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Katie Creuynni

Katie Creuynni

Energy clearing expert

Appearing on Sunday at 3pm in the Workshops room

Click here to download the event programme

Working with the levels of the body, mind, 'soul' and the energetic field Katie assists individuals and groups in their journeys to health and wellbeing.

Stepping on her own healing journey, working on these levels has brought her the raw vegan lifestyle as well as learning natural indigenous self healing processes. At Vegfest Katie will be sharing an exercise to clear blocking energies that do not belong in our energy field. and consciously bring in free flowing life energy to take it's place.

With training including her graduating from the Healing the Light Body Program and Masters classes from the leading author Alberto Villoldo's Four Winds Society; Katie blends indigenous wisdom with the common sense approach of her own experiences.

More information on workshops, sessions and medicine wheel training Katie offers can be found at:,, by e-mailing and via skype: creuynni


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