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Bute Island


Bute Island

Big thanks to our large sponsors Bute Island Foods

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100% Dairy-Free Sheese

Bute Island Foods is a vibrant young company, dedicated to making Vegan alternatives to dairy products. Run by a like minded team, BIF produces 9 delicious flavours of Vegan hard "Sheese" including Smoked, Strong and Medium Cheddar Styles, Mozzarella, Cheshire and tasty Blue Style.

The award winning Creamy Sheese comes in 6 mouth watering flavours (Garlic & Herb, Chives, Cheddar Style Spread, Original & Sweet Chilli style, Spring Onion & Black Pepper).

Their most recent innovation is a Melty range of Sheese - Red Cheddar and Mild Cheddar styles, perfect for melting onto pizza, pasta and of course Sheese toasties! Red Cheddar style has a wonderful, medium strength, "cheesy" tang, coupled with the eye-appeal of that attractive red colour. Strong Cheddar & Smoked Cheddar styles were recently added  to this impressive range.

Their entirely Vegan range is Kosher certified, gluten free and lactose-free. So whether for a lifestyle choice, because you're suffering from milk allergies - or just love animals - smile and say "Sheese!"

Also available is the new Vegan Deli range of 7 delicious continental mock meats and sausages that are 100% Vegan. These healthy, animal-free alternatives will totally wow your taste buds and give your favourite dishes a more authentic taste!

All of the Vegan Deli range can be enjoyed cold and is ideal for making your sandwiches more exciting, or used in cooking to pep up your stews and pasta sauces with Mortadela and spicy Chorizo sausages.

For more information on these products please contact Guy or Mark Crichton on 01700 505357.

Bute Island Sheese was nominated for the 2013 national VegfestUK 10th anniversary awards in the 'Best Dairy Free Product' category.

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