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Holly Paige

Holly Paige

Raw food caterer and teacher

Appearing on Sunday at 3pm in the Health/Nutrition talks rooms


Click here to download the event programme


Holly is passionate about our potential as humans to move into a much happier and more functional state of consciousness. After several years exploring states of being, researching and experimenting with a raw food nature based lifestyle, she founded Food for Consciousness as an information resource and supplier of supernutritious foods and herbs. She likes to focus on three areas in terms of getting back on track of our peak evolutionary potential: nutritional regeneration, mental reactivation and conscious connection with each other and the Earth.

Holly has eaten her food predominantly raw since the late nineties and brought up her children this way, giving her a unique insight into the practicalities of sustaining a raw diet happily, healthily and to maximum advantage long term. She is an experienced raw food caterer and teacher and has written and spoken for many years on the subject of nutrition and consciousness. Now she teaches classes on raw and fermented foods, works with her daughter Jasmine on the Food for Consciousness shop and promotes the above concepts in articles, events and books.

What excites her most about raw food is the changes it can make in the way we feel by providing undamaged nutritional components that are needed by our neurological system. This enhances our potential for experiencing a more expanded sense of self.


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