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Glauce Ferrari

Glauce Ferrari

Vegan Writer

Appearing on Saturday 3pm in the Nutrition / Health Talks Room

Glauce Ferrari became vegan in Brazil back in 1997 and although she new how important her decision was for the animals, she couldn't imagine what it would mean to her life in the future. In 2004 she finished her second University, graduating in Journalism, and in 2009 she started her Master in Journalism in Ireland, where she was living since 2008.

Glauce wanted to write about vegan related topics and after working as a free lancer and contributor for websites in different parts of the world (Brazil, Germany, USA and Canada) she decided to use all her experience in online journalism, social media and photography to create and manage her own website and in 2012, after her son was born and while living in Rome, All About Vegan Food was transformed from a personal blog to a website dedicate to vegan food around the world. The website is also the home of the only international Vegan Package Swap and a new worldwide session dedicate to parents raising vegan children.

Glauce always loved traveling and food – where to eat great vegan food – is a huge factor for decisions to where to go or live. In the last ten years Glauce has lived in Brazil, Ireland and Italy and has traveled a lot, especially in Europe and will share her experiences at VegFestUK Bristol in her talk “Veganism on the Move, how to eat and get involved in different countries”.




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