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Ellie Bedford

Ellie Bedford

Blogger, wholefood consultant, and food writer

Appearing on Saturday at 1pm in the Workshops room for the Lifewell Wellbeing Hub

Click here to download the event programme


Ellie Bedford is passionate about nutrition and family health. She lived with a number of health conditions including chronic fatigue syndrome, endometriosis and non-specific auto immune conditions, while her children suffered frequent 'common childhood infections' until she asked the question 'why' and was lead on the path to whole-foods living.

Her new whole-food diet dramatically improved her health and the health of her family, inspiring her to learn more about nutrition. Ellie studied at the Bodymind Institute and graduated with certifications in Level 1 Nutrition and Raw Foods Certification. Being passionate about children's health, Ellie has taught raw food classes at schools and other youth organisations, spreading the word that healthy food tastes great! With a passion for continual learning, she continues to attend raw food workshops and wellness conferences, and currently works as a whole-food consultant and food writer. Ellie is Author of The Superdrink Handbook for Kids.

Together with her sister-in-law and illustrator/visual artist Sabrina Bedford, Ellie has written a book "How to Eat a Rainbow" - a children's cookbook that encourages healthy eating. These recipes, raw, vegan, and refined-sugar free, are designed to be eaten alongside a balanced whole food diet as alternatives to the most unhealthy areas (sugary treats, snacks, and drinks).

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