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Talks - Nutrition & Health

talks - nutrition and health

A collection of high-quality speakers divulging on plant-based nutrition and health

Sponsored by Nakd Wholefoods


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12.00      Stephanie Jeffs - Juicing for Health, Wellness and Vibrant Living

1.00        Veronika Powell (Viva!) - The Safety of Soya: is Soya a Superfood or Health Risk?

2.00        Stephen Walsh - Good Health without Animal Products

3.00        Pat Reeves - Living Foods and Raw Power

4.00        Lia Aquila - Super Simple Raw Food to Change Your Life

5.00        Steve Danks - Cannabis Cures, Fact or Fiction



12.00        Shradha Kotecha - Sun Salutations - Surya Namaskar

1.00          Neil Robinson - Plant-Based Fitness for over 50's

2.00          Juliet Gellatley (Viva!) - Why You Don’t Need Dairy!

3.00          Kenny Bountiful Sun & Holly Paige - Raising Kids on Raw Foods

4.00          Graham Jevon - Lightforce Food




12.00 - Stephanie Jeffs - Juicing for health, wellness and vibrant living

Interested in juicing? Then this talk is a must. Stephanie shares the intimate details of her juicy journey from unhealthy vegetarian to high raw high plant-based living. Stephanie lost 9 stones and cured herself from chronic disease, making changes by starting with a juice detox. Not only is Stephanie’s story truly inspiring and engaging, she shares all her hints and tips for getting started with juicing and getting it right, how to avoid the pitfalls of yo-yo juicing, how to use juicing as a stepping stone towards more spiritual living and eating and how to incorporate juicing into everyday living. Not to be missed.

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1.00 - Veronika Powell (Viva!) - The Safety of Soya: is soya a superfood or health risk?

It’s hard to decide what to believe – some praise it as a super-bean, others warn against it. Find out what the latest scientific research and experts on the topic say!

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2.00 - Stephen Walsh - Good Health without Animal Products

Typical vegetarian and vegan diets offer important advantages for health, particularly less saturated fat and cholesterol and lower risk of obesity.

However, the right choices on a plant-based diet are critical to getting the maximum benefit.  This talk provides clear guidelines for maximising the benefits.

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3.00 - Pat Reeves - Living Foods and Raw Power

This will be an interactive time with my audience, where I can explore with you what I consider to be a most empowering nutritional practice to overcome health challenges, both emotional and physical, heal injuries faster, is anti-aging, provides abundant energy – and is extremely cost-effective!

Raw and living foods offer high amounts of nutrients which are vitalising, energising, enhancing oxygen and vibrancy, enabling one to become more intuitive and knowledgeable in accessing our inner healing system.'

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4.00 - Lia Aquila - Super Simple Raw Food to Change Your Life

Learn how to add a few simple raw foods into your life to help you feel amazing! Lia will be sharing her journey of recovery using raw food from a debilitating illness and how you can transform your health. She will explain how to introduce a more natural way of eating that’s affordable whilst ensuring you get supercharged nutrition. Be inspired to take charge of your own health, understanding the differences between food addictions and nutrient deficiencies.

Discover how to listen to your body, by getting in tune with how you feel, when and why you eat and the emotions behind them. Take home practical tools and ideas to empower you to make healthier choices by feeling and listening to the needs of your body. Learn simple raw food recipes that taste amazing, take just minutes to make and will really help to change your life!

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5.00 - Steve Danks - Cannabis Cures, Fact or Fiction

Is Cannabis a Medicine?  If so, how and why does it work?
If Cannabis is a Medicine, why is it illegal?
Is it illegal to heal ourselves when Modern Medicine cannot offer Us a Cure for some Terminal Diseases or Disabling Ailments?

Steve Danks introduces an Educational talk covering the latest topics about Medicinal Cannabis, from plant to medicine! He'll talk about the science on why Cannabis works as a medicine for humans and most vertebrates on this planet through our indigenous cell regulatory system, the similarities between Cannabis and a Mothers Breast Milk and how we can heal ourselves within 3-6 Months! He'll be answering all your questions on this strangely Taboo subject, as a Terminal Cancer survivor himself, he understands just how important this is.

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12.00 - Shradha Kotecha - Sun Salutations - Surya Namaskar

A physical, mental and emotional form of spiritual yoga. Come on an empty stomach as this yoga is active and you will be feeling pumped up after!

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1.00 - Neil Robinson - Plant-Exclusive Fitness For The Over 50's

Neil Robinson, the first vegan professional footballer, along with his brother John (BA Hons Sports Studies and BA Hons Food, Nutrition & Health) will be talking about a vegan plant -exclusive lifestyle which can be augmented by an aerobic fitness & high-rep weight training conditioning programme for the benefit of everyone - but with an emphasis on the over 50′s.

If you love life, then give yourself the best possible chance of dying young as late in life as possible!

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2.00 - Juliet Gellatley (Viva!) - Why You Don’t Need Dairy!

Updated for 2014 with two fabulous new guides, Everyone’s going dairy-free and Why you don’t need dairy AND a new laminated poster, Calcium-Rich Foods (available at this talk).

Is it natural to consume milk after weaning? Indeed, is it safe to consume cow’s milk at all? Juliet explores the many health issues and new research showing why dairy is linked to cancers including breast, prostate and bowel; which foods are known to fight against cancers; how natural growth hormones in milk affect us and what are the dangers of milk protein and saturated fats? Also, if we don’t consume dairy where should we get calcium?

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3.00 - Kenny Bountiful Sun & Holly Paige - Raising Kids on Raw Foods

Kenny and Holly are seasoned raw food pioneers who both have experience in child rearing with natural alternatives to the consensus food chain parental nightmare that is mass marketed and foisted upon us by corporate interests.

In this talk you will discover information regarding:

  1. Nutritional requirements for growing children.
  2. How to be a healthy role model.
  3. How to trick fussy kids into eating the good stuff.
  4. How to use superfoods, tonic herbs and fermented foods to support and maintain your childs healthy immune system.

and much more.

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4:00 - Graham Jevon - Lightforce food

In this presentation you will learn the value of medicinal foods and the difference between Raw food, Living food and Lightforce food. Transform your mind and body with the most Exquisite delights of the plant kingdom. Learn what is really sustainable and attain an in depth understanding of the body and its infinite wisdom. Unlock the secrets of immortality and immerse yourself in the supreme teachings of nature with the UK’s most respected Nutritionist, Physiologist, Biologist, Naturalist and Lightforce food pioneer Graham “Theobroma” Jevon.

Reverse ageing, Look Younger, Feels Better, Activate your hormones & learn how to truly detoxify the mind, body and emotions. Experience Lightforce food.

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