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Diana Lynn

Diana Lynn

Natural Nutrition Therapist & Founder of Food Friends

Appearing on Sunday at 4pm in the Cookery Demos area

Diana is sole owner of ‘Food Friends’ holistic health food business based in Bristol & Somerset. She has worked in the field of nutrition for the past 20 years.

Diana is passionate about the health benefits of plant based food. She facilitates many workshops from the benefits of juicing to teaching how to create a 3 course raw, vegan supper. Diana is passionate about food which is vegan, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free; however she also loves tasty, delicious food and thinks food shouldn’t be boring just because it is healthy, she has spent many years in her kitchen creating different tastes and textures and loves sharing her enthusiasm and passion with others. 

Food Friends run monthly vegan supper nights and RAW dining Pop-up events which do pop up around Somerset and the Bristol area often so do look out for these.... She will be demonstrating how quickly and simply you can create a vegan nutrition, nourishing and tasty supper and dessert which will feed all of your senses, body, mind and soul.  


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