symptom of this. Join Rollo as he unravels human brilliance whilst teaching you to set the right foundations for getting into rhythm to recover, energise and perform ­ To thrive in a modern world!

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3pm ­- David Saville - Fear is Your Superpower

Have you ever been gripped by fear, or held back by it? Do you want to conquer fear? If so, you probably misunderstand what fear really is and why you are not reaching your amazing potential. Fear is NOT there to stop you. Fear does NOT get in the way of your dreams. Fear is perfect. Fear is your superpower. If you come to my talk, you will go away with the knowledge and ability to using this amazing power that exists within you.

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4pm – Victoria Green - Your Key to Crave Free Eating

Do you ever think changing your diet would be easier if you could automatically give up the foods you love without any willpower? In this talk discover Why the Number One Tactic everyone uses is guaranteed to fail, Why the last thing you would choose to do could be the very act that ends your cravings for good and how understanding the principles behind Clarity can help revolutionise your relationship with food.

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12pm – Sheena BrattNew Values for a New World

Sheena Bratt has been vegan since childhood and is an activist for peace, sustainability and a Resource Based Economy. She has been deeply involved in the UK Venus Project volunteer community for 4 years, and is the singer­songwriter for the band Venus Rising – named in tribute and in support of The Venus Project. This will be Sheena's 3rd time presenting at VegfestUK on The Venus Projects fantastic vision for real global solutions! Come and have a chat about how great the would can be by utilising the means we have right now!

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1pm ­- Colin Smith - Are you an 18 second Parent?

Research highlights that three out of four Doctors interrupt their patients and do so on average 18 seconds from the start of the conversation. How many times do we interrupt our loved ones within 18 seconds. Today’s technology enables greater connection than ever, yet we end up feeling more disconnected. We are starting to believe that we really are the person we are carefully curating from behind our screen. How can we rediscover true connection with each other again, have meaningful face to face conversations and not feel fearful to show the other person our true self? The answer lies in being and listening.

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2pm – Gail Evans - Detoxing Your Emotions

Gail will be introducing the principles behind her renowned 21 day "DIY Body Detox" program for cleansing your body, mind and soul. The reason so many have found this program so effective is it teaches the skills to transition successfully towards wholefoods and a juicing cleanse, by incorporating delicious and balanced Raw and Cooked Vegan meals into your daily life. Gail will also reveal how this is a simple solution to helping release emotions which are effectively stored within the cells of the body.

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3pm – Brett Sanders - Explode Your Energy by Knowing Your Body's Calls

In this talk, Brett Sanders will help you discover: How to fine­tune your diet and your health with low­tech tools that don't lie; The secrets to mastering your metabolism; How stress robs you of vital energy, and practical tips to working with your challenges; Why your exercise programme is probably screwing your body up more than it's helping you; Why all lifestyle programmes can only take you so far without this one guiding principle!

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4pm – Richi and David Saville - Fear, Use it or Lose it!

The world of wellness and personal development is full of people telling you that their way is the right way. Dogma often gets in the way of the powerful lessons that each discipline has to offer. With so many confusing contradictions how can you find the best way for you? Join two of the UK's most exciting transformational coaches, who have each overcome debilitating problems, both physical and emotional to be leading inspired, healthy and deeply fulfilling lives. In this unique and ground­breaking session David and Richi will explore their different approaches, but reveal an elusive clarity for you to discover within the 'contradictions', and how you can find that sweet spot that is right for you so that you can truly start creating a life of your dreams!

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