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Ian Silk

Ian Silk

DJ-ing on Sunday evening

Ian Silk is originally known by the name Kayton Barrett and grew up in the parish of St Elizabeth, Jamaica in a town called Chocolate Hole. From the age of 10, Ian Silk's first inspiration came from singing at home with his cousin Dennis who played the drums whilst Ian Silk sang. 


In the mid 80′s Ian Silk wrote his first song called 'Leave her alone', little did he know that this song would be released nearly 20 years later on his first album ' Higher Heights'. Song writing was a way of him expressing life experiences that he had encountered. His song writing naturally progressed onto recording his songs at a popular recording studio in Jamaica. 



In the early 90′s Ian Silk visited London, England. He started to attend a a local church more frequently, where it was brought to the church member's attention that they had a singer in their mists. Promoters were present at the church performance and soon started requesting him to perform at shows.


In the mid year of 2000 word got through to a promotional company by the name of 'Tilder Productions' that an artist by the name of Ian Silk was making a name for himself in the music industry. 


In the year 2007 'Tilder Productions' were impressed by what they had heard and arranged for Ian Silk to open a show called 'Alliance Show' based at Stratford Rex, which had featuring artists such as Bounty Killer, Bling Dogg, Busy Signal. In late 2007 a television interview appearance on BEN TV followed Ian Silk appearance at Stratford Rex.


In February 2010 Ian Silk also performed at 'Remembrance of Bob Marley' show which was arranged by Kinky Klub, where he performed alongside artist such as DJ Destine, Quality Diamond, Lyrical Facey and other performers.


For November 2013 Ian was part of event for new upcoming artist which was held in Sydenham, London called ‘UK Talent Train'.


Most Recent

2014 has started with a big bang for Ian Silk who has been singing alongside veteran reggae artist 'Jimmy London' performing in Bristol as part of the launch of a new monthly social night at the Kuumba Community Centre, by local community member 'R.O.O.T.S Shea Butter Trust & Kuumba Community Centre'.


Also Mr Wolfe's Bar/Restaurant in conjunction with Brisfest has also been blessed with the performance of Ian Silk early February 2014 which he was warmly welcomed and appreciated at the audience.

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