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Donna-Marie Watson

Donna-Marie Watson

Founder of Mothering Life

Appearing on Saturday at 1pm in the Workshops Room for the Lifewell Wellbeing Hub

Click here to download the event programme


Donna-Marie is lovingly sharing her journey as a mother with Mothering Life - sharing Nurturing health, happiness, joy and love. What they as a family have discovered makes that journey so wonderfully healthy, happy and joyful for us all, and everything she learns and loves about life along the way; exploring instincts and increasing knowledge.

Donna's family lives and loves a lifestyle of natural ideas which bring so much freedom, energy, and joy into their daily lives. She delights especially in breast-feeding, her dream home water birth, enjoying delicious raw wholefoods, and working with her partner to grow as an aware, compassionate, helpful and happy family.

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