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Engaging and interactive sessions with lots of tips on living healthily on plant-based lifestyles

Sponsored by JĀSÖN Natural Care

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12:00 - 5:00  Lifewell Wellbeing Hub



12.00             Asa (Yuuga Kemistri) - Eating Raw for Real Beauty

1.00               Chrissy Leyland - Try the Vegan Approach

2.00               Katie Creuynni - Energy Clearing

3.00               TeenVGN - Meet other compassionat youngsters

4.00               Ruth Hawe - WRITING ACTIVISM: the power of wriiting and imagination as effective advocacy

5.00               Christine Thurlow - Indian Head Massage




12.00 - Asa (Yuuga Kemistri) - Eating Raw for Real Beauty

Maintain your youthful look with antioxidants and other helpful super-food...

It's never too late to reduce the effect the process of ageing has on your health and look. Why would you offer your fabulous body with junk that accelerates your ageing and creates comfortableness, unhealthy and unhappy body? Know the enemies of your healthy, happy and youthful look and take control of your ageing process and decide to enjoy looking young for as long you live. No disease can develop, grow or survive in a slightly alkaline and oxygen rich environment.

Join YUUGA Kemistri, the founder of Eating Raw For Real Beauty programme, for tips to detoxing and alkalizing your body to maintain your youthful look.



1.00 - Chrissy Leyland - Try the Vegan Approach

Are you thinking about going vegan? Have you tried being vegan before but come across some challenges? Are you a new vegan?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then the Vegan Approach workshop is for you!

Chrissy will outline our 10 simple steps to start you on your vegan journey including what to buy, where to eat and how to deal with family and friends.  She will put you in touch with local groups and online groups for ongoing support.


2.00 - Katie Creuynni - Energy Clearing

Working with energy centres in the body to clear heavy, stagnant, blocking energies from our own energy field and bring free-flowing life energy in its place.

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3.00 - TeenVGN - Meet other compassionate youngsters

Teenagers and young adults! Come and hang out with TeenVGN at this workshop! Meet other compassionate youngsters, make new friends, grab some free chocolate and other refreshments and take a break from just wandering around with your parents ;) We want to hear YOUR views about life as a VGN teen and know what we can do to campaign to make everyday life easier. There may even be some goodies for you to take away!

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4.00 - Ruth Hawe - WRITING ACTIVISM: the power of wriiting and imagination

The written word is the most potent change maker in this co-created world of our Imagine Nation. Way more impactful than old paradigm agendas, fiction is particularly powerful as it permits freedom to our ideals and insights. We get to choose how it manifests into the physical as we unleash it.

Through examples from her novel "Holy Cow", Ruth Hawe  invites you to release your own cherished ideals in this interactive workshop.

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5.00 - Christine Thurlow - Indian Head Massage

Come and learn the techniques of Indian Head Massage, great for relieving stress and tension.  This workshop will teach you the basics in a simple routine, enabling you to treat friends and family.  Treatment includes the upper back, neck and head and is given without the use of oil, through the clothes.  You will practice on each other, in pairs. 

For more information on Indian Head Massage visit

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