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Juliet Gellatley

Juliet Gellatley

Qualified Nutritional Consultant and Founder of Viva!, Europe's biggest veggie group

Appearing on Sunday at 2pm in the Nutrition/Health talks room, and at 3pm in the Campaigns/Lifestyle talks room

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Juliet is an engaging, informative and inspirational speaker and her talk 'Why You Dont Need Dairy' is ideal for anyone looking to reduce their dairy consumption.

Juliet founded Viva! in 1994 and later Viva! Health and sister group, Viva! Poland

Viva! is a vegetarian and vegan organisation which campaigns energetically to end the abuse of animals killed for food. Motivated by passion and backed by science, Juliet has been investigating the impact of what we eat on animals, the planet and our health for over 20 years.

Juliet originated National Vegetarian Week (when working for the Vegetarian Society as campaigns director in the 1980s and 90s) with the support of Linda McCartney and her campaign SCREAM!! took the truth about factory farming into the nation's schools for the first time.


Viva! launched on 26 October 1994 from Juliet (and Tony Wardle's) garage in Church Minshull in Cheshire! From humble beginnings, Viva! has grown into a tour de force for the animals and common sense. Juliet and Viva! supporters saved some pig's bacon with the Babe campaign, linked to the film of the same name. Juliet also spent two years investigating the UK's pig farms - filming undercover and researching the industry. The resulting ongoing campaign, Pig In Hell, exposes the appalling conditions of Britain's factory farms. The footage was shown worldwide by CNN International and detailed information appeared in various magazines. Viva! also investigated the farrowing crate - where mother pigs are locked in cages for 28 days each time they give birth - exposing major suppliers of supermarkets in the national press.


One of the most horrific experiences of Juliet's career was filming inside a UK abattoir. However, the footage was shown on national and regional TV. Viva! campaigns against mainstream and religious slaughter and stopped brutal ‘home slaughter' by persuading Defra to ban it.

One of Viva!'s most successful campaigns has been its opposition to the sale of 'exotic' meats in British supermarkets - crocodile, ostrich and kangaroo. One by one it targeted the stores and one by one they withdrew from the trade - Tesco, Morrison, Somerfield, Asda, Waitrose, Sainsbury and Booker cash and carry. Viva! has virtually destroyed the 'exotic' meat trade in Britain. Both the ostrich and kangaroo industries acknowledge that Viva!'s campaign was responsible.



As a consequence, Juliet was invited (and paid for) by Australian animal groups to visit Australia and do a media tour - where she debated with the kangaroo industry several times. The international TV programme, 60 Minutes, flew Juliet to Australia to make a feature on her campaign to end the massacre of kangaroos. She was given the Australian Wildlife Protection Council's annual award for outstanding achievement in protecting Australia's wildlife in 1998. In 1999, she won the Daily Mirror's first Linda McCartney Animal Welfare Award (part of the Pride of Britain awards). Paul McCartney nominated Juliet and presented the award to her.


She launched a campaign against the factory farming of ducks, Ducks out of Water, in December 1999. Viva! was the first group to campaign on this issue, and Juliet filmed on duck farms with the footage used on GMTV and BBC News. Five months later, ASDA, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Harrods and Marks & Spencer had removed Barbary meat from debeaked birds and main producers' were forced to improve welfare conditions. In 2004, the campaign was relaunched. Viva! targeted Marks & Spencer after filming in their supplier's farms. After a consumer campaign and a Day of the Ducks (where Viva! supporters held protests outside 200 stores), Juliet and campaigner, Justin Kerswell, met M&S in June 04; two weeks later M&S announced the withdrawal of factory farmed whole duck. The campaign against the factory farming of ducks continues.


Viva! helped thousands of meat eaters to save their health with its BSE Helpline. During the foot and mouth crisis, Juliet instigated the production of a nationwide doordrop of the It's time to go veggie flyer (words over a photo of burning cows) - that led to a massive number of requests for free Go Veggie packs. The thousands of pack and other general requests are now handled by the very dedicated Laura Turner, office manager, with her staff. Juliet and Viva! staff travelled across the UK doing demos and photocalls on this issue - and conducted many media interviews on the hypocrisy of farmers, animal cruelty and the way forward.


Juliet later directed a campaign, Its Time to Go Veggie, to celebrate Viva!'s 10th anniversary. It included the Incredible Veggie Roadshows at venues across the UK, planned to end at Wembley, London in Nov 2005. However the Shows were so successful, Viva! has continued to tour the UK.

Other campaigns directed by Juliet include the Dark Side of Dairy, DirtBusters and Dirty Meat (on the illness of animals creating unhealthy meat) and Piggles, again working with fabulous Viva! staff. Juliet directs Viva! Health's campaigns which include White Lies (the impact of dairy on health), Fishing for Facts, Break Free (how dairy affects our bones) and Globesity.

Juliet is the coauthor (with Tony Wardle) of the widely acclaimed book The Silent Ark - the first book to reveal the importance of vegetarian diets in protecting the world's environment, its animals and people. It was published in 1996 by Thorsons.
She is also author of the Livewire Guide to Going, Being and Staying Veggie and Born to be Wild- a call to end all animal cruelty and why animals matter. She is also the author and co-author of many health guides including Vegetarian & Vegan Mother & Baby Guide, Nutrition in a Nutshell, Healthy Veggie Kids and the Soya Story.


Juliet has twin sons, Jazz and Finn, passionate and healthy veggies!
In 2008 Juliet became a qualified nutritional therapist (graduating with the CNM) and two years later launched a nutritional consultancy, Revive, specialising in vegetarian/vegan nutrition.



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