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Talks - Campaigns & Lifestyle

Talks - campaigns and lifestyle

An interesting section of talks shedding light on vegan lifestyles, and the latest campaigns promoting plant-based living

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12.00 Kerry McCarthy and John Robb - Meat is Murder and Other Songs

1.00    John Robb - How to Break the Vegan Stereotype

2.00    Shradha Kotecha - Concentration of the Mind

3.00   Jane Easton & Justin Kerswell (Viva!) -

30 Day Vegan: improve your life in just one month

4.00    Berty Justice - Choose Vegan, Improve the World

5.00    Fiona Oakes - Sun, Sand and Suffering



12.00  Sea Shepherd - If the Oceans Die...we Die


2.00 Kerry McCarthy - How can Vegan Voters Make their Voices Heard?

3.00    Juliet Gellatley (Viva!) - Mood Foods

4.00    Martin Fodor - Vegan lifestyle and plant-based living - how do we decide what changes to make?

5.00    Kim Stallwood - Animal Witness




12.00 - Kerry McCarthy and John Robb - Meat is Murder and Other Songs

Did Morrissey convince you that Meat is Murder? Or was it Paul McCartney, Crass, Moby, Chrissie Hynde or another musician who won you over to vegetarianism? Are you a Straight Edge vegan punk, a reggae lover following an Ital diet, or were you newly inspired by Beyoncé and Jay Z's 22 day vegan tryout? Can musicians help save the whale, stop the badger cull, persuade people to go cruelty free? Join us for a Pop and Politics event, chaired by vegan musician John Robb, to debate the influence of music on what we eat and how we treat animals.

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1.00 - John Robb - how to break the vegan stereotype

John Robb will be defying media stereotypes and burning the cliches of vegans with an impassioned talk about his journey from the meat strewn bloodbath of the seventies Blackpool he grew up in to the vegan 21st century via punk rock, touring the world and growing up from the bacofoil bacon glam rock decade to the modern world of a million choices and waking up to the power of vegetables and the glowing future of meat free existence in a high decibel world.

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2.00 - Shradha Kotecha - Concentration of the Mind

Concentration of the mind. A practical session on the science and logic of why it is important for us to find a way to harness and focus the mind to make the most of our abilities.

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3.00 - Jane Easton & Justin Kerswell (Viva!) -

30 Day Vegan: improve your life in just one month

Viva! have recently launched their incredibly successful and totally free 30 Day Vegan programme to help people make the switch to a healthier, happier and kinder diet. An informative and fun talk/workshop to discuss ways to go and stay vegan and how easy and rewarding it is. With Viva!’s food and cookery co-ordinator Jane Easton and Viva! campaigns manager Justin Kerswell. Sign up to go vegan for a month at


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4.00 - berty justice - choose vegan, improve the world

How can changing what we eat and what products we buy improve the world? This talk looks at sustainability, the environment, ethics, health and world record breaking athletes to show how it's possible. This talk will also explore what's really in animal products? And shares fun ways we can all use to spread information about Veganism, and thus all improve our world.

"It is time to start asking questions about our habits, our ethics, our traditions and of our humane civilisation. When we realize they need to change, we have to take action." - Berty Justice

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5.00 - Fiona Oakes - Sun, Sand and Suffering

Fiona Oakes, vegan for 40 years, will talk about her experiences of combining running across the Sahara Desert in 50 degrees of heat to raise awareness for the cruelty free cause with the day to day workload of caring for around 400 rescues at her Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary in Essex.

In 2013 Fiona won both the North Pole and Antarctic Ice marathons in course records and also ran a marathon on EVERY continent to break a total of THREE WORLD RECORDS taking her cruelty free message literally from Pole to Pole!

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12.00 - Sea Shepherd - If the Oceans Die...we Die

Established in 1977, Sea Shepherd is an international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

Sea Shepherd uses innovative direct-action tactics to investigate, document, and take action when necessary to expose and confront illegal activities on the high seas. By safeguarding the biodiversity of our delicately balanced ocean ecosystems, Sea Shepherd works to ensure their survival for future generations. Our talk will cover different aspects of our work. It will also focus on Operation GrindStop 2014: The biggest campaign of it's type in Sea Shepherd's history.

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2.00 - Kerry McCarthy - How can Vegan Voters Make their Voices Heard?

Kerry, a local Bristol MP and one of three vegan MPs, will talk about how vegans, vegetarians and others who care about animal welfare, the environment and what’s in our food can influence political decision-making. Current issues such as the badger cull and the Government’s backdoor plans to bring back fox hunting will be used as examples as to how vegans can make their voice heard. She will also talk about the Elliot Review, which is looking at the authenticity of food products (including fake food, mislabelling and other forms of food crime), food safety and public health and provides an important opportunity for us to influence the policy agenda.

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3.00 - Juliet Gellatley (Viva!) - Mood Foods

Updated 2014 with fascinating insights into our genius but sometimes noisy brains!

Four fifths of the UK population claim to be low on energy. Even more say they become impatient too quickly. Our nation takes over 800 million anti-depressants pa. There are many factors involved but when you are feeling low, anxious or irritable, or your memory isn’t what it should be, do you ever question the role of your diet?

Juliet explores the role of food in our mood. She explains what nutrients are needed to make ‘happy hormones’, good munchies for motivation and the best brain boosters. She explains why meat and dairy can drag you down and fruit can make you well, fruity! A fascinating insight into the impact of food on mind and soul!

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4.00 - Martin Fodor - Vegan lifestyle and plant-based living - how do we decide what changes to make?

Thinking about reducing meat, going from veggie to vegan, or trying out a plant-based, sustainable, or cruelty-free lifestyle? There are so many issues to weigh up and different views of how to make the changes. 

Martin Fodor from Bristol Vegans has been a regular presenter at previous VegFests.  He'll be offering a way through the choices we can make, and encouraging a participatory discussion of the issues and decisions. If you're thinking it's all too complicated here's a session where you can ask questions and make your own decisions, working out what next steps are best for you, based on your values, ethics, and desire for health and nutrition.


5.00 - Kim Stallwood - Animal Witness

By combining historical and philosophical thinking with personal experience, I look back on my life to discover why animals are important to me, and what living as a vegan animal rights advocate means. As a witness for the animals, I share a larger story about animal activism, and in doing so call for compassion, truth, nonviolence, and justice for all regardless of species. Join me to learn more about why animals and their well-being matter to us. We will take a fresh look at living as a vegan, and explore effective ways to campaign for animals.

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