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Kids Cookery Classes

kids cookery classes

Taking place in the area next to the Main Stage

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Sponsored by Foods for Life Nutrition


Starring Captain James Tea Cook and The Pirates of The Carob Bean at the Peripatetic Foods for Life Academy of Food and Nutrition

Captain James Tea Cook delivers a wacky mix of cooking, kitchen science and chemistry for primary school aged kids. A little bit of singing and a quite a lot of piratey shouting involved so if your child is of a delicate disposition it's probably best to take them to the craft tent. Please wash hands before cookery classes.


Captain James Tea Cook Pirate of the Carob Bean will be teaching your little scallywags how to make a whole range of educational fun kitchen and nutrition related things in his Pirate tent.


There will also be his famous Vegfest Rainbow Bananaberry Smoothie bike to Cycle, Blend and Drink.


Also in the Pirate Tent is a Pirate Treasure Trail, Design the perfect plate to replace the NHS Eatwell plate, rainbow hands and a bit of impromptu singing and dancing of Sea Shantys.


kids Cookery class Schedule (both Saturday and Sunday)

12:00  Banana Magic

1:00    Rainbow Rapping

2:00    Pirate Pancake Tossing Classes

3:00    Essential Pirate Energy Balls

4:00    Rainbow Slime


12:00 - Banana Magic

We prove there is energy / electricity in bananas but that you just need the right vitamins and minerals in your body to unlock it. Suitable for older kids too

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1:00 - Rainbow Rapping

We find out why you have to eat a rainbow every day, and why it's important. We make rainbow hands to remind us we need to eat vegetables at least 5 a day. We make a rainbow picnic snack (Suitable for young ones).

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2:00 - Pirate Pancake Tossing Classes

We make magic pancakes with no eggs or cow's milk, and learn the best way to do a full toss in public without getting egg on your face (all ages).

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3:00 - Essential Pirate Energy Balls

Healthy snacking is an important part of a stay-healthy strategy so we make a recipe for chocolate balls with nutritious calories and fats for your brain not fats for your bum (all ages).

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4:00 - Rainbow Slime

We make rainbow coloured slime and learn about acid and alkali balance (all ages).

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