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Will Bedford

Will Bedford

Cultural Dynamics researcher, archaeologist and anthropologist

Appearing on Saturday at 4pm in the Workshops Room for the Lifewell Wellbeing Hub

Click here to download the event programme


Will Bedford has lead a multicultural life. An Argentinian-American, in his childhood he lived part time in Argentina and the US, and then spent four years in Brazil (mostly barefoot playing football in the local park), before ending up, rather improbably, in Texas. But it was while hacking through the Belizian jungle in search of Mayan treasures in 2001 and 2002 that he first started to ponder the question of cultural identity and how it might affect our behaviour.

Will has now worked in England as a professional archaeologist for the last ten years. He is also an anthropologist and cultural theorist who is exploring how cultural identity is structured, and how it affects outcomes within a society. He has a passion for increasing understanding of cultural influences and for developing strategies to effect cultural change which can result in improved health outcomes and ethical choices.

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