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Out of Hand

Out of Hand

Massive thanks to our dedicated design and print team Out of Hand

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Out of Hand

Out of Hand is a specialist design and print team from Bristol that are responsible for masses of flyers and posters and magazines around the south west and beyond as well as numerous vegan fayre flyers, brochures and programmes down the years. Recently expanded to include their own eco friendly print works, Out Of Hand are staunch supporters of VegfestUK in ways you couldn’t possibly ever imagine and all the VegfestUK team are deeply grateful for the OOH support. And if you want the best deals in any print and design job, get in touch! Specialities include top of the range eco friendly printing techniques, perfect for the 21st century ethical business.


The Print Co

The Print Co is an environmentally friendly print manufacturing plant. By making use of the latest innovations available within the print industry we are able to offer a streamlined, efficient print service. Our aim is to give cost effective trade print to experienced print buyers. Utilising online services to create your own estimates instantly not only improves your service to your clients, but enables us to keep administration costs to a minimum hence reducing our prices.  Our small flexible experienced team ensures a high quality product is achieved whilst maintaining fast turnaround times. ENVIROMENT The Print Co. operates its business in a manner that actively seeks to prevent or minimise the possibility of its actions causing harm to the environment. Our aim is to continue to be as environmentally friendly as it is possible within the price constraints in our marketplace.  We use true processless plates, the most environmentally friendly litho plates available. This saves on the energy a typical processor might use, along with the considerable water volumes involved in processing a normal CTP plate. In addition, the waste chemistry does not have to be disposed of, and there are benefits from not having to use the energy and resources required to manufacture the processor and chemistry in the first place. Indeed, Fuji has calculated the equivalent carbon footprint of true processless plates to be over ten times lower than that of a normal processed plate (around 20g of CO2 per m2 of true processless plates plate compared to well over 250g for a normal processed plate).


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