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Graham Jevon

Graham Jevon


Appearing on Sunday at 4pm in the Health and Nutrition Talks Room

Click here to download the event programme

Graham "Theobroma" Jevon is one of the UK's leading nutrition, physiological and biological expert as well as one of Europe's most established well respected naturalist and Lightforce food pioneer. With a remarkable background in biology and chemistry this man can read the body inside and out.

He is a naturopathic nutritionist who has extensively studied and worked alongside oncologists, homeopathic doctors, GPs, orthopedic surgeons, cardiologists, nutritionists, psychic healers and even the Amazonian shamans in South America. This has given Graham a multidimensional insight into how and why the body functions the way it does and how disease can manifest and be healed naturally. His own remarkable story of incredible weight loss and real life health transformation is hugely inspirational.

He now shares his story and expertise in all corners of the world. Helping countless people from around the world rejuvenate and in many cases miraculously heal chronic debilitating diseases through the use of natural methods for balancing your Bio Terrain and creating equilibrium between what he calls PBA (positive bio accumulation) & NBA (negative bio accumulation.

Graham "Theobroma" is renowned for putting you back on nature's operating table and ironing out those kinks in your dietary and lifestyle choices. With his considerate kind and gentle approach and highly regarded mental catalogue of herbal pharmacopeia coupled with a distinct understanding of what is really going on with nutrition, science and the spiritual aspects of the body. It is said by many that this man has been given a gift from divine intelligence to heal not only the person he is treating, but everyone he meets directly, or indirectly, personally or at a distance. With his Lightforce inspiration, creation and well established expertise.

Graham most definitely represents the words "walk your talk". Graham will inspire you to feed your light body, nourish your soul and teach you how to access your very own Magical Reality.



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