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Some superb kids entertainment on hand to keep the little ones busy.

Taking place in the Amphitheatre 

Sponsored by Moo Free Chocolates 


A range of pirate games, music and dancing, cookery workshops, kitchen science, crafts and the infamous Vegfest Smoothie Bike all designed to sew the seeds in children’s brains about the importance of eating at least 5 portions of vegetables per day using all the colours of the rainbow every day.



12.00 - 5 a day Rainbow Sushi by Captain James Tea Cook

12.30 - Magic show by Ritchie

1.00 - Pancake Tossing Competition and 5-a-day Rainbow Wraps by Captain James Tea Cook

1.30 - Book reading of "The Girl Who Could See Stories" by Gill Torres

2.00 - Finding Electricity in vegetables by Captain James Tea Cook

2.30 - Magic show by Ritchie

3-00 - Hi-5 Rainbow Kebabs and couscous by Captain James Tea Cook

3.30 - Book reading of "The Girl Who Could See Stories" by Gill Torres

4.00 - Chocolate pirate balls by Captain James Tea Cook

4.30 - Magic show by Ritchie



12.00 - 5 a day Rainbow Sushi by Captain James Tea Cook

12.30 - Songs by The Captain's Beard

1.00 - Pancake Tossing Competition and 5-a-day Rainbow Wraps by Captain James Tea Cook

1.30 - Songs by The Captain's Beard

2.00 - Finding Electricity in vegetables by Captain James Tea Cook

2.30 - Songs by The Captain's Beard 

3-00 - Hi-5 Rainbow Kebabs and couscous by Captain James Tea Cook

3.30 - Storytelling by Jo Moon

4.00 - Chocolate pirate balls by Captain James Tea Cook

4.30 - Storytelling by Jo Moon

+ the following during daytime (11am-5pm) on both days:

* Tin Can Alley, Fruit in a Bucket and Rainbow Quoits Games

* Smoothie bikes

* Last Man Standing

Disco Dome

Water Fights

* Rainbow Sushi

Challenge to get 5 a day into our sushi

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* Pirate Pancake Tossing Lessons and Competitions

Learn the perfect toss with Champion Tosser Capt. James Tea Cook – Make yourself a Banana & Chocolate Pancake. (supported by Plamil Chocolate, 3 Omega Dairy Free Flax Drink, Koco Coconut Milk, Banabay Bananas)

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* Rainbow Wraps

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Book reading of "The Girl Who Could See Stories"

Author Gill Torres will be reading The Girl Who Could See Stories; a picture book that inspires children to love themselves and the planet by choosing a healthy vegan lifestyle.

'Sofiel had a special gift. She could see the story behind every thing and everyone she looked at. One day she looked at her food and decided to start feeding her tummy with happy stories.'



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* Electric Bananas

Proving the power of fruit and veg - not raisins but enough currents to power electrical things

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Hi-5 Rainbow Kebabs and couscous

Help us make a rainbow of kebabs and couscous to remind everyone to have 5 a day

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Capt James Tea Cook Pirate of The Carob Bean Chocolatey Balls

Healthy snacking is an important part of a stay-healthy strategy so we make a recipe for chocolate balls with nutritious calories and fats for your brain not fats for your bum (all ages).

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Storytelling by Jo Moon 

Jo Moon is an intuitive storyteller, inventing her stories as she goes along. She developed this ability 10 years ago when a friend in crisis asked Jo to tell her healing stories. She has told stories at national festivals and runs storytelling circles in Somerset for children and adults. Jo originally trained in traditional storytelling. She has a degree in Contemporary Dance and Drama and incorporates drama, movement and sound into her stories, often beginning with the magical sound of her ocarina. Jo is vegan and feels passionately about healthy vegan eating and living. 



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Tin Can Alley, Fruit in a Bucket and Rainbow Quoits Games

Make a rainbow shape or face with vegetable coloured play dough

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* Smoothie Bike

Pedal your own smoothie out of your favourite fruits and vegetables!

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Last Man Standing

Only the toughest and most agile amongst you will survive the challenge of Last One Standing. The weak will be swept up, dumped on their back-side and defeated by the 'Bar of Doom' as it rises and falls, turns faster and slower, goes backwards and forwards. Will you be the last one standing?

Equipment kindly provided by Andrews Leisure

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Disco Dome

Disco Dome is the most exclusive party venue on the planet and it comes direct to VegFest London. You and your friends can bounce to the beats on Disco Dome's inflatable dance floor as the built-in sound and light systems pump the latest tunes through the greatest ever disco party dome.

Equipment kindly provided by Andrews Leisure

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WATER FIGHTS - Are you ready to GET WET? Water Wars is the ultimate water fight! The wildest and wettest water balloon game. Battle your friends and get soaking wet. Water Wars provides hours of fun for all ages!!

Equipment kindly provided by Andrews Leisure

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Magic show by Ritchie (Saturday only)

You may have seen Ritchie the Magical Entertainer at Vegfest in past years doing his crazy contortion act. He is now back with a new fun filled children's show; full of comedy, magic, and his naughty puppet dog Mr Scruffy. Ritchie has performed all over the world as a contortionist, musician, and actor appearing on TV shows like Richard and Judy, The One Show and Britains Got Talent. 


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Songs by the Captain's Beard (Sunday only)

Yarrr! The Captain's Beard be a company o' travelin' troubadors on a quest te bring the finest o' sea shantys and forebitters to the ears of all who'll listen. We play songs of the grog, grot and grime that comes o' travelling the high seas. Find an "like" us at: www.facebook.com/thecaptainsbeard  


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