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Founded in 2006, Lifefood is now the biggest European producer of top-quality, organic, raw vegan products. These include raw crackers, bread, energy bars, cookies, snacks, chocolates, confectionery and superfoods, all of which help contribute to a vibrant and healthy lifestyle. Lifefood focuses on so-called “truly raw” products – i.e. all the ingredients are 100% raw – of the highest quality. 



Only raw organic nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables, herbs, spices, cocoa beans and superfoods are used. The ingredients are sprouted, marinaded or mixed and then dehydrated at temperatures below 42°C in unique dehydrators developed by Lifefood itself. The natural essence and the vitamins, minerals and nutrients thus remain intact and easily digestible. All the products are 100% free of gluten, lactose, sugar and any animal-derived components. No additives, artificial flavours, sweeteners, cane sugar, hydrogenated fat, starch fillers, colours or preservatives are added to Lifefood products. Lifefood manufactures its snacks and treats in accordance with very strict rules based on its own philosophy. Gluten-free status is regularly checked by lab tests, and the production facility is 100% organic and vegan certified. 



Lifefood was founded by Tereza Havrlandová in 2006. At the time she was a 24 year old sportswoman and a raw fooder, who was committed to producing the best quality raw vegan food – the sort of food she herself would like to eat. This founding idea has become part and parcel of Lifefood. Tereza and her team actively cooperate with the best organic-certified farmers from around the world and actively seek new suppliers in pristine and tucked-away parts of Planet Earth. Everyone in Lifefood is dedicated not only to bringing to the market natural, vegan foods as the best kind of nutrition that Nature provides, but also to sustainability and an environmentally friendly approach to business. Handmade with Love is Lifefood’s reason d’etre and its philosophy is: 


Life is not about denial. It´s abundance. Lifefood. 



Lifefood products are available in good stores or can be bought in our e-shop. Store located in your area can be found via Retailfinder, or go to e-shop.


For further info, visit their website http://www.lifefood.co.uk/

or Follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lifefood.eu

or Twitter https://twitter.com/Lifefood_en

or Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/tastylifefood/

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