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Clark French

Clark French

Founder of United Patients Alliance

Appearing on SSunday at 5pm in the Nutrition / Health Talks Room


United Patients Alliance was founded in 2014 by Clark French, an MS patient and medical cannabis activist. Clark was diagnosed with MS in 2010 at the age of 24, turning his young life upside down. He took many prescription medications to control his MS symptoms, but their side effects left him feeling worse than ever.


Clark had watched his stepfather slowly deteriorate from the same disease, but he also knew that his stepfather used cannabis to relieve his pain. Like many young people, Clark disapproved of his stepfather’s cannabis use until he was taught about the benefits it provides MS patients:


-Reduced spasticity

-Reliable pain relief

-Increased appetite

-Reduced bladder and bowel problems

-Nausea control

-Very low side effect profile


Clark now uses cannabis almost exclusively to treat his MS, saving the NHS tens of thousands of pounds every year on expensive pharmaceuticals. Whether patients use cannabis in conjunction with or instead of conventional medical treatments, Clark wants them to be able to do so without fear of prosecution.


Clark says:

“I’m forced to break the law to have the best quality of life I can. We can no longer ignore the abundant medical evidence in favour of stigma, myth, and prejudice. It is immoral and unjust to persecute the sick and disabled for using cannabis to feel well.

Please help me by standing up and sharing the positive benefits of cannabis with friends and family.”


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