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VegfestUK gives a warm welcome to our loyal sponsors Fry's at Bristol 2014

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Fry's are one of the world's biggest vegetarian / vegan ranges of meat free products.

Made in South Africa and on sale in Holland & Barrett, Ocado, Goodness Direct and countless independent health stores, and distributed by 3663 and Creed across the UK, FRY'S produce a unique combination of textures, tastes, shapes and flavours that makes up their 100% plant based product range.

From their best selling traditional burgers through to their award winning chicken burgers and onto their express ready meals, there's something for everyone in the FRY'S range. The traditional burgers and chicken burgers are immense, very meaty and highly satisfying, and there's a good selection of mince, bacon strips and nuggets that can be made into a variety of recipes too. Their frozen ready meals are really tasty with the Hearty Cottage Pie the leader of the pack, and there's also a full range of sausages and hot dogs too which are available at Brighton, Bristol and London VegfestUK in 2013.

The full range of FRY'S products includes

  • Polony
  • Chicken Style Strips
  • Mince
  • Chicken Style Burgers
  • Beef Style Strips
  • Chicken Style Nuggets
  • Express Sausage Rolls
  • Golden crumbled Schnitzel
  • Express Cottage Pie
  • Braii Flavour Sausage
  • Traditional Burgers
  • Traditional Sausages
  • Spiced Burgers
  • Original Hot Dogs











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FRY'S range available to caterers in the UK 

Fry's are proud to announce that  the FRY'S range is available through 3663 - specialist distributors to the caterers trade. 3663 is one of the biggest food service suppliers in the UK, supplying schools, hotels, colleges, universities, pubs, hospitals, prisons and cafes, and in 2013 you can ask your local catering service to provide FRY'S as a regular option. This is particularly handy if you have children in school or are a student at university and want to have some decent veggie options, or if you are going into hospital and want some great veggie choices! Nearly all caterers are supplied by 3663 so they can access FRY'S whenever they want - or whenever a customer requests.

If you are vegetarian or vegan, please help establish decent food choices by demanding FRY'S from any caterers in your area!

Fry's Distribution UK are a truly delightful firm to work with - decent, honest, upstanding, integral and worthy of many gold medals in the olympic world of vegan suppliers. They have done wonders to establish FRY'S in the UK as a mainstream vegan meal option and deserve our respect and support in the coming years as they continue to market exciting and mouth-watering healthy vegan alternatives to the discerning UK vegetarian market. A top firm and a big big thank you for their support for Brighton and many other vegan events.

And congratulations to FRY'S Chicken Burger - winner of the Best Vegan Meat category in the VegfestUK 2011 Awards...

Last year, their 'Pepper Steak Pie' has won the national VegfestUK 10th anniversary awards, in the 'Best Veggie Meat Product' category.

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